Trash Talk


Recruitment: closed, but I am sure you think are good enough so will apply anyway.
Complete and utter lie


Cry 'Havoc!', and let slip the dogs of war


Havoc was originally founded on the server Upsilon. Since then, Havoc has founded a chapter on many servers and can be easily recognized by many. One of our main core values is that people need to work as a team. We are looking for selfless team players, not simmers or individuals. If you are looking for a committed, active, and strong alliance- look no further :)

Strength, Honor, Wisdom

We are only recruiting experienced players who are active least 3 times a day.

Recruitment: closed, but I am sure you think are good enough so will apply anyway.
contact kahlah,Tryion or sm1rk.

Pacts/NAPs: You may ask. Few will be accepted.

How much of this is a load of rubbish


"We are a war born alliance we don't live alongside alliances, in our ocean we destroy them. When we are finished with one ocean we will move on to the next. No ocean is safe from us. Wherever we go war is sure to follow. We will take on any alliance no matter how big." - Profile of War.Hammer

Well I'm in you ocean so that only means one thing. When you are "finished" with the ocean is when I take your last city. <3

Taz Xanth

I love the purpose of this thread.... to look back at it in a few months see all the wasted dreams get flushed down the tube!


The only point you made was how much of a child you are

Don't like it ? Don't read it, now go keep 2 eyes on your city before it disappears whilst you cry

Best sleep with one eye open... Looks like SF has a no scope planned.