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LOL, go ahead, waste your city slots on these inactives, mostly 2k cities. LOL

Works for me bro! Go for it!


Well since its been a small bit, thought I would re-edit the post and have a say on the Current Top 12 Alliances. Now lets get this thread back on track lol.

1. In the number one spot, to any surprise is the powerhouse Mount Olympus. With 2nd in ABP and 5th in DBP, they are slowly climbing up to number 1 overall. They have very capable leaders and strong attack force. I see this alliance to be a top contender in this world at least for now if they don't break up with some reason. They are currently warring Mace with their Sister Alliance Mount Doom, with currently showing they know how to war and at a very quick pace. Their leaders are sensible and smart, they will be hard to compete with.

2. Ranked 2nd is *The Raptors, the leader of the whole Raptor Coalition. Currently ranked 1st in ABP and ranked 3rd in DBP, this alliance is massive and tries to be very intimidating. Their stats show they are good competition but with the current buzz on forums, tries to paint them the bad guys. They are warring Band of Brothers, and in conquers are losing slightly. I'm not saying with overall tactics used in the conquering, just the current points. If they can get through this they will become an Eastern Power but, with forcing their coalition on people, they will constantly come across resistance. Best of luck with your war!

3. The 3rd ranked is Band of Brothers, the current enemy of *The Raptors. Ranked 3rd in ABP and 2nd in DBP, this alliance knows how to fight apparently. With their current war any new players are forced to learn more advanced style of play, which can be good and bad. They might not have overwhelming numbers but I have had the pleasure of talking to a few, and for the most part am impressed. If they can win this war, they will become a major contender for World Wonders. Personally I like to cheer for the underdog, so hope you guys win!

4. Well now ranked 4th is *Macedonians, the second biggest alliance of the Raptor Coalition. They are 4th in ABP and 1st in DBP. They currently are condensing the rest of their branches into one alliance, as some had a falling out. This is one of the last MRA's that held a total of 4 Branches. With their current war with Mount Olympus and Mount Doom, they are currently losing cities and ground. They have been able to take a few back but with the majority of Mount Olympus focusing on pushing south, I'm afraid to say that this alliance might not exist in a couple of months unless they are able to turn the tides of the war. They have a chance to become a World Wonder alliance but I currently can't say that chance is that great.

5. The 5th Ranked alliance is Memento Mori. Currently 11th in both ABP and DBP, they are mostly placed on the northern western rim. They have a good leadership and a decent average. They are near Mount Olympus and even share a small border with them. With current stats hopefully they can keep up a pact with them, if not they might get eaten up, because their location. They do have some smart players but I can't say much more as the information I have is pretty limited.

6. Ranked 6th is The Grim Reapers, they are a strong force of players, which limit is number. Currently they are ranked 6th in ABP and 10th in DBP. They have a good core and from what I can see pretty decent leadership, but are pretty spread out with a few of their cities. Again some info is very limited, but do have nice players that can be interesting to talk too. And to add their location is close to Mount Olympus and which can be easily eaten up if not careful.

7. In 7th is Last Stand Brigade, a newer alliance formed from the merge of Venomous Snakes and Memoriam Gladium as their core. Ranked 7th in ABP and 9th in DBP, they are not the greatest but can slowly work their way up. They are primarily in 35/36/45/46, and share borders with a few other alliances like The Outlaws, Mount Olympus, *Macedonians, Reapers, and Inviolabilis. Their leadership is decent, and cohesion is good. Excellent Core players, and a majority of the players sitting on the western rim.

8. In 8th, Mount Doom, please see Mount Olympus. To add they are 15th in ABP and 14th in DBP, which by far is the lowest of the Top 12 in BP standards. To add onto the war, they do particapte but the main conquers in the war go to Mount Olympus.

9. Then in 9th is The Outlaws, with being the last standing branch of them, they have been slowly on decline. They are ranked 10th in ABP and 13th in DBP. They have a decent leadership, but with their location being in between Last Stand Brigade, Mount Olympus, and *Macedonians. If they are to survive they may need to do a few change but for most part, pretty successful core, even if my opinion is a tad biased, these players, at least the serious ones can be successful in this world if they played smart. But we will see how this world unfolds as these are one of the older alliances technically.

10. The 10th ranked is Inviolabilis, one of the last standing MRA which solely survived on the western rim. Ranked 12th in ABP and 8th in DBP, shows they atleast know how to defend, and at least attack solely. But with Last Stand Brigade nearby, they might have an abrupt end, as they even claimed to be having trouble at times with a smaller alliance, with their conquering record as proof. These guys will probably not make it into World Wonders.

11. Holding the 11th rank is Heavenly Sword, with holding 5th in ABP and 6th in DBP. They show they at least know what they are doing, but with their placement they might get eaten up later ingame by Mount Olympus. Info currently known is limited for me. But looks like they have good leadership, good core, successful players, and hope to see them ingame later!

12. Rounding out the Top 12 is Reapers. They hold the 9th rank in ABP and 4th in DBP. These guys can successfully defend countless attacks, but lately some have given up. They have been at war with Last Stand Brigade and The Outlaws for some time. Their leadership is decent but too spread out for own good, which was their weakness, because of the long travel times, they lost cities which should have been easy to defend. Wish I could play with these guys more but some have earned my respect, all besides one of their alliance who just ghosted, but bravo guys, you were an excellent enemy!
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I wish to clear up only 1 thing.

Invio is not a MRA. We've never just sucked up 110 (or whatever the max is) we've stayed below 100 most of the game and have been cleaning house lately. We are much more of just LRRA (Low recruitment rate alliance) at maybe 1 member every week or so as we kick 2 members out.

But thats all good post!

Oh also, Reapers have been at war with Invio, Dark Moon and The Ghost Wizards for some time as well.


Well I'm much harder on judging my alliance, as I do like things and don't at times but then again its primarily my OCD lol. Deathro Invio was from early on, and ontop of that Low Recruitment alliances don't last long either. Yes beginners are good, hell Commodus is a beginner and hes as good as most other vets in the alliance. I'm not saying it to bash any alliances, if anything I bashed LSB a bit, but as I said I grade my alliance harder then most as am OCD lol.

And Fruit I maybe a founder but doesn't mean I can't grade my alliance hard. I just know most everyone is active, but some don't like to post, or learn so its that OCD thing of being far from perfect lol.

Also currently checked, sending units to slaughter doesn't count as a war, looked up conquest history and is none between those 3 alliances, warring Reapers. Doesn't mean if you are or not but nothing shows up. And you make it sound like your warring so many other alliances but please if your saying if your warring for some time, it usually refers to some sort of conquest history. Such as:
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Interesting how things have changed and I appreciate the kinds words MCB. Even though you were not long for this world, your hard work in MG and then LSB has paid off. You spent a lot of time training and mentoring us and for that I thank you even though you went inactive sadly (and probably will never see this lol). The first CS ever put to me was a perfectly timed masterpiece from Darkenshroud (who I believe was one of the best players in the Mounts) and yet I had confidence that I would retain my city and I did. This was due to the training our alliance gave me. I try to return the favor by teaching anyone who is willing to learn, even opponents. The leaders of some alliance seem to be very selfish and solely focused on their own growth, neglecting the training of their noobish, smaller alliance mates. Their alliances will be wiped out because of it and they will blame everyone else but themselves as they accept an invite into the victorious alliance (or one of their pact mates) as they skirt for cover to enjoy the fruits of someone else's victory. Rare is the person and alliance who enjoys traveling the hard road though, but know that it can make you and you alliance stronger over time.
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sounds like you are talking about RD LSB has gained most of their cities by backstabbing their own players and eating their players who are only afk for a well as turning against Allies who have had your back since day much as I respect you are on the wrong here...backing up a leader who just creates issues...I see you guys have been doing so much better now against IW...(fyi I was being sarcastic)


I'm just checking in, and Commodus, it is a very long story.. If I can remember my skype then I'll get on. But made a new tempt one as well from the accident, my brain has been on the fritz. But thank you for the kind words Commodus, I can guess just from looking at map/stats/name changes/forums, the general gist of what happened. And Toobe I'm sorry if there was backstabbing, I was actually in a induced coma for a brief amount of time. I am sorry that I was away and me being absent to put out fires might have accelerated any events that happened.

And Toobe yes FMR created issues, hell I created a few before I had to leave. But the inactivity policy was never when I was around AFK for a day, it was 2-3 days without no explanation. But I hope the war is going well and even if I'm not really playing the world anymore I hope all the friends I made are prospering, but then again all my friends are pitted against eachother. But I do hope all is good and its a fair war.

And something, the only tools they never banned in this game is intelligence, silver tongue, and cunning wit. VM even if seems cowardly like in other forums, is a tool which can cause surprise. But if it was put in the game then all is fair. But hope to talk to you all later and Commodus PM me on the site, I'll send temp skype info.