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I'm not hating, I said I can't be mad about it. And it was 988, not 1000


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Congratulations Kyle. That is a lot of Ls to kill this early on the game. It was quite upsetting when our new recruit from EN who you put into siege,Gave us the information he did, then went AWOL. I have seen similar events like this before and the initial cost is high. But the lesson is a timely reminder and it is handy to know your opponents.
TOP 12

1. FIGHT CLUB--- Formerly Pound and some higher players of Eviction, played together previously and won MARATHON (another slower world) Which is why i said they are a favorite. In order to keep on top have to survive the hot corner fight that is coming..... Core is solid but need to rid themselves of some alliances nearby... SWIM

2. THE WICKED FEW-- Were solid to begin got even better when WE CAME TO PARTY folded and gave them some top players, located almost dead center have a good core working on the 45/55 border. Need to battle some local alliances, one concern is the Few might be stretched too much.. SWIM IF MAKE THE RIGHT MOVES

3. FLUFF AND STUFF-- Located in said hot corner i mentioned at (1) have some good players and spenders which could help in a slow building world. They have made a few enemies and have to weather the storm in order to hold the Corner.. To me it is the biggest thing to watch as they are in a good position but can they survive... Swim for now(BUT ON THE FENCE HERE)

4. LIGHTNING DEATH-- Located in 45 just east of the 55 border mixed in with Wicked Few, their fight will determine the owner of 45 and maybe more. LD has some really good players to make good things happen. Swimming

5. MRA KILLERS-- Located in 44 mostly have a good core and near the hot corner, will have to battle the TEMPLARS sooner or later if want total control of 44. Can be a good ally to turn the tides of the battle ahead in the Corner of the 4 Oceans. My concern is they need to come together more as there are stragglers SWIM

6. MYRMIDONS-- Good pt total but its my first true sink on the list, too spread out and are losing too MRA KILLERS, WICKED FEW AND FIGHT CLUB ALL TOOK CITIES, LOST 7 SO FAR. I suspect their better players will merge with another or go down swinging.. SINK

7. ARMY OF DEAD-- Pehaps the one alliance that rivals another in best core and positioning, Densly populated in 55 have a good hold on that ocean. An alliance to watch while the alliances to the north squabble for control. Only concern is Wicked Few who are near them, not sure on their relationship though. AOD has a great chance, only bad leadership can screw it up.. Swim

8. TEMPLARS-- Located higher up mainly in OC 44 great core forming so far, still needs to tighten but on the way. From my sources i heard this group can make it far. Like above will have to battle MRA KILLERS ( not sure of relationship) for control of E 44 and possibly more. Also in a good position to go into 54 un challenged. Swim but might be top heavy as an alliance..

9. THE MILITIA-- They are pacted with a top alliance but even that will not save them, they are too mixed up in the corner of 54 to hold their own. Combine that with the fact they are being farmed by another alliance and attacked and not even putting up a fight. They are my vote for a MERGE not sure to who but only way i see them surviving.. Sink, need to merge

10. KILLER ELITE-- Way to spread out in OC 54 and also committed the cardinal sin of making a Brother Alliance way to soon, MRA alliance for sure. Might have a few good nuggets here but being farmed and attacked at will with no response as well. Sink, better players may want to merge.

11. MEMENTO MORI-- (My Alliance) Located Central West 54 See 7 AOD rivals them for the best core and setup, no real threats around attacking and farming alliances around us MILITIA, KILLER ELITE AND FLUFF without any return fire. Players on the roster all have several worlds of experience, one concern is the SPEED (being honest) only weakness thus far. Swim, rising....

12. MOUNTAIN WARRIORS-- They have a good core on the 55 54 border going might be over taken by AOD at some point or merge into (not sure on relationship here). Have some good top players that i know, This alliance really needs to battle to carve their path..
Unclear for now..


Fight Club: FLOAT/SWIM
With the recent merge to make Fight Club, these guys are in a really volatile time in the life of an alliance. If emotions run high, members don't work well together, ect, then they may not be around too long. But, if they can learn to work together and do well in the next week or two, they will go a long ways.

The Wicked Few: SWIM
Positioned away from a lot of the bigger alliances, they should have no problem securing O45. May get kind of boring down there as it is away from where all the real action will be for awhile. (O54)

Fluff and Stuff: FLOAT/SWIM

O54 is really up in the air, but if these guys can core up and hit harder than Fight Club then they will go far.

MRA Killers: SWIM

(My alliance) We've been killing a lot of MRA's...


A top heavy MRA with few good players. On top of this, they are spread throughout the territory of The Wicked Few. They should fall fairly quickly to The Wicked Few.

Myrmidons: SINK
Even worse of an MRA than LIGHTNING DEATH, currently has 20 inactives on their roster and losing cities to just about everyone. Not to mention that they are spread EVERYWHERE.

A decent alliance that has great positioning, but I have a feeling that The Wicked Few and even some of the alliances in O54 trying to get away from that massacre will edge them out of their own ocean. Float until someone larger moves in.

Templars: FLOAT
Has some good players and pretty good positioning but is very top heavy.


What do you guys think of the Republic Revolution, they kind of just popped up and i have no idea from where


They have taken in a bunch of failed alliances failed members first WCTP then MYR, the are a MRA in the making. Sad thing is they had a good thing going before they started mass inviting.


Alpha and Omega was betrayed by Balerion who disbanded it in the middle of the night without any notice to the players. We never were an MRA. 90% of our members joined from invites on other worlds. We did accept other players but were not mass inviting in the world.


More like 10% of your members knew each other prior, this was the first world for half your guys' accounts.

If Curvious Maximus wasn't mass inviting everyone in sight before she jumped ship and ghosted, then maybe we could consider you a non MRA


A non mra would not have had someone in position to disband it, who would do it without notice....


I suppose it's a mute point either way. I made a mistake in allowing Balerion to take the lead since I didn't have time nor the desire to lead the alliance and he seemed to want to. We were in the same group in Helorus and I thought he would give the alliance a fair shake. I know of at least one players that have done that King Soudan did it to his alliance in Gela also.

Either way I am looking for a new alliance to be a part of. I am active and run alarms.

I think you are mistaken on the percentage there Tbom. We were no where near capacity either. Yes CM does get excited and sometimes goes overboard on the invites. I have the reports for 31 players that I invited via link that joined us from other worlds. If memory serves we only had about 50 players in the alliance. that does not count any our other players invited. I don't think that counts as an MRA.


Well MRA stands for mass recruiting alliance. Your alliance is still considered one since you still mass recruited from other worlds. Correct? Also if your alliance failed this early then chances are you were an MrA because every premade I've been in has either win or was disbanded/merged halfway through the server.


I understood MRA to mean you were recruiting anyone indiscriminately Since we were recruiting from other worlds we were recruiting experienced players.

Either way it is in the past and unimportant since the alliance no longer exists.
Darkrystal you were just victim of bad leadership it happens, i read the exchange with that turncoat. If i were near him i would rim him, Crap like that should be dealt with harshly..

Any way Mori on the move up to 8 will be 7 by days out.....


Fight Club:Swim Then Sink
FC is a really good group with a lot of heavy hitters in there alliance not to mention the some of them won Marathon....But a they have a huge battle in o54 to win, so that's were my doubts begin. Another issue FC has, is that they pact mates aren't very helpful to them and are dragging them down, they are constantly trying to break allies sieges (many time a day). The Militia (losing its war), Army Of Dead (same story), MW pretty good group but they aren't really committed to this world (playing in like 3 others). While they can overcome these things it will be hard.

The Wicked Few:
(my alliance won't comment)

Fluff and Stuff: Swim/Float
They will have to battle it out in o54 with FC and co. are doing well thus far if they keep it up don't see them having an issue winning there war but anything can happen its a toss up but see them coming out on top. They also dont have any pacts weighing them down so that is a huge plus for them. (to my knowledge)

They went from killing MRAs to just killing everything ;) but in all seriousness great group of fighters! they do have the Templar's in there ocean (not sure if they are friends or enemies) but either way I see them locking down O44. And depending on where they go from there, will be interesting.

Army of Dead:Float then Sink
They have decent positioning and a decent core but they will lose the wars they are fighting ultimately o55 in the process, they are strong believer in strength in numbers (have bout 5 pacts if not more) but really not working out for them. I give them a month before they collapse.

Lightning Death:Sinking
Yeah not much to say here! A part of the 6 pact coalition of AOD but once again not helping them much. They keep losing members and cities daily but they are an MRA and have them replaced by nights end. But eventually they will run out of players to recruit and alliances to run to for help.

Templar's: Float
One of the harder ones to judge! They are a solid group with a good core in northern o44, if they keep pushing north I see them being around for a while if they decided to war with Kill (once again don't know status) then dont see that being the case. It would be a good war but think in the end they would lose.

Memento Mori: Swim/Float
Pretty similar situation to Temps but I think they are a better alliance, good players and core. They were one of my "underrated alliances" and stand corrected here. They are on the rise and think they will make it into the top 5 pretty soon. Depending on the moves that make I see them being here for a while as well. One bad thing I will point out is the fact they are pacted with LD (so I have been told by members) its a very weird pact if true and makes you wonder who there other allies are.

Have a few decent islands to themselves almost, but thats about the only thing going for them. They have mass recruited members as of late, and those are just failed members of failed alliances. So see them sinking in the near future!

The Militia:Sink then merge
They are just an extension of FC but are losing cities daily. They will sink and them some will merge with FC they rest will jump ship elsewhere.

MW: Sink then merge
Ummm usually a good group but they will sink I am guessing they aren't taking this world seriously because they are playing in so many others. I could see them and militia possible merging they are already allies and they won't be able to run FC so....