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Agree, shamers are nothing without their gold. No skill or strategy, just deep pockets. Most of them show up in every world and grind away at the gold trade to earn their fortunes, putting in the extra effort and time for their precious gold.

Then they take it and concentrate on a world as a team with the intent of winning and are generally successful. Even against other teams who've been known for having big golders, YUCK, EWW, GROSS!

Ruined the game - probably

Pay to win - absolutely

Best looking - no doubt!

But when it comes to online gaming, we need to grade on a curve. Dont hate them because they are internet beautiful!


Want to know something funny, in our 3 oceans the max res for the gold exchange has barely gone up but in our enemy's ocean the max has gone up a good amount. I wonder who the real golders are? I mean you must buy lots of gold to spend it on res lol.


LoL Hugs aren't the only ones who use gold. I for one do when I feel the need to. I don't, however, buy resources from enemies.


Can't control who you buy it from anymore with the new gold exchange :(