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So I've never created a top 12 thread and I figured why not start she is hot and heavy with MRA's.



I think that New World Order and Number 1 are doing great now.

The Black Panther

I was playing with the grepointel maps and I had to go all the down to the #8 Grim Reapers to find an alliance that does not have multiple members in O55. o.o

Just finished inserting the top 12 into the map. 11 of them have members in O55. It'll be interesting to see which ones will be warring once Bp ends.
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Thanos of Titan

Any alliance worth a darn in O75?? Or was that a loaded question...? Heh......

Bullwinkle the Moose

Ocean 56 is a hotspot too, seems to be a few nice rim ocean alliances :)


Here is the Top 12 Alliances as of now. So then, let's hear some "Sink or Swim" predictions. And then some argument after that, LIVEN UP THIS FORUM PEOPLE!



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I am in the Raptors, but I don't know how far we will go. This is my first world and many of my alliance mates' first world as well, but we do have some experienced players and we are learning. I don't think much of the other alliances, but I haven't seen much activity out here in Ocean 66. Any random tips from experienced members?