is my first and last premade, open for everyone, no restrictions other than be hot or hairy!
Last chance to play together, after this world I’m going to grepo rehab…

[SPR]I want to go back to basics in the structure of the alliance. Hard to believe now, but this game was played once without instant buy, any alarm, phone app, scripts, skype group chats... most didn't stare at the screen 24/7, nor let grepo to invade their RL so much as it does now, because we had a strategy to survive... now your alarm rings, you gold 50 trireme and snipe the CS, end of story. Players responded and posted on forum, used templates... now you get home to check 300 unread skype messages, if you got lucky you won't miss a snipe or timed attacks for a fun adhoc OP after you read through all the 3 different group chats and PMs, because nothing is posted on forum. It is a tragedy when alarms don't work for few hours...
Not asking to flush down the toilet your phone and credit card, but hope we can be more classy. I'm definitely going to make some efforts to change the bad practice, because year by year I experience all the changes generate a less challenging environment, less educated players and it's not the game designers' fault, very few can truly enhance their game with the tools we get or know how to survive without them.[/SPR]

HI will start latest 2 days after server opened if minimum 25 players signed up and world speed is 3 or faster.

Goal is simple: WIN.

Standards: every player is appreciated who try hard to work together and will be valuable in a good system regardless experience, however start was never easy

Council: always the actual most active players - to be a leader is not a privilege but a responsibility, only overtake what you can deal with!

White Khalifa
mohit senapaty
Fluffy :)
Dasha (Demacia)

Contact: nori (skype)

in case you wanted to run a background check, my US stats worth to mention:
morg (us14), missinnocence (us27, us43), elphine (us45)
this world missinnocence will return!

Best of luck for every opponents!
(you gonna need it)
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fyi so far my research shows 91% of the studied grepo population is hairy, only 5% hot...
good news is if I'm not wrong from all the extra hair we can save for 3 more fake mustache to give chance for the disqualified players ;)


With this powerful of a team I hope you're going no diplomacy. :)