1. Got Pacts?

    Ok so I've been up & down these threads; not a lot of info on pacts. However, they've been mentioned randomly throughout the forums. I want to know what you think about them. What are some pros & cons of pacts? Yay/Nay, go for it/no for it, .........etc.
  2. SBB ocean 55/65/56/66

    If you are in the area of 65/55/56/66 and want an alliance that is not scared to fight, then hit up the School Bus Bullies, they do not pact with anyone and have held of repeated attacks from the resistance, so much that the resistance is scared to attack. Looking for serious players who are...
  3. Southern Alliance.Recruiting

    The Southern Alliance is looking for players in Tau who are experienced and active. The Southern Alliance is small but well organized, we are based in ocean 58 but have footholds across Tau, we do not recruit or consider players below 1000 points, you must be extremely active. If you would like...
  4. Gentlemens Club O76

    Hello! I' m Insomniac420, and I represent the Gentlemen's Club We are ranked number 1 in ocean 76 and plan to expand to oceans near us soon! Gentlemens Club is an Alliance that is very experienced in the art of war, diplomacy, activity, and brute force. We are great at helping inexperienced...
  5. Semper Fi

    I know I said in the Preworld thread I wasn't going to do this world, but after careful consideration I have come to the conclusion that this world would be the best for me to rule an alliance in. 2nd Coming This alliance is going to be made up of active and loyal players. We have many...
  6. Ronin

    Ronin Rogue Warriors Location: North East Ocean 54 We accept anyone in O54 who maintain a steady willingness to learn, and active game play. Failure to learn how to play grepolis strategically and as a team member will result in you being kicked. Although anyone in our area is invited to try...
  7. Best player not in your alliance group

    I know "best player" can mean a lot of things so just pick what it means to you. It's too easy to pick someone from the alliance you are in so try to limit yourself to an alliance you are not in. For instance, I am in IC (Inner Circle) so it would be pretty pathetic to pick someone from either...
  8. A Horde of Zombies

    "The Undead Plague has reached the world of XI. You don't stand a chance, all will be conquered by a horde of zombies!" I am a co-founder in this newly created alliance. I am in The Raptors in the world of MU, and a leader of King Kong in the world of NU. I will be giving up my cities in MU...
  9. Finding Alliances on the World Map or in the Alliance Ranking

    The instructions state: "You can check which alliances are near you either on the world map or in the alliance ranking." Sorry, I don't see any alliances on my world map and I don't see any alliance ranking. WHERE ARE THEY?????
  10. Mughal Empire Recruiting in Ocean 23 and surrounding areas

    Mughal Empire is recruiting active players in Ocean 23 and surrounding areas. We fight as One. All we ask is that your active and participate in Alliance forums and share your knowledge of the game. Contact Fight2Live or miamipw for recruiting.
  11. Top 12 Alliances!!!

    Please Sticky This and Close Until Beginner Protection is Over! Top 12: