Top 12 Alliances of Omicron Discussion.


New List 10 June 2014

Rank: Name
1 Robot Chickens
2 Causa Mortis
3 Bat-Monkeys
4 Amazing Harmony
5 Knights Templar
6 Parum Mortis
7 -Misfits-
8 Veni Vidi Vici
9 Sleeping Dragons
10 The Decided
11 Unum en Tantem
12 victimless crimes part 3


Top 12 as of 21 Jul

1 Robot Chickens
2 Causa Mortis
3 Amazing Harmony
4 Bat-Monkeys
5 Knights Templar
6 -Misfits-
7 Vashta Nerada
8 Sleeping Dragons
9 The Decided
10 Unum en Tantem
11 Burger Shack
12 Home Star Runner

Analysis - The #1, 3, 4, 5 and 6th place alliances have formed a union, outnumbering Causa Mortis by a magnitude of 2.5 to one.
It will be all uphill for CM. Amazing Harmony are small, but determined. No one has been able to touch their skill yet with the ability to drop 150 attacks and support at multiple targets, landing 6 or more supports in the same second of the CS (but after) on a regular basis. Perhaps they will be the true winners of the server.

Stay tuned, the WW is just around the corner.


RC/BM/AH are formidable opponents I have found since I came back. Much respect for them. I'll give an honest/actual ranking and where the top 5 belongs. This is based on skill, numbers, availability. I'll also give an out of ten ranking. This will be based on how I would hold someone to the standards I set for my teams.

1) Robot Chickens- They aren't the most talented alliance I've ever seen, they have their flaws, but they have the firepower and enough technique to go toe to toe with anyone. 8/10

2) Causa Mortis- Recently revived from what looked like a team of demoralized players just waiting to be conquered. CM has been re-energized. They most likely won't win the world wonder front, but over the past few months they have started to lock up the war front. Forcing RC/BM players into inactivity and rage quitting along the way and catching up in ABP fast. As well as running with some of the big dogs. They likely won't win WW, but there's always an outside chance. This team can now hang with anyone on Omicron, it still has its drawbacks but they clearly have worked through it and its unlikely to change before the world dies...well its already dead but you get the idea. 7/10

3) Amazing Harmony- This team really should be higher but they're here due to lack of activity. Simming clearly isn't a word to this group from South Korea and their timing and technique rivals some En alliances. In terms of tactical and technical prowess, this team is the best in Omicron. Lack of firepower holds it back, relying on allies and its main player makers to make plays for itself. Outside of that 10/10, would join in another world.

4) Knights Templar- Another small but powerful alliance. I view them as the fourth best in Omicron and could be higher. They are able to put up a lot of firepower and could probably be a decisive force if they had more members to their name. What keeps them at fourth is that they have just 9 players. They have the ability but not the roster to really drive the point home. That being said, 9/10. Extremely good team and would love playing with them.

5) Bat-Monkeys- Quickly declining, this is the effect of RC absorbing some of them into their main alliance and the others going widely inactive. 12/30 players there are now not growing. While some of this is undoubtedly players just having no need to build anymore. There is no denying that this alliance is on its last leg. The minute Jimmybuffet and Roger Loughed switch to RC, BM is done. Regardless of who is left. Not really a factor since its been long established that BM and RC are one and the same.


Some of that analysis is so wrong, it's laughable. How would you know if CM is making RC players rage quit or AH lacks activity and relies on allies? And BM is growing.