Unnecessary Top 10 (It's US server, there's literally 0 point but I get boosted in exchange for doing this)


Looks like it comes down to Hakuna Matata/No Worries vs all the Raiders.

I like to think Jury Duty is in a solid third place here, but I may be biased.

Lord Conner

World chat begged me to write this up -- THERES NOT EVEN 10 ALLIANCES WHATS THE ACTUAL POINT WTF


1. Hakuna Matata -- probably the only people that are running alarms this world, they'll gold hard and nobody on US server has enough skill to actually stop golders cause they're all ass so it'll probably be a steamroll -- swim

2,3,5,6,7,8. The coalition of 85 alliances (Nemesis (II), Warriors (II), Gold Water, Gold Finger) -- only one of the 14 that I've attacked is alarmed, they literally sent pacts out day 1 -- no shot this alliance is here for more than 2-3 weeks without a few people that maybe aren't complete dog water taking the mediocre players and forming a new one -- the fact that any of them number 2, or even top 5 is, quite frankly, an embarrassment to this game -- think it's pretty obvious that they're gonna sink

4. Temple Raiders -- surprisingly not complete shit, I suppose they'll probably stay around since they have a couple people that know what they're doing, but it remains to be seen how they'll hold up against Hakuna Matata when they inevitably start fighting after the rest of the world dies off week 2 -- float

9. Mandalorians -- already half their alliance is inactive, why am I writing about them? Because I promised a top 10 in exchange for getting boosted, and they're in the top 10 somehow

10. Rim Kings -- well well well, what can I say -- two of the sexiest men to ever grace the US servers have teamed up to wreck havoc on the innocent US shitters -- could this alliance duo the world? Almost certainly -- will they? Hell no, not worth the time or effort to prove anything to people they're better than -- BIGGEST SWIM IN GREPO HISTORY THO

Honorable Mentions:
13. BawDodgers -- pros: Bawla cons: DuckDodgers --- probably sinks because no matter how good Bawla is, it's hard to carry a teammate as bad as Ducky
18. FlyersDmbstUnitInDGame -- elite, accurate name -- flyers be busted (whoever decided to put 15% myth buff on a world was mentally disabled) -- Afar gonna have to hard carry tigra

Conclusion: US worlds are ass, anyone that plays them seriously and enjoys them is either dogshit or a cyberbully -- this server should be merged into EN so shit like this doesn't happen

Disclaimer: this post was slightly funnier before the mods edit the wording when some dick reports it
Shok shock shock :)