Top 12 Alliances

Here's some info. Due to 3 days of being hammered by PiD, mixed with RL consuming HalfricanMike's online time, EoS has agreed to merge into PiD.
Tough decision and slightly embarrassing :p But the top side of this alliance can hit pretty hard. And with the rest of the numbers filling in it's just too much to defend with this few people haha.

Congrats to PiD :D

Now back to the struggle I go.
Yeah and to you. For 22 members you put up a hell of a fight, and you stacked Santa, but after that was broken that definitely took a lot of your support out.


I know,but u have to take all the cities that didnt end up being in your alliance.EOS is still an alliance.
They're all coming over though. HalfricanMike is just waiting for the rest of them, as we're still trying to make room for the remaining ones
The gears of war are once again turning for the mighty war machine PiD, but the question is, who is the next victim? Stay tuned and find out :)


It looks like I will be in the top 12 soon. I am James, founder of Oceans Heaven. We are based in 046 and are dominating there. We have jumped from rank 27 to 17 in two days and shall continue to jump down the rankings as we conquer what is left of O46!


As we exit the first month of Rho a few things must be noted. The world has been in a almost constant state a war a turmoil, mostly due to the overwhelming aggressiveness of Punk in Drublic and its allies, and has been through 2 World Wars in a month.
->The first World War began just after beginners protection ended with a alliance that had almost 300 players at its peak, Rhoman Empire/Rhoman Empire II/The Sea Raiders, being dismantled in days by Punk In Drublic, Alpha-Omega, and a few other top ranking alliances. 10 of the top 12 were involved.
->What is considered the Second World War on Rho was when the Big Red Bear, CCCP/UN peacekeeping/UNESCO UN/IAEA UN thought it could lie its way to the top. CCCP/UN peacekeeping/UNESCO UN/IAEA UN had to fight its way through Punk In Drublic/No Quater/Alpha-Omega/Astartes(Now Know As America) and others. CCCP/UN peacekeeping/UNESCO UN/IAEA UN lost the war and now only a few CCCP remain who are being hunted down by Punk In Drublic/No Quater/Alpha-Omega/Astartes(Now Know As America)

Now The Top 12 Alliances

1. Punk In Drublic- Ranking Number 1, deservedly so, is Punk In Drublic. Not only are they number 1 in rankings but they rank number 1 in Alliance Attackers, number 2 in Alliance Defenders and number 1 in Alliance Fighters. It becomes clear they are not to be messed with, especially after surviving 2 World Wars so far. PiD is located in O55 where they are in almost absolute control with their academy Byzantine Empire. The PiD/BE duo is currently at war with Empire Of Thor(Ranked 5)/Wizards(Ranked 19)/Wizards AK(Ranked 103). PiD/BE is slowly moving North East hitting ever enemy city they can find. After officially declaring war on 9/16/13 PiD has taken 3 enemy cities without losing any of their own.

2. Alpha-Omega- Coming in at number 2 is Alpha-Omega. A-O is currently ranked 2nd in ABP, 7th in DPB and 2 in overall alliance battle points. They have solidified their place in the world by making a strategic alliance with Punk In Drublic. A-O is currently at war with Empire Of Thor(Ranked 5). Like PiD, A-O has taken 3 cities from EoT since the war began last night without losing a single city of their own.

3. HaVoC- HaVoC holds the 3rd place slot. Located in O56 HaVoC has been rapidly growing. They are in complete control of O56 and seem to be in a uneasy position. They cannot move north because they will meet a wall of Punk In Drublic/Byzantine Empire(Ranked 1/6) cities. If they move south they will come into contact with the Brilliant Macedonians(Ranked 11), and if they move west they will bump into Oceans Heaven(Ranked 10). But what puts them in a much more difficult situation is their pacts. They are pacted with PiD and Empire of Thor. Which side they choose to support could put their entire future at risk.

4. Organized Chaos- Ranked 4th is Organized Chaos. OC is located in the Eastern edge of O55 and the western edge of O65. OC is in the same position as HaVoC regarding diplomacy. Will they support Empire of Thor in the war against Punk in Drublic or stay out for their own safety.

5. Empire Of Thor- Closing out the top 5 is Empire Of Thor. Originally created as a offshoot to CCCP in the 2nd World War, it was designed as a safe haven for the CCCP players who were "not aware" of Alcatrez decision to war the other top 12 alliances. Since then EoT members have been turtleing up along the O45/O55 border and the O54/O55 border. It has also come to light that EoT and Wizards(Ranked 19) were attempting to create a coalition to war Punk In Drublic(Ranked 1). Unfortunately for them PiD became aware of that and declared war on the 2 alliances. Since the war began EoT has lost 2 cities to PiD. EoT is also at war with Alpha-Omega and Byzantine Empire.

6. Byzantine Empire- Ranking 6th is Byzantine Empire. They are currently the academy of Punk In Drublic. See PiD for more details.

7. White Knights- Currently ranked 7th is White Knights. Located in O67/O77 they seem to be far from any sort of competition and have been growing without any interference. It will be fun to see how they react when they meet one of the other top 12 alliances.

8. ASCENDANCY- Ranking 8th is ASCENDANCY. ASCENDANCY is located in O65 and eating up all the unaligned cities around them as they make their way towards the core. They are coming very close to Organized Chaos cities and we should look forward to a conflict arising between these 2 groups.

9. America- Ranked 9th is the small but determined America. America was originally the alliance know as Astartes. But after going to war with CCCP and its allies Astartes was defeated. They are know reformed as America. America is located in the south east corner of O44. They are currently allied with Punk in Drublic(Ranked 1) and Alpha-Omega(Ranked 2). Like those alliances they are at war with Empire of Thor(Ranked 5).

10. Oceans Heaven- Finishing out the top 10 is Oceans Heaven. This alliance came out of no where to take the number 10 spot. Located in O46 they seem to be moving toward a wall of HaVOoC(Ranked 3) cities which could be a problem for Oceans Heaven

11. Brilliant Macedonians- Coming in at 11 we have Brilliant Macedonians. Located all the way in O56 Brilliant Macedonians has been growing uncontested. Like Oceans Heaven(Ranked 10) they seem to be moving toward a wall of HaVoC(Ranked 3) cities in the north.

12. Empire- Rounding out the top 12 is Empire. Empire is located all the way up in O43 with no other large alliances around them. Being so isolated will give them alot of time to grow and develop.
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