Top 12 Alliances of Omicron Discussion.

Lord Tyrion Lannister

Seems to be holding steady

1. The Evil Empire
2. Amazing Harmony
3. Psycho Pandas
4. The Reckoning
6. Brethren of the Coast
7. The Weeping Angels
8. Wolfpack
9. Havoc
10. Enigma
11. Nerd of Duty
12. The Butchers


Are you from LMFAO?
Or you just someone making an observation?
I just checked LMFAO's record, They don't seem to be failing.
Maybe, you know something I don't.


he said falling, not failing. if another alliance has twice as many players as you, it's very likely, especially this early on, that the alliance with twice the players will pass you in the rankings for top 12 in points. it doesn't mean they are a better alliance, it just means they show up higher in total points. i doubt there was any slight intended. i've played with and against a fair amount of their players, and they are certainly a capable group.


nself perfectly understood what I meant. They are a solid group in my eyes but they are falling simply from the lack of players. they are not growing as fast as the other alliances twice there size. I am just like nself pointed out making observations.


These Amazing Harmony guys have to be the biggest free loaders I've ever seen. Everyone I cleared on my island has been conquered by them. As a matter of fact, I cleared a player early today and then went to farm the resources from him and I hit one of their sieges.



1. The Evil Empire
2. Amazing Harmony
3. Enigma
4. Psycho Pandas
5. The Reckoning
7. WolfPack
8. Brethren of the Coast
9. Sinful Sloths
10. HaVoC
11. -=NERD OF DUTY=-
12. Phoenixx

A couple different changes


Lets just say we did some things that benefit us in the long run :)
Lets just say we did some things that benefit us in the long run :)
They pacted TEE and fed off of TEE's work on PP. :3

I don't see much point to the first move as TEE will just knock them off once AH and other threats are taken care of. But given their proximity to me I suppose it makes no immediate impact.
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