Who All Is Coming

we could sit here talking all day.... but so far... Mole hasn't made it more than 4 weeks in a world. and toxic sucks so bad he had to go LMD in KAT (yet can't even do that right). While maul and YG still ...... you all/has done so. So make a discord and talk there. Our stats speak for themselves. While your talk... does not lol.

PS notice... you ALL made sure your not near me. No worries. im headed your way next.
I'm way too active for LMD. Also let's gets some real stats in here. 20180923_133435.jpg 20180923_133452.jpg 20180923_133531.jpg now you can't deny these stats. Also when you try and deny something at least try and get the names right.20180923_133949.jpg Unless nomini is actually nori. Oh now you might say that just to try and deny it again.
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baby bear

Toxic, go back to your simming, even a noob like me could take you. You want Maul, just wait for the flashing swords


you also have a wolf picture which is the international sign for guy with a mullet that drives a van and plays guitar in a bad cover band