Top 12 Sink or Swim

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There is no 1 2 or 3 spot atop the TOP 10 or 12 bc the TOP 3 are all together as of now so just lump them all together as 1 and then go to 4..

All i got to say is INNO is making a killing off some the players here, Its really so sad that players have to buy cities or nukes to beat an opponent...


the slaughterhouse video might have been a bit graphic for 12 year olds which is the age this game is supposed to be suitable for.


makes no sense to have a top 10 list and then have the last 2 alliance names removed?

so confused.

don't get the difference between the last few vids, and all the previous ones, and I don't think there was any swearing or other offensive material.

sorry everybody. guess I'm done doing lists and anything else in the externals unless the mods would like to help me understand what the problem is here. are we not allowed to post vids?

not complaining just makes no sense yanno?
I told you that you can't excessively post videos as it slows down the loading of the page. It also uses a lot of data for people that load the forum on phones and metered networks.


not sure when I was told anything. first I recall hearing we can't use basic forum features here. fun while it lasted. carry on with your usual stuff I spose. got nothing left to say. so much for the externals in this silly game. snort.

I don't care if you post the link, but just don't imbed it in your post.


I don't care if you post the link, but just don't imbed it in your post.

I hope my new method of placing any media within spoilers is/was acceptable, seeing as the new forum features display a link to a vid the same way the media feature does, or so it seems to me. there aren't any loading delays if media displays are within spoilers, correct? just checking, not arguing, and I did respond to your "PM-like" communication to me, eventually, but was unable to see it initially because one needs to be logged in to actually see it, and it isn't very easily noticed in the very bottom right corner of my screen, simply lit up a little bit more as the indicator. happy to continue our conversation there if you'd prefer.

thank you for allowing me the opportunity to play with all the little internet kids in your new sandbox of a forum, albeit briefly eh.

lastly.....(stop cheering).....I do have permission to post the vids which remain, if that isn't already plainly obvious. additional details available upon request. please enjoy your game. I did. and nobody actually got really Bertuzzied, right? left? elbow to the chin? pull a jersey over the back of someone's head and tussle a little with the refs? great show everyone. hats off to Wicked too btw. he might have been playing the role of rodeo clown on thin ice capades and very wobbly skates but I have no doubt people will continue to be entertained by his silly antics long after I take my little dog and pony show into the unknown Sky all alone. boo hoo. lonely little Piggy. I have no real friends. such a pity.

sqqquuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! enjoy that popcorn container in your lap and Diner on that while you sit in the dark and watch Kill process this world and it's inhabitants like a meat factory.

can't say I didn't try to play a little game here with my old friend and game dream girl, right? but we got stuck in the muck in another Romeo and Juliet world again, didn't we sweet beer lady? one last vid.....I think it was one of my kids first actually.....from all the way back in his high school days.....he's come a long way.....already.....and maybe.....just'll all see Pigafetta again somewhere, if you know what I mean, wink, wink, nudge, nudge, what a character eh.



I suppose it's a mute point either way. I made a mistake in allowing Balerion to take the lead since I didn't have time nor the desire to lead the alliance and he seemed to want to. We were in the same group in Helorus and I thought he would give the alliance a fair shake. I know of at least one players that have done that King Soudan did it to his alliance in Gela also.

Either way I am looking for a new alliance to be a part of. I am active and run alarms.

I think you are mistaken on the percentage there Tbom. We were no where near capacity either. Yes CM does get excited and sometimes goes overboard on the invites. I have the reports for 31 players that I invited via link that joined us from other worlds. If memory serves we only had about 50 players in the alliance. that does not count any our other players invited. I don't think that counts as an MRA.

I made a mistake, but in all honesty, I don't think the alliance was gonna work anyway. Too much opposition, and CM was a bit more then overzealous with the invites.


Does any one want a new top ten? If so i might do my first one ever.
Go for it, break in your cherry..... Actually we should change it to a TOP 8 because that is all i see that is relevant right now.. I am sure like always down the road an alliance might come forth but 8 is all you can really look at here and 8 is even pushing it...


Does any one want a new top ten? If so i might do my first one ever.
go for it


I have been away with work..I will try and do one in the next couple of days.


New top 12.

1. Eviction Notice
2. The Wicked Few
3. Fluff and Stuff
5. Myrmidons
7. MRA Killers
8. Alpha and Omega
9. We Came To Party
10. The Pound
11. Templars
12. Killer Elite

My prediction that each alliance would change by the end is coming true faster than I've even seen on other worlds. Some of the same players, but restructuring, merging, regrouping has been done.

Fluff and Stuff and ARMY OF DEAD are the only ones I can see that are still around. Fluff and Stuff might prove me wrong, but there is still a lot of time. My bet would require that they'll eventually merge and name change at some point. I feel safer with my bet on ARMY OF DEAD foreseeing that they will probably merge with Fight Club out of necessity.
Its only a Top 4 here now as any relevant alliances is tied to the top 4...

FC, Fluff, Necc Evil and Mori all have a firm grip on this world and barring unusual circumstances likely to contend at the end.
Necc Evil recently had some internal strife and in fighting had to have another leader from another alliance come in to sort out so we will see if this peace holds.


Lets face it, this world is soo slow that only a stubborn team will win.

There are lot of really good players here and i look forward to the fight at game end. For me it has the potential to be an exceptional battle.
LOL Paradeisos, i have my sources and you should know.

Galrean there are good players here, patience is definitely needed here for sure. I do not think the best alliance here has the top points that i will say...