Top 12 Sink or Swim


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I know it's early but ....

1. Parthian shot- my alliance you choose

2. Shoot and Scoot- cough MRA much SINK

3. Legion of Chaos- not sure if MRA, but could be, could not be, I don't recognize any of the names, the founder is leading the same alliance on hyperborea. Pretty centralized in 54 though which is good. Float --->Sink

4. Empire of Death-Good Core, see a bunch of good players, probably our top competitors atm. Swim

5. Usual Suspects- alliance from Heraklion, based in northern 44, a couple good players. Float

6. Demigods - seem to be an MRA. Sink

7. Punk in Drublic- good alliance from Rho, located in southern 55 but already pacted Float

8. Rebooted- I see a bunch of good players there, bit too spread out, seem to be the same alliance as in Epsilon. Swim

9. HAMMERDOWN- have no real opinion of them, pacted with Punk in Drublic Float/Sink

10. Sith Battle Toads- obviously a premade, packed closely together Float/Swim

11. Immortal Assassins- no opinion Float/sink

12. Bosses Group- Same as above Float/sink

This will all change in due time. These are just guesses so far. Bp will change things

Joseph Nieves

Here come my guesses, they will probably be all wrong anyway lol

1) Parthian Shot- Swim
2) Empire of Death- Swim
3) Shoot and Scoot- Float, only big alliance in their ocean.
4) Legion of Chaos- Same as #3
5) Usual Suspects- Swim
6) ReBooted- Kind of think they are gold trading here but if they plan to play here they should do well.
7) Punk In Drublic- Sink
8) The Demigods- Sink, do they even have a core ocean?
10) Sith Battle Toads- Sink
11) The Bosses Group- Sink
12) Immortal Assassins- Swim

Probably like 1/12 :D


wonder how fast the mras will sink. whenever that happens i'm gonna make a top 12 sink or swim because i've never made one


I happen to be 100% correct on my predictions through the years, have yet to be wrong after 17+ worlds.

Some will - Swim
Many more will - Sink
In the end one will - stand

Am I wrong? thisisgrepolis


The rim players will be coming soon I'm sure. But I do think there is already some good competition here, it's going to be a nice world to be a part of I believe.
Yes more good players are joining late(r). A lot of the better players are still in bp!


My prediction is playing out nicely.

1 alliance down - HAMMERDOWN is out for the count.


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I know they aren't top 12 (yet) but I have to think Agent Orange is a premade from another world. I have been looking through the rankings (looking for an alliance that fits me, and lets noobs in) and just saw them come in hot today. Looking at their players it sure looks like they are going to swim for a longgg time.


I was in PiD on rho, witnessed its monumental fall as many other alliances pacted against them. I might have to join this world.

Joseph Nieves

I don't think he is ever gone...
Really? I remember him playing on Beta, Epsilon, and I think he played another world after those two. Oh just checked, he plays on Baris. Guess he is a new man as I see he hasn't gotten rimmed on Baris yet :D

Parthian Shot has such a big lead in every category right now. Wonder how long until a coalition gets formed against them lol
I can't say anything bad about Immortal Assassins, since they are my alliance and all. If i had to say anything, from just one day playing. I think that Legion of Chaos would swim. so would Parthian shot. and a swim for Shoot & Scoot. I don't know much about the other alliances, personally so I'm not gonna judge them and put them on a sink and swim thread.

fyi, I don't do sink/swim threads. due to the probability you may be wrong about some alliances sinking/floating/swimming