Top 12 Alliances!!!


I am reopening this thread for discussion. Yes, its a bit early. But I think its time the community had something to talk about other than counting to 50 or random nothingness. I do ask that you please stay on topic here. I will not have the same leniency in the world forums as I do with the off-topic ones. I prefer to avoid unnecessary infractions. Thanks all!



1Athenian Warriors
Still MRA but i think Trys will work something out :)

2To die for Viva
Not bad but not good either

Could become something :D

4The Troopers
epic fail

5Italians Force
wel don't know it actually

6Fair Play
own alliance

7The Tapir Gang
Don't think so

it will work out :D

9God Of War
not good not bad

could become something

11*Bibas Aladas*
the same as the 1 above

12Warrior ES
don't think so much about it


Well Athenian Warriors. They've got a fudge load of dead weight but they've also got some awesome players such as Shadowkillerr there.

Evolution could possible make it but I doubt it even though I'm in it.


I have cleaned this up, please be aware this thread is specifically for rating alliances within the top 12. Your post must be a rating and/or discussion about alliances within the top 12. Stating solely that you are in a particular alliance is not on topic. It should be...

Alliance X - What a bunch of noobs. But I think they will last cause I am there.
Alliance Y - Best alliance ever. They know what they are doing.


Stay on topic please so this thread can remain. Much love for you all!



Alliance X - What a bunch of noobs. But I think they will last cause I am there.
Alliance Y - Best alliance ever. They know what they are doing.

Good to see the moderators here have at least a bit of humor, on the Dutch fora it's pretty much a dictatorial policy, and topics are closed without explanation:\

Anyhow, I don't see Athenian Warriors getting anywhere in this world unless they change their policy drastically - They claim to not be an MRA and 'kick inactives' - I'd like to ask why there are players in there with a pathetic ammount of population (I assume they aren't building gigantic armies in those little polises). I also wonder why they have a '300' picture - as the 300 Spartans didn't have anything to do with Athens.

And, very original, I think my and Iwonteatyou's alliance has some good potential: most of the players are experienced in there, and so far we're a tight group of players.

I don't know anything about the other alliances, and after a short 3 days, I think it's too early to really make any statements with true content, as we don't know their goals, tactics and players.



The number one alliance, with almost a tenth of the players in the server. Used to have more, but have been losing members recently. Still have a huge lead over everyone else, mostly due to numbers and a surprisingly good average points. Once people start conquering we'll see if they truly deserve the number 1 rank.

I suppose here there's actually a fight for ranks, with about a 1400 point lead on rank 3, and a 2 point lower average. While I don't recognize any names from .en, these guys appear to have potential; however their largest member isn't even in the top 20, let alone top 12. Their numbers greatly help them hold the number 2 spot by the skin of their teeth, but they're far from reaching number 1.

*in announcer voice* And the opponents, the Grepo Allstars!
With a very sportsy name, these guys hold 3rd, and surprisingly not completely due to numbers. While again, I don't recognize any names from .en, which is good btw, but these guys appear to be capable, although sadly their strongest is just barely in the top 20 at 19.

The rank 4 guys, and a meh alliance at best. While I like the name of the number 18 guy, and I swear the number 26 guy is trying to copy me, the few names that are familiar to me are merely spammer noobs, except Skully, but I don't think Skully's even going to try.

I have to say, of the top 5 I like these guys the best, I blame my Italian heritage. :p
Anyways, their top guy is doing well, with over 1000 points at rank 6, and although it drops a bit after, they have a strong average at 548, the 5th highest average in the top 12, and it would be higher if they'd get rid of that bit of seemingly dead weight at the bottom, although he/she may have just recently joined. All in all, I bet these guys are guys to look out for.

Now these guys are my favorite of the top 12, both due to their name and their average points, the highest average points in the top 12. These will be the guys to look out for, especially their leader and top player Acupuncture. Now, if only they had more players, then they'd be a threat to Athenian Warriors.

Another meh alliance. Only 1 more non-meh alliance left in my opinion.

Now I would like to say here's an alliance to look out for, but I'm not really sure if half of them are trying. Several names from .en, including slobo.c, the founder and one of few guys in o45. I would say to look out for these guys, but, well, I'm not sure they're trying too hard.

As for the rest, I'm afraid my opinion is simply meh. This is mostly due to the lack of people on the us server atm, I hope that'll change soon-ish. :)
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Rotate the z 90 degrees ;)

Ah well, I'm curious what would happen if Athenian warriors didn't have so many players. That'd be interesting to watch. The Top 12 would definitely be crazy then.

jarpie fan

look speaking on behalf of my alliance athenian warriors have good players but most of the players there are inactive.One member of them actually complained about their inactivity.Our alliance is the best THE TROOPERS all The way!! :p


Honestly, I'd say The Troopers is the worst alliance. Low average, in their position by numbers alone, if you were to reduce AW's numbers at least they'd still be decent, but the troopers, nope.

Btw, it's only been ~3 days. Why're you talking about inactivity?

jarpie fan

well texted many of their members they didnt reply. I agree our point average is bad.

but one awesome player is in their alliance and thats me!!


Good night

The world has just begun. It's very soon to decide which alliance is the best, or the worst. It's funny to see some players considering themselves "awesome" when they haven't demonstrated anything in...3 days? Points of course don't win battles, troops do

I don't consider myself awesome. I don't consider my tribe perfect. But we'll try to do our best, and then is when people can judge


PS: btw jarpie, I'm just wondering who did you text. Not me, for example ;)


4. The Troopers

The rank 4 guys, and a meh alliance at best. While I like the name of the number 18 guy, and I swear the number 26 guy is trying to copy me, the few names that are familiar to me are merely spammer noobs, except Skully, but I don't think Skully's even going to try.
Correct! I joined to make a forum account and decided to join the alliance that sent me my first invite. I will have ghosted within the month, probably. My performances here in no way represent my skill :p

I will, however, give my cynical opinion on the current top 12.

1Athenian Warriors-The usual early-world MRA. Only in this position because of their member count. I highly doubt they will come far. They may have a high average but that's because they have like 10% of the server. This is a MRA, so they didn't even think about location etc.
2To die for Viva-Hmm, they have some potential but I am not impressed. They seem to have some slacking members.
3=GREPO-ALLSTARS=-Their stats look allright but I m not convinced by their profile. It seems to have a link to some Spanish rap of some sort which supposedly tells you something about them... in Spanish. I assume they have an immature leadership which makes me think they are very unorganized. I wouldn't get my hopes up.
4The Troopers-I am in this alliance, and I can safely say that it has no potential whatsoever. Filled with people lacking basic grammar skills and some veterans whom have been playing since 2008, which is weird as Grepolis is only about 2.5 years old.
5Italians Force-Seem to be a group of Italian players which decided to make a second start here. They have 5 founders which doesn't help my cynical view of them. I think they are an alliance who failed on the Italian server and decided to try again here. They might stick around due to the lack of threats, but I don't think they are good players.
6Fair Play-A group of experienced Dutch players, and Being Dutch myself, I must say that we are pretty amazing at everything we do. Expect them to dominate the ABP list and then brag about it a lot, because we the Dutch, tend to do that a lot. Probably the best alliance at this point. The only thing that might cause them to fail is their online times, the Americans have a huge advantage over them with the time zones. (even though there seem to be more Europeans playing this server than actual Americans! :p
7The Tapir Gang-The fact that they accept everyone tells me enough. A MRA that will only survive if they will never enter a fight. They do have some Dutch players, but I don't expect too much from them. I like their name, though.
8Evolution-This seems to be an alliance with members from the international server. Sadly, there seem to be a lot of the spammers which suck at playing the game properly. They have a few sleeping giants which probably won't wake up.
9God Of War-The bottom members really drag their point average down. They are kind of small though. Time will tell.
10*Bibas Aladas*-Weird profile, small, irrelevant. The top 3 of this alliance should look for a better one.
11IraTus-ANOTHER Dutch alliance. Most likely too small atm to do any real damage, though. Perhaps they should team up with the other Dutchies.
12Warrior ES-A spanish alliance, it seems. Probably noob, they have the lowest point average.


I'm a part of the top MRA, and only a few of them have experience prior so I agree that they will dissolve once people begin to be conquered.


If Evolution and Fair Play came together, well...that would be a good alliance. :)

Omega Strife

If Evolution and Fair Play came together, well...that would be a good alliance. :)
Not too sure about Fair Play, but I'm thinking Evolution will flop unless something gives it a boost soon. I'm it's top player, and I'm not doing too great, as you can tell. >_<

jarpie fan

no not you loki lower point players

and skully my alliance was created late so you can understand why it has no potential.