Top 12 Alliances

Can't wait for ASCENDANCY
So am I. Also the current score on the war (well its more of a slaughter now) is 18-0 with the Russians getting CCCP'ed all over again. The Russians are number 1 defenders, they slipped a rank in the rankings and are out of support and options. I recieved a message today from kvadrov about my "Those Pesky Russians" post saying, "we will go down but you have no honor." So the Russians have given up after 2 days, I personally was hoping for a "war"
Yeah, how long do you think ASCENDANCY will last
I don't know. If you're pushing into their territory it may take a while, as they have the advantage since you have longer CS times. If you plan on taking them down, hit them quick and hard. Put one major city in revolt (make sure you knock down the wall), and slaughter everything there. That'll really bring down morale.

Lee Sin

Can anyone give me a recap of what happened? I got bored of iota and just joined.


it's not just you. we like all of your coalition''s cities in o55... actually in every other ocean too :D


Here's my take on the top 12 alliances

1: Punk in Drublic
At number one we have Punk in Drublic located in O55 and they deserve that number one spot. Highest points, highest average points, highest bp, highest average bp, you name it. They haven't faced a real challenge yet and no alliance has lasted more than a few days after declaring war on them. So the big question is who is their next target?

2: Alpha-Omega
At number two there is Alpha-Omega located on the 45/55 border. They are allies with Punk in Drubllic and have assisted them in every war so far and have been successful. 2nd in average points and 3rd in bp. Whoever Punk in Drublic chooses as their next target will have their hands full with both of these alliances.

3: HaVoC
Coming in 3rd we have HaVoC located in O56. Them and Organized Chaos are switching often for that spot however Havoc has the fourth highest average points and 4th for total bp. Now they must choose a direction to conquer as they're met to the north by Organized Chaos, to the south by Brilliant Macedonians, to the east by White Knights, and to the west by Oceans Heavens. They must choose to move a direction or they could find themselves being shoved between a rock and a hard place.

4: Organized Chaos
Next in 4th place we have Organized Chaos (my alliance) located in O55 sharing it with Punk in Drublic. 5th highest average points but 8th in total bp. Definitely need to get their bp up but other than that seem to making good progress. Force choke is heading their way which could mean an increase in that bp though.

5: Byzantine Empire
Punk in Drublic's academy, see them for more details.

6: White Knights
At 6th place we have White Knights located in O66/76. Lower average and 10th in total bp, would expect a little more for the 6th ranked alliance. If Havoc chooses to move their direction that could be trouble for them. However if they can catch them off guard it might be a different story.

7: -Force- Choke
Coming in 7th place there is -Force- Choke, which is ASCENDANCY under a new name located in O65. They also have a low average but 5th in bp so well done by them, but if they continue moving towards Organized Chaos then that could start an interesting and problematic war for them :)

8: America
At 8th place is America located in O44 and this is an alliance worth mentioning. Even though their points don't show it, they might be the 2nd best alliance in this world behind Punk in Drublic. 3rd highest average and 14th in bp but they only have 31 members. Punk in Drublic has only a few members nearby and they don't have a huge threat.

9: Oceans Heavens
Up next in 9th place is Oceans Heavens located in O46. This alliance came out of nowhere and is now in the top 12. Don't know much about them other than they have a low average and low bp and they're near Havoc, which could be a problem.

10: Empire of Thor
In 10th we have Empire of Thor located in O45. They lost the war to Punk in Drublic and everything is going downhill from here. Out of the top 12 soon.

11: Alliance of Kings
Coming in 11th place is Alliance of Kings located in O75. Very low average and low bp however have no real threat near them so they have time to grow.

12: Brilliant Macedonians
And wrapping up the list in 12th place is the Brilliant Macedonians located in O57. Also a very low average with low bp and they are near Havoc so I expect they are gone soon.

Well that's all folks please leave a +rep and that is what I think of the top 12 alliances.
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The white knights are alot more powerful and organized than you think
You too. It's kinda bad that the founder of the number 1 alliance isn't sure of all the wars going on a what not, but I leave most of the diplomacy stuff to gritt anyways lol