1. Shuri2060

    Update 2.220 - thoughts on siege morale

    Siege morale will be removed in Update 2.220 (should be on 19th August) in all morale CQ worlds (except CQs on Ghost towns). I want to get an idea of people's opinions on this update. Also would be nice to hear comments on it as well.

    HAIRY HOTTIES is my first and last premade, open for everyone, no restrictions other than be hot or hairy! Last chance to play together, after this world I’m going to grepo rehab… I want to go back to basics in the structure of the alliance. Hard to believe now, but this game was played once...
  3. speed 3 or 4 - conquest , new server?

    speed 3 or 4 - conquest , new server for 2016? Best Regards!
  4. What do I get after conquering a city?

    The rules and scenarios for this game are somewhat lacking. I like what I see so far but I'm getting ready (building up to it) to conquer my first city. Nowhere in here do I see what I get once I do that? Is the city mine, intact, damaged, what? Do I get the remaining population or any troops...
  5. Conquest Support

    One of my alliance members is taking a city, it is clear and I have BIRs in the harbor to protect and act as a trip wire, for when the CS lands... I just want to be clear in that I should pull them before the CS lands so that they do not kill the CS... I read that could happen I just want to...
  6. Re-using ships & soldiers after conquest

    So I've conquered a city without a fight. My ships and soldiers are now just sitting there. I found something in the wiki that says I can't use them to support my new city ("you men, stay here & watch the boat... yes, all of you"). OK, dumb but whatever. So I'd like to re-use them to conquer...
  7. Conquest with Mythical Units

    Now I vaguely remember conquesting once while sending mythical units with a CS, but the target may or may not have been a ghost town, so I'm still unsure overall about how this works. Basically, when you send mythiclal units with a colony ship and manage to occupy a city, if your mythical...
  8. Research not on Academy

    Hi One of my tutorial quests says that i need to research 'Conquest' in the Academy,however when I looked in the Academy I do not have it in there so I am a little bit stuck.
  9. rules on dodging conquests

    I thought it was allowed to do this but my friend said it wasn't allowed so i'm gonna ask you guys. Is it allowed to dodge a clearing attack and then taking out the colony ship when it lands? This happened to me and i'm hoping it's not allowed but i'm not quite sure.
  10. Conquest

    So I have an account in Theta and have an issue of starting a revolt to conquest, I have everything 28 academy with conquest researched, level 20 harbor and 23 warehouse yet I can't figure out how to conquest another city yet. Can someone help me out please? much appreciated