Pact Info - Leaked


Yes your right

TPT supported Inked

This is a shame for the world and ridiculous for both alliances
Indeed. If this is the case then most will just leave. Looked like it was going to be a good world. I hope the rumor isn't true.


Indeed. If this is the case then most will just leave. Looked like it was going to be a good world. I hope the rumor isn't true.
If most are going to leave because 100 people teamed up, that's weak on them.


Indeed. If this is the case then most will just leave. Looked like it was going to be a good world. I hope the rumor isn't true.
Unfortunately, this is always the problem

I play already longer but normally on the servers of my native land, and from there I can say it's always bad when the best alliances ally.

I got a colony ship of Inked and then came deffensive troupe of trash people.

Joseph Nieves

Tbh I could care less who Vendetta has a pact with. Let them do whatever they believe works for them, if it fails well then they are the only ones to blame for that. Seems that they had a poor excuse to kick you out though.

As for this whole Inked Up Trailer Park Trash pact or no pact, it only makes sense for them not to hit each other just yet. They are the two best alliances, they should wait until later in the world to hit each other. If there was any pact between them I would expect that one of them would turn on the other once the other competition is gone. If not then it isn't the first time in grepolis that two good alliances have had a pact together. It shouldn't come as a surprise when it does happen, hardly ever is there an alliance that does zero diplomacy.

No need to be scared of them if it did happen, if your alliances and allies work well as a team then you should do fine against them. If people leave they just lack confidence in their alliance and in their own abilities. That is silly, have fun, try your hardest, and whatever happens happens. It shouldn't be anything to ruin your experience. If they have no pact then all I have to say is why is everyone worrying for no reason then :D

Note I am not in either of those alliances so please don't get that idea about my post :p


Meh, maybe I'll find a decent rim alliance. My BP is up in 1 hour.


who cares if this alliance is pact with that alliance

just means you need to work twice as hard at taking a city, doesnt mean you cant take the city


Guys - 2 minutes after my BP expired, CS inc from Unsullied. LOL

That was quick. Any rim alliances?
Doesn't sound like his crying to me.

TBH I'd be pissed if I was in his shoes. If I joined an alliance I don't expect them to throw me out the day protection ends when it is so easily avoided. I think it's shows weak leadrship in vendetta.

I understand why kingsgaurd and unsullied will have wanted that city. However a trade could have been aranged. It would have meant that NeverGiveUp could stay in his alliance and kingsgaurd could get a CQ ready city. (however I do think you'll be better off not being in them) city trades seem more reasonable way to resolve the issue than to boot someone who has done nothing other than pop up in the wrong area. It's random so imo it's nothing that he should be penalized for.

I really hope that you manage to get a new alliance sorted out and they treat you better.
you're very sweet pixie! .
Awww shucks *blushes* thanks sugar

I didn't know this was model U.N.?
Thought we was in a fighting game...
Wait! What? You mean this isn't candy crush?

I'm all in favor of people/alliances fighting. I'm all in favor of NeverGiveUp getting attacked as he's not in an alliance. He's on your island, obvs you'll want to take him off and who knows next time you may have more luck that you did with the attempt earlier.

However imo what vendetta did makes their leadership look weak. They invited someone into their alliance and randomly booted them to benefit another alliance.

Players should have faith in their leadersip and they should feel at home in their alliances. Booting someone 'cos you got a new pact is not the way to do that. Had NeverGiveUp been abusive to some one and there was bad blood I could understand it being discussed. However just kicking them when trade would have worked is dumb. I would go to war to defend my guys, I wouldn't sell them out to benefit myself.
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Guest me out cause I've never been in the top 3 of those stats on any of the other servers I've played.
I was just pointing out since you already had concluded you'd be rimmed just from a CS incoming.