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I would also agree with Bayaz on the point that leading can be very time consuming and if you dont have others to help out you will get burnt out fast. A good leader is one that is willing to sacrafice his units/or time to help the rest of the alliance out.


I have to contradict you in one point, otherwise i completly agree. I think, that it is very time consuming to lead. Getting to know the players, trying to make them more active, forge them into a team,rather then an assembly of players, teaching them new stuff , constantly checking everything ect.

But i totally agree on your last few lines. A good leader doesn

I agree with that, the endless PMs and fires to extinguish do make it time consuming...more so when the world is new. Once you get to a certain point, if your alliance is decently successful it shouldn't be too time consuming if you have others around you handling tasks as well. If you try to do it all you will get burnt and struggle to keep up on your cities, if you happen to manage them diligently.
Commodus nice to see you my old friend, would you want to come here. Got an invite for you any time.

Both Comm's statement and Bayez are correct as a leader you have cater to the needs of the alliance above your own but Comm is right as well the key is to have good people around you to ease the work load..


Thanks, but I'm hanging up the mouse after MU. Maybe I can be talked into it a later point, but I live in too nice of an area to stare at a screen as much as I do. This would be a great game for the retired; I'm still in prime but I see the light at the end of the tunnel lol

Good luck to all of you in Pella and remember to apply what you learned from MU (or whatever world you were in prior, if any).
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Well said on.

You'll be coming with the rest of the Band to the next server we go to after a bit of a break ;)


A good leader has a GREAT team. You have a good mapmaker, a good strategist, a good Diplomat, good communication, good forum. You know how to build cities and nukes and then you know how to organize your members to take others cities. And a good WW strategist is even better.

If you find someone like that around SE 43, let me know. I need a good alliance.


If you were in south central 45, there would be a good home for ya!


I think Buckeyes has that beat his first server and he has perfected it