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1) Agreed but disagree for blessed city. Seems like a really abusable and exploitable subject. Maybe even more then morale

2) Completely agree

3) Meh - would rather not see NB implemented on every world, doesn't really do that much

4) Disagree - Would rather see this kept in place and maybe a wonderesque feature added here. People moving into wonders cannot contribute for a set time once it starts. Do the same here except make it where a player won't get bp for err 2 days after they leave an alliance unless they join an alliance that has more then half the worlds cap and has been around for a longer time then 2 weeks.

5) Awful idea

6) Don't know or care about causal worlds

7) Content with gold as is actually for the most part and like you said its the companies income so no comment
Ill throw my 2 cents in, just seeing this forum now.

1. morale is a system implemented for smaller players to do alright, but abused by LMD's. I think that the blessed city is a good idea, and to Zeek's point, the way I can see people abusing it is getting anyone and everyone to get a city on a WW island with all blessed cities so that nobody can break the wonder. For that to work you would need a lot of friends and you could just make a rule that a WW island is only allowed to have a wonder if no more than 25% of the cities on the island are blessed or something.

2. Agree, 1/1 is extremely slow but some people like it so to each their own I guess

3. Night Bonus is good on paper but in practice it makes the game less competitive which is why there are casual worlds.

4. No, it would just make farming BP within one's one alliance that much easier. I like Zeek's idea of a 2 day join back rule which would make BP farming in your own alliance much harder and much more dangerous. in US72 Katane the alliance Profi abused this and climbed the rankings in BP gained for not even fighting anyone.

5. Worlds are shifting in player count, they are much smaller than they used to be but I think 50 is a solid number.

6. Casual worlds are meant to be casual. If you don't like the 20% rule then don't play the Casual world. But 20% is harsh because people are discouraged from growing so it needs a fix just not what you suggested.

7. Gold is a tricky subject because it's how inno makes money but for the majority of the players, but people with deep pockets tend to intoxicate the world they're in. I would say to keep gold, but put a cap on how much you can buy per month just so it isn't a battle of wallets at the end of the day. I also think that there should be some sort of goldless world. Gold turns me away from the game because alliances full of gold spenders can win worlds with their credit cards and it isn't enjoyable to watch from a majority of your player base.

Just my thoughts, take em or leave em


Grepo----pick a conquest map!!!!! and let's go
So are you playing Rock27, Tombb or Rock WV LMAO??? Maybe Rock4U or Wanda? Maybe a mystery account LMAO!!!!

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Is there a way to register somewhere to get an email when a new world is opened? I'm waiting for one that I like, but I don't want to have to come check the forum every day for the next 6 months :-/