Top 12 Alliances!!!


IMO, LoT still look strong , but I'm not in the south so I'm not that sure. The core of Phoenix looks set to stay and seems solid but when WW come, they will be quite disadvantaged, as they are surrounded on all sides but seem to be coming out of their shell and digging into Terra. Don't know about IAM, I'll assume they'll merge with LoT, same goes for WoT, don't know anything else about them. Terra look to be shrinking. NW may survive but I doubt they'll build any wonders with their small corner of ocean. OMEN may hold their own but probably won't build any wonders due to being surrounded on 3 sides. TKH seem to be going, maybe joining LoT and co.? I agree with Athan on OTT, crumble soon, yada, yada, yada. italian forces might survive, if they keep up their alliance with ASC
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LOL... I remember when Athan said about how Zenima was a great player and would be here til the end. I also remember how Athan talked about its mine being this wonderful active player. It was fairly obvious that Zenima would be quitting which is why I laughed when the whole TRA concept came about. TRA was formed because Athan didnt want to deal with inactives anymore. Even with 23 people, there were still inactives... As far as top 12 goes. Asc and Indo will be here til the end... As will I. Who else will be?
This is going to be my last post in this thread and, outside of the milestones thread, my last post in the Alpha world. I figure I owe you guys a bit of an explanation as to what happened. Heck, outside of the milestones thread, I won't be reading this section anymore. That's in the spoiler below for those who care.

[spr]When TA fell apart, I was being swamped in real life. I remember I hadn't logged on the day before, and logged on to quite a surprise. I almost quit then. Then it fell apart, all that happened, Ascension became the new "TA", Athan split to form TRA, which sounded more fun....if I could play actively. Plus, more of my cities were in o44 than any other ocean, so it more or less seemed a logical choice. Also tried to stay out of the politics cause I was sick of it. Was a bit more active than usual, for a little while. Then I started falling under again and real life, and hit VM to make up for it. This was before any war was declared.

One day, my VM was about to run out, so I tried to purchase new days. It failed, and I didn't have time to send a support ticket in and wait, so I had to log on and do so then. Hit VM the morning after. Guess what happens the next day? Stopped 2, maybe 3 CS, while 2 got through, neither of which I should've let through. Darn sleep. But eh, they got through, and I now had two weeks and one day of VM left. Which were hectic. Then the day came. I actually went on Skype, as during those hectic days I had decided I would quit, due to the hecticness, and the fact that Helghast was still called Helghast, and do my best to see most of my cities go to allies. Skype hasn't been too cooperative though, so I suppose it didn't send the message that I sent based on Athan's statement that I quit without notice.

You won't believe this next part. There was quite the snowstorm going on, and boom, there was a blackout. This was, I don't know, an hour, half an hour, after I tried to send the message? Seriously, of all the rotten luck. No way at all to access the internet, snowed in. Didn't get power back until most of my cities were gone and I was alliance-less. Just hit log out then, no point in sticking around, didn't really feel like saying goodbyes. Didn't really have many goodbyes to give either for that matter, the list of people I talked to had shrunk incredibly.

So for all of those who read this and care, goodbye and so long! I'm reachable by PM here if you want an ego-boost from a personalized goodbye, or questions answered.[/spr]

Now, a bit on the Top 4 so no one can complain about off-topicness and all. I'd like to say it's completely unbiased, but I'd be lying.

Ascension: Nowadays, their size seems to be all they have. War-wise, they have three alliances they can reasonably fight, and last I checked they were fighting all 3. They're also currently losing all three wars, based on past 90 days, though based on 2 of them, doesn't look like they're fighting that much. Looks like they're focused on Phoenix over the LoT family, if that war is still going on. If mflip and Dim are part of the leadership team, size is all they'll have for the rest of the world. But that sentence has a heck lot of bias in it, so you'll want to ignore it if you don't want bias. I will give mflip this though: he tries. He tries hard. Heck, keep him out of diplomacy and he'll be awesome as a leader.

Oh, and Dim, if you see this, a suggestion: don't block people. Sometimes you misunderstand their intent, and then give them no chance to explain themselves. You drove the semi-final nail into TA's coffin. Which was all but nailed shut at that point, but whatever. I'm not gonna hold a grudge anymore, but it's really the blocking that got at me, not the rest of your actions, as paranoid-infested as they may have been. I will say that was poorly word, and I'm sorry for that. Sorry about that whole bit really, that was a rushed and poorly thought-out action on my part.
That said, back to the thoughts:

Phoenix: Helghast was a solid alliance (even though I didn't like some of them based on stories), and TRA had potential, but nothing more. Combined, they're destined for great things. Maybe. Apparently they beat nExus, though Athan doesn't claim all the credit so there's more to the story than I know, and they're beating Ascension. Anyways, their biggest problem is that it'll be impossible to build a wonder out of reach of another alliance, so they'd have to actively defend their wonders. Oh, and I like the new name. Almost makes me wish I'd tried to stay.

Lords of Titus: I'm calling it right now, they will win the wonder race. Only chance Ascension and Phoenix have is a temporary truce to build a pair of wonders each, out of LoT's reach. Or if IAM turns traitor, but I don't think that'll happen. Or if they all quit, but that's even less likely than IAM turning traitor. I'd say or if they had internal troubles, but they already went through that.

Indomitus: Sabotus does have what it takes to be a leader on paper. However, as I have not seen him in action, I cannot say how good a leader he truly is. If he's seriously whipped TDA into fighting shape though, all I got to say is wow. Unfortunately, I can't really tell, cause I don't know what they're up to right now. They're Ascension's main potential obstacle to a good wonder spot, but as they are allies (or were, but I'm pretty sure they still are), it likely won't be much of a problem. War stats involving Phoenix, LoT, and/or IAM (the possible enemies I can think of) for past 90 days are meh, but unlike with Ascension, they're meh on both sides, except against LoT, who are the only alliance of those three they're losing to. But of course, could be they're warring neither of the three.

Anyways, spent too much time on this already. Good luck to those of you still playing, let's hope your luck is much better than mine was!
Goodbye Alpha, it was fun while it lasted!



Asc and Indo will be here til the end... As will I. Who else will be?
U don't know if u will be or any of the other alliances.What if one of your family members dies or lets just say your wife(if u have one).U will most likely be grieving over her rather than playing this game.This game is made for having fun not making your problems go away,this isn't beer either,beer makes them go away for a while but not forever.There is NO elexir for that except one thing but that is too irrational.I know some people can get on your nerves about opinions and stuff,but everyone is in-titled to that,even the people who try to make others's lives miserable.


Funny stuff...

A member from the top alliance on Alpha officially surrenders to their enemy during a shoot-from-the-hip op on most of his cities.


Glad his true colors showed up... Apparently u have hammered him all game long and he is sad that he cant just play sim city... Interestingly enough... What u did to Marsdeal is less then what we just did to Spetz of LOT. Not a bad day taking 8 cities from them :)


Someone seems to be pretty proud of themselves today. Probably one of their greatest accomplishments. I didn't know we were broadcasting every minor achievement. I guess I'll start keeping a log book of the slaughter we're delivering now.


Sabo... You have to understand the Seehonrun and Athan concept... They like to talk a lot but let everyone else in Phoenix do the work. Its funny cause i lost three cities to Phoenix when the whole alliance attacked me and my core is on the other side of the world... SHR and Athan really didnt contribute anything to that effort... Nox, Jack, Itmaybehe and others actually did the damage. Like I have said before. Phoenix led by those three is solid.. The other half of Phoenix... Not so much... Looks like the death of ASC is a little early... Esp since we just took 8 from lot... I will trade 8 cities for 1 every day of the week.


You still got a long way to go to catch up to beating you have gotten All time stats say LOT 46 to 15 ASC . But enjoy your 8 .


Looks like the death of ASC is a little early... Esp since we just took 8 from lot... I will trade 8 cities for 1 every day of the week.
Nice work. You caught us with a new member that didn't know what they were doing and we had no idea what was going on. Wait... wait for it... isn't that what you once told me is all that LOT could do? Take inactives and pseudo-actives? Or is it a city is a city? (I get confused with your contradictions sometimes.) Unless, of course, it's one of your cities, then a city is not a city but wasn't strategically viable to defend or was just an inactive or was taken at the wrong time of day/night or... ad infinitum.


You seem to be confused flipper. TRA merged into Helghast on 2/24 (40 days ago)
14 day comparison shows: Phx 21|+21| - Asc 0| +0|
30 day comparison shows: Phx 39|+18| - Asc 5| +5|
60 day comparison shows: Phx 71|+32| - Asc 13| +8| <-HG/TRA merge here
90 day comparison shows: Phx 83|+12| - Asc 23|+10|
All time comparison shows: Phx 93|+10| - Asc 44|+21|

The numbers speak for themselves. Since the merge, Asc seems to be converting to simming or maybe just can't effectively control all those accounts with so few players ;)
Meanwhile, Phoenix has drastically increased the amount of cities being taken from ASC and caused the fall of one of their long time pact members, nExus. If this is what you think is the result of the ex-TRA members bringing down a great alliance like Helghast, then maybe we all could use a few more Ex-TRA members to weigh us down, lol.

Grats on your 8 cities from LoT, they are still winning by about the same margins as we are. Also, we have taken 9 from ASC during this op at the time of this post. 21 if you consider the fact that the player actually surrendered to us instead of losing all his cities. We did show mercy on him after all, and withdrew cs attacks on a few of his cities out of respect for him leaving ASC.

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lol.. much smack talking going on here!

I could, but I won't...

I won't... I swear!

but lets be serious.

top 12? irrelevant at this point

there are 3 alliance players in this game of thrones.

2 are quite friendly... Phoenix and Lot... but they will turn on each other at the end.

and Ascension...

so lets rank them honestly, by nothing more than points...

1) Ascension.
2) Phoenix
3) Lords of Titus

now lets re-rank based on reality.

LoT and IAM, and WoT are the same alliance... Lets just call them LoT

1) LoT
2) Ascension
3) Phoenix

now lets reorder this based on activity, and current killings...

1) Phoenix
2) LoT
3) Ascension

The advantage LoT and Ascension have over Phoenix in geography is undeniable. The advantage Phoenix has in city density is also undeniable.

who will win? dunno.

really.. I have no idea..

but I'm going to do what I can to make sure its Phoenix.... or if you will allow me to assume my own name for my alliance.. "The Honey Badgers"! lol


Top 12 Egos LoL! This is becoming very entertaining to read. It appears there are many perspectives that can be drawn from the ongoing wars. However, it's not clear how this war is being measured exactly. We could look at points, cities, activity, location, etc. There are many factors that we would need to examine to draw an accurate conclusion.

Some people may or may not be aware of the fact that Ascension was engaged in two wars prior to its war with LoT & co. In addition to that LoT had already spent months preparing for a war against Ascension. The Knights Hospitaller realizing their situation began trading off cities to LoT. Eventually, this led to a third war with LoT & co.

Therefore, when we consider all of the factors and try to draw a conclusion. One should keep in mind that one alliance was previously engaged in two wars before it unexpectedly entered a third war. We should also consider the amount of members composed within each alliance. LoT & co. probably has about 500 members (exaggerating) but you get my point. LoT consist of three separate alliances which when you do the math I believe it ends up being 40 extra players when you combine ASCINDO. Then if you add their ally Phoenix the #2 alliance to the picture the dynamics of what we are comparing changes.

I might of mentioned this before but what you end up having is Ascension at war against 3 out of the top 5 alliances. Therefore, if you are looking at Ascension under these circumstances you might draw a different conclusion. Now, if the top 3 alliances were working independently against each other then a different conclusion could be drawn.

This is just another added perspective as it pertains to the ongoing wars. I am not in any shape or form looking to make excuses. Personally, I am enjoying the wars and the BP LoL.
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Ive been in phoenix pretty much since the beginning helghast formed and cant remember a time we were not at war. Had TA not been swooping in on other alliances players they probly wouldn't have all their neighbors on them as much as they do now, I vividly remember not even hearing a word about war with them, then one day one of my cities surrounded by former alliance mates had just changed flags overnight and skyrocketed them way above the entire world. Obviously that's gonna boost their ego and create animosity towards them, so having the world against ascension shouldn't really have been much of a surprise, if they want pressure taken off they shoulda picked better allies, IMO Terra Nova is helping us more than them at this point. Cant really say much for indomitus as you guys are all mixed in together up north and omen is pretty much just a barrier between us and free range in the south. However it ends up whoever wins being either phoenix, LOT/IAM, or ascindo, because as stated earlier it really is just a three horse race now, it will be a well deserved victory and everyone should give props to them on played game.

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Tjmus is quite right.

Helghast come Phoenix has been at war since the beginning. Been counted out time after time... and yet.. and yet..! wait for it!

yeah.. not exactly what you could call dead.

Trying to prop up the image of an alliance by saying you are fighting... whaaaaaaat? if you weren't fighting all along you wouldn't still be here.

Ascension couldn't handle Helghast, what makes you think it can handle Phoenix?

or is that not what you were saying Sabotus.. oh.. now on the reread.. I get it.

Your shoes are too tight, and you are just mad at the world. Its probably racism.. clearly racism.. yeah stick with that.


I'm pretty sure we can all assume everyone here would say their alliance is best, #1, super duper whatever. Until someone stands up and says "hey, my alliance really sucks compared to ____" let's agree we all have faith in our own. There are players of all strengths involved in all the top alliances and we all understand this if active enough to be paying attention. In the end there's a winning alliance and a bunch of people they beat, let's enjoy the fact there are enough active players to make it a world worth ego wrestling over.


Hmmm... So Is it time to take a look at the top 12 again? I think so....

1. Asc - still on top - still kicking and getting stronger.
2. Phx - Athan still doesnt understand what morale is, which makes him playing on Iota very fitting... Would be surprised if he didnt dominate it... But back to alpha... Starting to look like a race between Phx and Asc now. Although Nox and company have hit us pretty hard in the west.
3. LOT - CB going on vm = Failure to lot... Quarterman really should have given CB leadership rights because obviously he gets it better the most others... Speaking of Quarterman... Not a good day losing all those cities to Omen... Oh and the offensive against Lee was an epic failure.
4. Iam - See Lot
5. Indo - Being ASC's ally and now partner has lead to the growth of a lot of them...
6. Omen - Tara got her revenge - Qman is losing cities left and right... And blaming everyone else in his alliance as always. Funny how that happens...
7. New World - U just lost a city on a cs attempt with 12 slingers... Its bad that we sent it, but 100 times worse that it landed...
8. The rest - Terra Nova needs to put it together, Ott - Aither cant play 20 accts by himself successfully... AAR - You guys need to eventually pick a side...

The big question is when Itmaybehe will have seen enough and start taking Lot cities like they did with Lions... I know they wont sit back forever and let Omen, Asc and Indo slaughter Qman and company for too much longer... Phx will want a peace of the action as well...