The History of Helorus

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We started taking your cities before SERTAG even left lol.

In fact, SERTAG didn't even leave himself until we rimmed him I believe, after which he joined Foolish Spartans with several others.

About the Empyrean drama, I don't really care who's right in that.

Congratulations on being the shortest lived drama fest that I've ever seen. Whether our messages/actions took you down, or whether you took yourself down is unknown, because there are definitely conflicting statements from different people that left Empyrean, but trying to save face for a dead alliance that failed because of leadership that you were a part of seems pointless.

The only real thing that would clear it up are the skype logs themselves, and I doubt you'd want to post those.

Regardless, I wish that you guys had focused more on building yourselves up in game rather than talking yourselves up in it and on the forums. You guys made yourselves look extremely bad with the way things turned out, and you get way too invested in this game to the point where you seem to try to spin every narrative as positive towards your alliance no matter what the reality is, and ended up not even lasting long enough to even be majorly attacked by us in game before destroying yourselves from the inside out.

Hopefully that doesn't repeat itself in the future, as it doesn't fool anybody.

I rimmed him while he was with a foolish spartan


Yea, sink probably is closer...
Troll much?
Where is Spartans and MCP? At least when they troll they are funny, intelligent and make good points. Plus, they have decent player stats. It's not like they just sit around with 1 3k city.

Let be known that Darth Wookie predicted his future.
He did say before the world opened that he had commitment issues, but this is pretty premature. I'll give you that for sure.


History... People keep ghosting when I attack... Ruining my bp here folks... Tough it out and play.

Quit your whining. You're attacking all noobs!


Anyone got any news? Gotten a little quiet in the world the past few days.


I don't think Purgatory know where they are.

I think they are still looking for a place to call home.



First of I want to say I really like this thread,

and also I see Goat has taken some cities of Grepolice, are you guys at war? I think those cities were in Ocean 55 so were they hand offs? If not are you guys going to retaliate?
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Look at the map and your question is answered. The towns we've lost have been in O55 so its not really our concern. We've let anyone in O55 know that their towns will probably be lost from day one. We've just been leaching BP off one or two when we didn't need our defense. GOAT is not currently positioned close enough that we can really go hitting them right now.