The History of Helorus

Lord Frickle

My god im not saying he was quitting anyway .

Get a good pair of optic glasses and read my statements carefully .

I CLEARLY , VERY CLEARLY said that as soon as he started to get attacked he wanted to quit and started contacting you meaning he is not a battle hardened player with less words a weak player .

This was just one of the gazillion reasons I gave to you which you probably didn't read as you're missing my context every time .
Or your thoughts may be just biased or or you really need that pair of glasses .

As about my pseudo "idiotic" arguments I suggest you read this guide on "How to Disagree and Persuade without Offending"

It will help getting over your 12 year old way of talking .


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haha i love this thread
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I have to be honest. I stopped reading Lord Fickle's excuses, I mean explanations a long time ago. I saw him post something about how I should read what he wrote, and I was like "Nah, I'm going to skip it." It's not you Lord Fickle. It's me. You wrote so many words, and I have a little blonde brain. I get bored really easy. I like shiny things, like rainbow ponies.

Also, disagreeing without offending? Your heart is in the right place, but You are on the wrong forum. That's not how this is done. People here only disagree to offend.

Now Whitey get me some coffee.


I have no energy to go around in circle with you lord pickle. Btw, I'm practically blind so my eyes refused to read your message just as you intended. Perhaps it's my damn fried brain that refuse to understand it. I don't know. Blame it on my big balls if you have to. But please get over yourself. You are just sour and green.
Thanks for getting us way off topic here. Where is tsf when you need him to update this thread. I wanna know what's going on in helorus besides pickle's face. Oh yeah, he is busy with te coalition I guess.


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Where's the history update, smilodan giving up, raza getting smashed by Beer THirty, where is our history keeper.


Looks like MN merged into Police and Police leadership look like they have quit
Raza has been getting kicked around with lil to none resistance.


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I'll take over history:

3/24/2016 - Smilodan is being internalized, and MN has merged into Grepolice with some new leadership. It looks like the "best leader" in Helorus couldn't hack it, so he has decided to quit.


"I want to thank the people of Helorus for their time, but I will be leaving this world. This is the 4th consecutive world i have quit on due to the extreme pressure of grepolis. On a 2nd note, I found my first girlfriend, and we are going on our 4th date together!!!! I am so excited!!! I'm leaving grepolice in capable hands, and hopefully the next world I join the 5th time i will make it past 3 months in a server, fingers crossed"
Need a history update here in ocean 64 who the hell is fighting who :p as far as we can tell everyone is allied , or on non agression terms with each other ...? if anyone has the time from down east please shout out


Most are allied. Peaceful Farmers are against most in that Ocean to my knowledge. An overly confident group in my opinion but they know what they're doing so we'll have to wait and see. You'd have to be more specific on what you're really inquiring about however.
thanks for your reply mate :) well u kinnda answered my main concern so i am gratefull for that.
we are figuring things as we go here but im glad to see so many people having a good fight , great change of pace .