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Dio Tools is not running at all. I use Chrome w/tampermonkey and have reinstalled it dio and still it will not run. Any help would be awesome!
Bug, after the last Grepolis update, the tools now sends the right side bar to the left where it just covers the left bar and is now in unuseable

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Click into Dio in game, click the LAYOUT tab, and uncheck where it says SPELL BOX, and everything will go back to normal!


Why am I not seeing an "INSTALL" button? All I see are DONATE buttons. I do not mind donating, but I do mind donating and not being able to download. Help? Is this still used? I am using Chrome/Tamper monkey.


believed that Diony and Quack dont play any more

But there are also problems with the Grepolis API's only a few servers get updated data


the link to DL diotools isn't working it just says can not connect anyone have an idea where i can DL latest version of how i can update from v3.07....?


Following the closing of the site http://diotools.de/ and the lack of update, I updated the script (image 404, https security and several bug + Smiley)
  • Modification and repair of the attack window
  • Removed the deviation on the left + Attack window repair + Popup favor
  • Add = Grepolis Guides =
  • And more...
FR: Suite a la fermeture du site http://diotools.de/ et de l'absence de mise a jour, j'ai mise a jour le Script (image 404, sécurité https et plusieurs bug + Smiley)
  • Ajustement et réparation de la fenêtre d'attaque
  • Suppression de l'écart sur la gauche + réparation de la fenêtre d'attaque + Popup de faveur
  • Rajout = Guides Grepolis =

If it helps :)
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