Top 12 Sink or Swim


Oh another one down, another one down, another one bites the dust #Rebooted #HAVOC


I will im just waiting to get a good layout for it so its decently good for my first one im tad slower


Ok so first Top 12 here so Expect little :\

Rank 1) Parthian Shot- Swim
As you can See below they are very centered on the core of the world they want in on all the action, Very strong team with obviously good Leadership I see them staying strong for some time now
Total Points- 4,568,260
Members- 73
Fighters- Rank 1

Rank 2) Victorious Secret- Swim
As shown Below VS is a Very strong Southern Force, They were somewhat late in starting but that didnt stop them from taking 2nd in rankings, I see this group staying Strong, Leadership is weird you see those names creeps me out :p
Total Points- 2,731,785
Members- 73
Fighters- Rank 5

Rank 3) Agent Orange- Swim
As shown Below are The northern Force not many can contest AO in terms of strength up there AO another late Starter had a small band made it work Great Leadership an Teamwork from this bunch
Total Points- 2,563,283
Members- 54
Fighters- Rank 4

Rank 4) Sith Battle Toads- Dies a Horrible Death by LightSabers
My alliance so i cant say much....Syke Grelion is scared of Tumbleweeds emoji's find them an send them to him in mail!!! Hurry, achlemus is a moody person T_T he is very mean to me says all these bad things(no map sorry ;))
Total Points- 1,936,649
Members- 56
Fighters- Rank 33 ;)

Rank 5) serial killers Acad Rank 7)- Swim/Float
So dont hate on my review of these guys SK are some cool cats an even with a acad an 2 cores in diff occeans they have managed to rise an fend off the sharks Leadership an Coordination runs rampant here an ive much Respect to them
Total Points- 1,604,195 Acad- 1,216,440
Members- 69 Acad-64
Fighters- Rank 7 Acad- Rank 26SK.jpgSK2.jpg

Rank 6) Men of Mayhem- Float
So MoM gets a float i havent seen much from them but if they expand east an centralize away from Larger Alliances like PS They may have a late game run an surprise everyone
Total Points- 1,309,155
Members- 75
Fighters- Rank 9MoM.jpg

Rank 7) See Rank 5

Rank 8 ) Usual suspects- Float/Sink
Getting hit hard on all sides they have managed to hold a nice core near the rim in 44 yes DR has hit an took 2 cities from em, but they have 16 takeovers on DR yes US is losing all wars cept that one but i think its only a matter of time before the Sharks make it through 44 to the outer islands an i dont see DR being able to wipe em fast
Total Points: 1,149,287
Members- 63 + 2 acads
Rank 9) Punk In Drublic- Sink
Now dont get mad but pid just had a bad placing they've some strong players an good centralizing into one area but just to many Larger alliances on all sides
Total Points- 920,941
Members- 49

Rank 10) Legion of Death- Float/Sink
I give LOD a float sink mainly due to they are in northern 44 near AO idk any relations but this is grepolis in the end they will have to merge or buy time to become a greater Success
Total Points- 768,902
Members- 56

Dont know much about DR but i see some strong players dont know leadership but i think they can have a great time out in the rim, an march ever core-wards ;)
Total Points- 565,320
Members- 61

Rank 12) The Mouseketters- Float/Sink
I feel the same about theses guys as i did LOD strong players but bad waters
Total Points- 562,052
Members- 58

Honorable Mention
Rank 13) THEM Acad Rank 14) - Swim
Well this bunch are some people ik from Sparta strong members great exp loved my time with them, Leadership is Strong and have strong coordination
Total Points- 559,704
Members- 69 Acad- 41THEM.jpg
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I can help with the template: you can use my current primary If I get the time this week I will do a top 12 but for now I'm really buzzy

Name of Alliance:
Points: Avg Points:
Attacker: Total Citites:
Defender: Total Players:
Fighter: Number of top 12 players:
Oceans and rank in each ocean:
City's Gained:
City's taken from a top 12 since 11/18:

Cities Lost: City's taken since 11/18

Members gained or Lost in the past week:
Gained: Lost:


Indeed i thought it was a good mention as ik them an they hold both 13-14 and the rankings had actually changed during the making THEM was 12 by the time i got to the end it swapped so, Thnx Kings thought you'd love it ^^