Re-using ships & soldiers after conquest


So I've conquered a city without a fight. My ships and soldiers are now just sitting there. I found something in the wiki that says I can't use them to support my new city ("you men, stay here & watch the boat... yes, all of you"). OK, dumb but whatever.

So I'd like to re-use them to conquer another city. I can see them, but I can't figure out how to use them to conquer another city. When I try to use them from the new city to attack another city, they don't show up. But they do show up under the god/goddess icon on the right page where you can cast spells or see your troops. So clearly they still exist, I simply can't make use of them.

Are they now just ghost ships & soldiers, forever doomed to haunt my conquered city and no chance of bringing them back to life? Or is there some secret way to re-use them? Do I need to start building a new colony ship in my original city in order to conquer a third city? Are all my triremes and other ships & soldiers use once and throw away?

Thank you


There is a secret way to re-use them: Go to your first city -> Agora -> Outside -> Click on the arrow next to your troops. OR go to your second city -> Agora -> Support -> Click on the little arrow next to your troops. ;-) Then your troops will get back to their home town. :)

And in order to conquer a third city (and this will be the same for alll the cities you want to conquer) you will need a colony ship. ;-)


Go to the conquested city's agora, then go to defense and click return all units to send your troops home.


Thanks to both of you for responding, but neither method worked as there was nothing there when I checked.

My colony ship is now gone, and I'm not sure if my other ships and soldiers were "lost at sea" or if they mutinied and returned home or if the autopilot homing device kicked in, as I wasn't keeping careful count of how many ships or soldiers were where, and they don't show up in the new city anymore.

Maybe they burned the colony ship so the colonists couldn't return home. Yeah, that's the ticket.