Top 12 Alliances of Omicron Discussion.


1.The Evil Empire- based in 55. Strong alliance based in the core oceans, Highest average and BP. leaders definetly knows what their doing
2.The Reckoning- My Alliance Partners
3.Robot Chickens recently took out Wolfpack. 2nd in 45, but with 45 out of control no one can really tell who will rule that ocean. The majority reside in 44. But some of them are also in 43 and 54.
4. The Butchers- My Alliance
5. BotC lost a 2 day war with TB and TR. Based in 56
6.Amazing Harmony- Trying to stop the combined slaughter of RC and TEE. They have succeeded so far but have lost several cities to their opponents. They are based solely in 54.
I will do the rest later.


Sorry was busy the stats have change. but it is time to talk about the bottom half.
7. Bat-Monkeys- The merge between KOZ and LMFAO's lower members. They are the strongest academy alliance in the world at 2,000,000 points. The academy has strong players and a solid average. I still look at this alliance as a new KOZ but besides that don't know much points about them. based in 43,44,45,34
8.Band of Brothers- Killing KoC in 45 and dominating 46. They seem to be spread out a little bit between the southern oceans from 55 to 35 and 46 but they surprisingly haven't had any major attacks on them yet besides TEE stealing a member or too.
9.Lonely Hearts Club- Experienced group of players from several worlds this group will definetly will go through thick and thin to survive I seem them staying for a long time if TR or SS doesn't harass them. They are out in 76.
10.Knights of Camelot- igorus and ghelios try to hard leading an alliance doomed to fail. Most people would have thought they would have perished at the hands of TEE or WolfPack but no one would have Predicted BoB in a shocking turn of the events a rim alliance is rimming a core-ocean based alliance. With 2/3 of KoC leaders determined to not be undermined by a rim alliance. Theyb are based in 45 and 35.
11. Bear Clan an alliance in 35,46 and 35 seem to be sticking to the rim they are growing bigger and bigger but how soon till BoB or RC rule their Oceans if they don't get a piece of the action in 45 they will probably be conquered.
12. The Not So Evil Empire are doomed to fail. Most of the alliance is a group of random people from the core randomly put together under the TEE banner. They have a large amount of their members in 55 but when the only thing they have in common is being players who's alliance were conquered by TEE and that some of them are also TEE dropouts this must be the most chaotic alliance in the world.
4.Sinful Sloths -because of the leader board switching around they were cut from the top 12. With an Amazing leader and a comfortable dominance on 65. they are rolling in it recently they have stomped out Germanic League in 75 and taken out The Asylum in 65 and 64. They are also based a little in 55.


New and updated list of the top 12 alliances

1 The Evil Empire - 8864056 - 63 - 140699

2 Robot Chickens - 4995369 - 44 - 113531

3 The Reckoning - 4813820 - 51 - 94389

4 The Butchers - 4147736 - 57 - 72767

5 Band of Brothers - 3236636 - 65 - 49794

6 Sinful Sloths - 3050938 - 50 - 61019

7 Amazing Harmony - 2977702 - 42 - 70898

8 Bat-Monkeys - 2597850 - 54 - 48108

9 Lonely Hearts Club - 2155879 - 60 - 35931

10 Bear Clan - 1426939 - 69 - 20680

11 Silence - 981327 - 68 - 14431

12 Brothers of War - 752606 - 68 - 11068

Rank - Alliance Name - Points - Members - Average points


A lot of changes in the past few days.

Mostly caused by cowards who would rather join the biggest alliance than maintain any sense of dignity and honor by fighting alongside their comrades.



Looks like a repeat of Zeta... Howe is at it again and very good at it.


The Butches leader ship was inactive, and no one else had authorizations, so they all moves into CM and under new Leadership.


Here are the top 12 alliances thus far.

1. Liberta Te Ex Inferis
2. The Evil Empire
3. The Weeping Angels
5. City Hunter
6. Monty Python
7. -Spartan Order-
8. 55 Native Coalition
9. S.P.Q.R.
11. King Kong

What does everyone think of the current top 12? Who will stay in it and who will fall after BP?
Looks like the only one that stayed was The Evil Empire

1. The Evil Empire
2. Causa Mortis
3. Robot Chickens
4. Amazing Harmony
5. Lonely Hearts Club
6. Bat-Monkeys
7. Bear Clan
8. Storm Crows
9. Silence
11. Parum Mortis
12. Spartan Kingshp


Updated list 11/4/13

1 Causa Mortis
2 The Evil Empire
3 Robot Chickens
4 Amazing Harmony
5 Bat-Monkeys
6 Storm Crows
7 Bear Clan
8 Silence
9 Parum Mortis
11 Spartan Kingship
12 TEE Party


Well you gave it a good run Shooter. That was one of the longest lasting groups here.


Well you gave it a good run Shooter. That was one of the longest lasting groups here.

Thanks mate. I was not the original founder, and when he left the reigns to me, I had no experience or idea how to run an alliance. Frankly, I had no desire to be a founder; I just liked building cities. But I made the best out of it I could, with the help of other great and wonderful people, but I just didn't have the time to really put in the work that a proper alliance needs from a leader.

Carry on



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