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hey i normally stay out of the drama because it is just a game but exit you might want to try and get vind some help .i mean hoping someone s death over a Fn game come on man
Even given full context, I was out of line, and have made means to clear tension aside from my better judgement. I have no respect for the aforementioned player, and frankly went about it in a state of emotion instead of merit/logic. *External forum: Outside of InnoGames.

Actions are a reflection of character, and I apologies for that sincerely.

Nonetheless, the player is abrasive, and is permanently blocked.

I'm maturing, and am learning. For those that help contribute to that, I sincerely appreciate in one way or another.

I choose to act out of integrity, and this isn't a moment that I'm proud of, but alas it's come to light. Thank you Lord Corny for the spotlight.

Not certain if this is the best means to address this, but nonetheless discord toxicity isn't constructive, especially if not warranted.
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Congrats to Jcoo, for winning the forums and to BoB for winning Pegasae. Pete make sure you update your alliance name from "back 2 back" in Selembria. I'd go with "click domination faster" but I don't know. Also Vindication those statements that Crony posted are pretty weak man. Using grepolis to mature, and to justify your integrity is basically the equivalent of shoveling snow with a fork. I picture a fat kid, who was out of breath when he typed that.


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I picture a fat kid, who was out of breath when he typed that.
I'm most certain that you're projecting yourself here bud. Though I do appreciate you for trying to become involved, Lord Corny shared a message splice between KingAch & I. We have history of beef, and gloating was cut out putting a lot out of context. What remains, is a rage screenshot of a moment he might be particularly fond of, since he received more emotion from me than I'd like.

I'm simply here to acknowledge that I've made a mistake, crossing a clear barrier in my morale compass. It wouldn't be characteristic of me, to not explain the scenario that one biased side is bringing forward.

I'm genuinely excited for where I'm at in my life, in all prospects. I apologize to anyone I might've hurt through toxicity in all avenues as a byproduct. Toxicity is not to be shared on InnoGames forums, and I don't appreciate it. I'm learning that not everything should receive a response, but I always invite 'witty' banter in a respectable manner.

As for your Jcoo claim.. he's being openly dragged for our enjoyment, and it's kinda awesome.
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I think the grepolis community is very upset by your actions.
I made a mistake on discord by initiating a flame war, and for crossing the line. It was directed to one particular player, who was abrasive to say the least. In hindsight, I shouldn't have replied. He was clearly trying to troll, and I guess he got what he wanted with my reaction. This player's sole purpose, from my perspective, is to annoy and backstab other players.

I fed a troll, and now it won't leave from under my bridge. All life holds sanctity, even if it's an opponent that clearly doesn't uphold himself with any dignity.

As for @Lord Corny , you clearly brought this into a now very public forum from an initial 1 on 1 conversation. Why? To start drama, is to my understanding.

I wasn't respectful, and, regardless of my lack of respect, subjecting someone to that level of toxicity is worth an inward look to say the least. For that, thanks for drawing it to my attention. However, you could've shot me a message on Discord, the initial platform, or a PM. A lesson is a blessing, and if anyone felt impacted in a toxic manner on my opponent's end, or my old/current teams. Please! feel free to address me & my behavior so that I can be constructive. As a peer, I am truly sorry for how I conducted myself.

I'm truly a laid-back player, but some rather abrasive players that I'd rather not name, knew how to get on my nerves. As someone who likes to think that they're calm and collected, it's not behavior that I will ever repeat under any scenario. I'd really like to move on from the matter, and I'm truly sorry to anyone who I might've impacted negatively through toxic sportmanship. I meet a lot of players through the battlefield, and that's the true showcase of intellect/skill in my opinion frankly.

I need to conduct myself in a better manner, and I will do so moving forward. For one specific reason: because I genuinely want to contribute positively, and realize that I haven't always been cordial. To me that's now quite clear.

However, this is truly the last I intend to address this situation. I am an unapologetic person, so I'm sure this will mean a lot to certain players I've had beef with, but if it goes further than this, I'd rather address it in PM.

~ Vind.
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