US Servers


Key: Bold= Closed, Red= 750 or less, Orange= 1250-751 Yellow= 1750-1251, Light Green= 1751-2499 Green= 2500+, Blue= Not Open

First Generation Worlds (1/25 Open)
Alpha: Closed
Beta: Closed
Gamma: Closed
Delta: Closed

Hyperborea: Open
Epsilon: Closed
Zeta: Closed
Eta: Closed
Theta: Closed
Iota: Closed
Kappa: Closed
Lambda: Closed
Mu: Closed
Nu: Closed
Xi: Closed
Omicron: Closed
Pi: Closed
Rho: Closed
Sigma: Closed
Tau: Closed
Upsilon: Closed
Phi: Closed
Chi: Closed
Psi: Closed
Omega: Closed

Second Generation Worlds (0/19 Open)
Athens: Closed
Byzantium: Closed
Corinth: Closed
Delphi: Closed
Ephesus: Closed
Gythium: Closed
Heraklion: Closed
Ithaca: Closed
Juktas: Closed
Knossos: Closed
Lamia: Closed
Marathon: Closed
Naxos: Closed
Olympia: Closed
Pella: Closed
Rhethymnos: Closed
Sparta: Closed
Troy: Closed
Zakros: Closed
Third Generation Worlds (0/19 Open)
Actium: Closed
Baris: Closed
Calydon: Closed
Delos: Closed
Edessa: Closed
Farsala: Closed
Gela: Closed
Helorus: Closed
Idalium: Closed
Kos: Closed
Lindos: Closed
Myonia: Closed
Nicaea: Closed
Oropos: Closed
Paros: Closed
Rizina: Closed
Sestos: Closed
Thebes: Closed
Zacynthus: Closed
Fourth Generation Worlds
Apollonia: Closed
Byllis: Closed
Cythera: Closed
Dyme: Closed
Eubea: Closed
Gonnos: Closed
Hermonassa: Open
Ialysos: Open
Katane: Open
Lapithos: Open
Mochlos: Closed
Nysa: Open
Olynthus: Open
Pandosia: Open

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I am just going to maintain the closed stuff as I dont have the time anymore to keep up a list for everything. Statistics will arrive soon, for now I am signing off sick.


New Format, I think this one will be easier to understand. Have a question? Post below or PM me and I will get back to you as soon as possible.
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Can you please consider getting a true Upsilon replacement going. Game speed 1; Unit speed 1; revolt world with moral turned on.

Upsilon is coming to a close with World Wonders near completion.

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The reason why nothing has been updated here is because nothing had changed until recently. Take note I am calling for Eta to close soon since only 208 players are active. I also think Xi and Omicron will also close soon. Omicron has less than 30 days now since it is under 300. Xi shall soon follow since it is at 305 people now.

List of New closes I have added: Iota, Kappa, and Mu.
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Servers I see to close next:

Pi, Rho, Sigma, Tau, and Phi. They all have less than 500 and 300-400 active members.


Servers I see to close next:

Pi, Rho, Sigma, Tau, and Phi. They all have less than 500 and 300-400 active members.
Worlds no longer close based on population (Active players). they will only end if WW has been reached by at least one party (Alliance), or if every single person quit, and i highly doubt that would happen.


WW does not even matter, if you don't have enough people then you can't do WW. As for the change, where did you find this?
Was sent out as an ingame announcement about 2-3 months ago. and yes WW does matter, you can complete WW with one person if you have all the island controlled yourself lol


Actually that is impossible, the server would be closed long before then. You are taking the "we wont close it because of population" too seriously. There is a cut off point, if it gets too small they will still close it.
lol most world in the end really only have 2-3 main alliances in the end. in some world, the alliance limit for people is like 40. there is a chance for a world to get to a point of small amount of people and it not close. and please dont tell me whats impossible or not. i dont see a mod Bar below your name. i read the announcement and i know how the game works. if you really want to make a point, get someone to back you. I only listen to the game rules, mods, and knowlageable people.


Childress is wrong that one person can do WW, they would shut the server down and name that player the victor since nobody else can win.
So tell me, your saying that the Mod that just posted, Charl, someone who works for Inno, the creaters, of the game is wrong? He works for them, knows and deals with the game everyday. you have got to be the biggest idiot in the world if you cant beleive a mod and insulting if you question his word. only respectable people belong here, and if you cant act like one and listen to reason, then please stop posting.
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Nobody else can win if your the only one left. You would need at least two people in separate alliances to be able to do ww.
thats the point of the game. last man standing leave no one in your way. your not going to get to the end of a server as a winner and Mods just go, "No you lost" and close a server.


The point is to cripple your enemies and make them watch in horror as you win. Not to put them out of their misery.
if your alliance can only cripple others and not get rid of them then your not a force deserving of the title of Winner. your alliance must stand tall and stronger than all the rest to win. Alliances dont start wars to cripple, but to destroy others who stand in their way. thats how you last till WW and get a crown
Ima just throw this out here.

1) You win by default if you're last man standing. This has yet to happen in Grepo and probably never will.

2) The point isn't to put them out of their misery? I guess I've been playing wrong all these years because I don't spare the red flags.

3) I don't care if my enemies watch or not, honestly WW is the least of my concerns in a world until I know for sure i'm going to be there to see it.


Could you tell me which, if any, of the US Servers, utilize the "night bonus"?