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Emperor Loki

I think that it would be nice to have a World Chat to get to know Players from all Alliances Camps and having Elected Leaders and Diplomats talk in a World Politics Forum...

A World Forum or even an active online chat would bring the Community Closer together and possibly increase the Players on US Servers...

Emperor Loki

Notice how Inno-Games Advanced my Guide From 15-20-25 Resources Buildings Upgrades Segmented... I think I finally made an Impact on the World... Thank you Grepolis and Inno-Games... The rest of y'ouns are Welcome!

Quick City Building; With Little to No Gold:

I have tested this method and so has a couple of friends. Forget what you learned about building cities and adapt to the problem of being on a rock. Lack of resources.

Choose Andromeda as starting Hero...

So your first goal is Academy level 7 and Ceramics, plus a little warehouse space.
Then ramp up all resources production to level 15-20 all 3 types.

I do two levels of each resource building type at a time and then one level of the warehouse for the room due to the increased speed of resources production. After Academy 7.

Get a couple of market levels at least 6 so you can trade spare resources for what you need.

Then focus on Senate to level 14+

During the build-up of the Senate, be sure to get Academy to 13 and Harbor to 10 in between Senate levels. So you may have a Colony Ship to Found.

It only takes an hour, up to two hours for each building level on resources.

Slow at first, but bypasses wasting time on Senate in favor of fast resource production first before fast building.

Resources first solve the problem of lacking.

Then you can go for speed building once you got a ton of resources coming in. You can even toss in Christopoulos for a boost, plus research architecture and crane for resource reduction to building upgrades and faster upgrades time.

This is the quickest way to build on a rock and helps with the slow resources problem, right from the start.

Emperor Loki

I just fell down in the Spirit and talked to the Aether in Tears of Joy-and-Gratitude...

I am not Okay, and I do need not lay off the Cider... It slows my Brain so I can rewind it...

Emperor Loki

Truthfully it would be cool if they had some Persian Troops after Greece sacked Troy. They blended Cultures with the Persians and Came Rome and the Ottoman Empire out of the Ashes of Persia

Even some of the when Greece took Carthage too... They had Elephants out of South Persia... and the Southern Mongols had Elephants... That was around Modern India... Then the Mongols moved North in a Pincer on the Chinese Empire... Exported Elephants to Carthage and Persia for pay as well...

They were breeding the Elephants...

Why Do we not have Elephants?

Why am I the only one using his Imagination of History to present ideas???

Emperor Loki

Thanks Exit Strategy... Also, I get my Vyvanse tomorrow if nothing fails like today... 8 hours on the phone with dr and pharmacy...