Best player not in your alliance group


I know "best player" can mean a lot of things so just pick what it means to you. It's too easy to pick someone from the alliance you are in so try to limit yourself to an alliance you are not in. For instance, I am in IC (Inner Circle) so it would be pretty pathetic to pick someone from either IC1 or IC2 as they really are sister alliances. I'll pick someone outside of all of the sister IC alliances to give credit to.

Best Player (not in my alliance group) : Brother Thom (RIOT)

The guy gets attacked almost daily since the beginning and holds his own. He is not on my alliance and some of the alliances I am friends with wish he would go away, but I have to give credit to the guy. Very gutsy -- and that's what I admire as "best player".

Who do you nominate and why?


+Rep for Paradeisos for creating a thread with positive in it! The person I will have to nominate would be two actually. Lisica and Lislis. They are both frustrating in that everything they do, is done seemingly fundamentally correct. They trip, they harbor check, they support, they attack. Both are very tough to take a city from. They also have been under fire since day 1 and have flourished.


the best player that is not in my alliance would be ctheezy from IC1 because he knows a lot about the game and how to attack other players
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I'd say Lazerus24. He is awesome at defense and very nice on top of it. I give him all respect.


I must congratulate my arch-nemesis Mr. Mflip234. Will he stop at anything to reach his grepolis goals?


I nominate #RockyRoad, he wrecks and is cool while doing it.


Have to give props to Kyisland... first on the server to hit a million BP's

Looks like Kyisland reinforced my nomination this weekend. Good battle man! He got the better of me this time :)
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Kudos to Paradeisos, great thread idea!

I'd have to give a nod to MelTheGreat!


im gonna say sirhardy,he knows what hes doing and i havent seen him loose a city, plus hes a good dude.