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Its fine i know you are putting up a front, i know there was but hey be clue less that might attract more players to your alliance :)...

Galrean, i could do a top 4 if you think there is another out there let me know. That said there is one alliance rising to watch.


No front here. That's why I asked who was fighting with whom. If there was infighting it wasn't very big because I was there and no one griped about any one person. We had some complaints about having most of our leaders leave at the same time, and that we weren't doing ops, but no infighting.

But I think it is funny that people have so little integrity that they resort to lying. Tisk Tisk.
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LOL, Wrily knows me Paradisos i am no liar i speak the truth it got so bad over there that Jcoo and Princess Orie had to go over there and make everyone play nice. I know this bc of 2 reasons i have friends in both your alliance and Fluff who told such. Plus a few who chose to come to our alliance.


Actually that's not what I've heard about you, but until now I hadn't seen it for myself.

Wrily had jumped ship at the time. I was still there when Jcoo and Princess Orie came over to help us get organized because we had lost almost the entirety of our leadership. There was some concerns and some displeasure that leadership left and we weren't doing ops. But there was no infighting. That's why there is no answer to the question: "who was fighting with whom?" Whether you were lied to and chose to continue the lie, or you've invented it from out of what you heard, either way it is playing fast and loose with the truth.

But by all means try to answer my question: Who was fighting with whom? (I've asked this 3 times now and still no answer. The danger with a lie is that the details will always find you out.)
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I am not calling out Wrily just saying i know him and if you ask players who are jokers like Jcoo yeah i am sure i will get a bad rap. Those who have played with me know i am a straight honest player and that is all i care about. Also you just confirmed what i knew In fighting does not have to be directed to wards anyone specific just that there is trouble within the alliance and you just said as such. Only took 4 posts lol..
Losing Leadership is a problem and if you are a good leader before you had to leave, lets say for instance me i would have chose someone to run it instead of leaving the alliance hanging.


Good grief. If every instance of voicing of what can be done differently in an alliance belongs in some twisted definition of "infighting" then only bad alliances, lead by the tyrannical leaders, would be free from it. However no normal person, save perchance those trying desperately to save face, would call voicing a unified displeasure as "infighting".

As far as reputation, I go less on what people say and more on what I see. For example when I told you that you were wrong about infighting, rather than recant, amend, or recall your statement, you preferred to continue your own untruthful narrative that suits you regardless of the validity. You essentially doubled down on the lie, possibly out of pride or whatever that motivates you.

There is no angle on this where you are a honest person that I can see. You certainly don't represent your alliance very well.
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Because I find it humorous, I'll give you another shot: who was fighting with whom?
LOL you are something else, in fighting i implied did not mean players were fighting with each other just the alliance had turmoil hence IN FIGHTING.. Draw your conclusions as you see fit, look forward to see which alliance will be here in a few months and my money is on NECC EVIL folding.
I see you switched over to Vikings Paradeisos, no loyalty huh? You can assume all you want, Mori has been spanking your former mates Necc Evil and Fluff.
Cities taken Gal 16 to Mori and 1 you guys. Cities taken against Necc Evil 15 to 7. If not for your golding we would have made it 17 today Gal, You guys can sim all you want we will not.

Oh and that golding shit is the reason why many vets like me are tired of this game at times. I mean is it really meaningful to spend 35 dollars per nuke on this game, increase the city from 4k to 9k like Andrew did and golded 17k in slings in 3 hrs. Yeah you guys got skill LOL>.


Al you Guys are doing just fine. You should be celebrated. But we have a few Vets as well, some of who use gold, which is an entirely legal thing to do. Most get it in other worlds, but choose to spend it here.

I would ask that you be a bit more respectful Al. We are looking to play this game, just as you are.

As you have found out to your cost we defend the cities we want to. That is no insult just simple facts.


Small correction to make: it was $8/nuke, not $35. Ty for the bp

Shoutout to Isu and TK, heya from the Gela Guns days. Hope you guys are well. Shame you have such a loose cannon at the helm though.

I'm about at a net zero on gold spending recently. Selling rss in nicaea covered this entirely.
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I am completely respectful, just sad that this type of spending is allowed bc most players cannot do that and in a slower world with 24 hr sieges it makes most players even good ones want to leave for a better world. But you are right too each his own but don't come to me later about skill because this is not..
LOL you clearly have the wrong leader look to your own as being that. BP will be there all server andrew no worries :)


I've never seen an $8 dollar Nuke you must have meant an $80 dollar Nuke
oh and by the way the New List Is
1- Mori
and you guys can debate the other 3


480 slingers a pop with pass pop going. 8 goldups for a 3600 nuke. 225 gold each is 1800 gold, or 9% of the 20k gold package. My bad, $7.20 a nuke.


SO good day boys and girls It is I Liono Lord of the Thundercats, hold the applause for the end, Let me 1st start by saying I AM A ADMITTED n00b I just recently started playin this .. It rather fun... I been abusing my "power" as the I mean CAT on MY island I like to collect my taxes from the 19 others on the island.. daily maybe even 2 times a day when I am able.. ... MY ISSUE TODAY IS>> so one of my regulars ran to a tribe... which is a good thing I guess..But the BEST person/highest person was no higher than me which is kinda sad cuz I know I am a n00b Not sure how he can command over 50 ppl in his group and still kinda be so low but whatever.. so since I have NO plans to stop attacking my regular I figure since 2 other member of his tribe were on my island I would "INTRODUCE my self ", LMAO

I mean my spies show me yet again they are grossly unprotected with tons of offering to the thundercats so I had to collect

now when I logged in I saw 10 reports but I sent out 4 of those before I left so 4 are my attacks on others.. I saw a failed spy attempt and some wussy ( hopefully that not a bannable word) named SurfNinja attacked me from 4 different cities out of 150 ..The good news is my troops were well fed today and well rested and did what they should have done to repelled the attackers

BUT I never attacked surf ninja.. maybe one of the three tribe members I destroyed on MY island and surfninja are lovers.. IDK but is there no rule against super alliancing or whatever.. I mean I might a BAD A but I cant fight off 2 or three Tribes.. SINK OR SWIM FORUM what should I do? please serious replies....


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