Top 12 Sink or Swim


Top 12 Alliances
In this version of my top 12 I will rank alliances names. So I will probably be hated for it. Everything I say is my own personal opinion but as always I enjoy hearing what other people think.

Parthian Shot-Never seen an alliance with this name so I give it props for originality (Although I could be mistaken). Another thing I like about this name is it made me look it up to see weather their profile was accurate (Thanks for making me learn Chad). In the end it is what they say they are their original which is the most important thing so I will give them the GOOD NAME.

Legion of Chaos-Anyone who has played Grepolis knows what the most common alliance names consist of and this is one of those alliances. No creativity no fun nothing just another boring name. BORING

Rebooted-Simple but original not great but not horrible I give it props for being uncommon but it really doesn't scream at me in the way I would like so its an Alright Name.

Sith Battle Toads-Alright I love this name but maybe its just the fact that it feels like a 90's video game name. But its creative and very interesting to me and I just love the name (Most likely due to my 90s nostalgia). My personal Favorite

HAVOC-(If I'm right this alliance is originally from the Italian servers) A good name short and sweet a bit uncreative but it serves its basic purpose Good Name

Usual Suspects-Unoriginal but I believe their from multiple worlds so that's probably why so they can identify their alliance when they join this world. But this is an alliance name ranker and I base basically everything on the originality of the alliance name so I must give it Common Name

Shoot and Scoot-Original, Different, and creative its A good name my biggest question is who the heck thought of naming an alliance after an artillery tactic? Either way good job

Punk In Drublic- Named after a 90's Punk Album never seen the name before so its creative. But if you hear really loud punk music its most likely NOFX coming to take your city. Good Name

Empire of Death-Do you really want me to do this? You know maybe I will make a list of things people should not call their alliance because I'm tired of the Cliche's. I would rather see something like attack of the bronies or Man eating sofa's over something that is just so commonly used! Remember Nonsense is better than Cliche and everyone knows it. FAIL FAIL FAIL FAIL FAIL!

Men of Mayhem- Just please change your name

Legion of Death-Yea um I'm just going to stop

Agent Orange-And just when I had lost all hope creative creative historical promising its a Good Name

Wait this doesn't count as trash talking does it? If so then I once again apologize.


I will add a new top 12 Wednesday but if anyone has anything they want me to show or put in and this time I will do the entire top 12 because I should have time

I cant do maps though sorry


sparta I would like to see your opinions when the dark horse from the south rises into the top 12. We should be there by Thursday.
Well if you would like I can go a bit beyond the top 12 it does take me awhile to gather the Intel and post it but If I have enough time I might be able to do a top 20 or so also I will do my best to do this at least once a week


I really wish I knew who was pacted with who, so I could do this better. Due to the fact I don't I look at it like everyone is at war with Everyone. As always I request to know what people thing if you disagree with me and so on I like new Ideas and different takes on anything you can give me.

Name of Alliance: Parthian Shot-Swim
Total Points:1031277 Avg Points:14323
Attacker:1 Total Cities:241
Defender:2 Total Players:72
Main Ocean:55 Secondary Oceans:54,45,44
City's Lost: 13 City's Taken:140
Member's Gained or lost in the past week:+6
Members Gained:16 Members Lost:10
If you look at any map you will see that PC dominates the core, but I ask you is this a good thing? Its great to be dominant in any spot but if you look they are getting encircled and they know it as well so from what I can tell is their pushing south east to attempt and secure one of their many fronts. If your any other alliance I recommend hitting them no alliance no matter how great can fight on 20 different fronts at the same time.

Name of Alliance:HAVOC-Float
Total Points:452125 Avg Points:6110
Attacker:2 Total Cities:140
Defender:3 Total Players:74
Main Ocean:54 Secondary Oceans:53,45,44
City's Lost: 13 City's Taken:32
Member's Gained or lost in the past week:+50
Members Gained:64 Members Lost:14
For now I'm going to give HAVOC a float. Why they do control much of the north eastern part of the ocean, They have to major issues they need to address in order to secure their growing power. 1. Parithian shot while Legion of Chaos does make a nice buffer zone I expect PS to eventually destroy LoC and widen they already growing border these alliances share. As if that wasn't enough they have a very powerful alliance growing to the north Known as Agent Orange. Whom I expect to dominate HAVOC's outer city's.

Name of Alliance:Legion of Chaos-Sink
Total Points:406965 Avg Points:5898
Attacker:3 Total Cities:120
Defender:4 Total Players:69
Main Ocean:54 Secondary Oceans:55,65,45,44
City's Lost: 14 City's Taken:22
Member's Gained or lost in the past week:+7
Members Gained:24 Members Lost:17
LoC Has a very dark future ahead of them stuck between the currently top powers HAVOC and PS these guys are going to get squeezed and I expect them to fracture under that might. Best guess for their future they will scatter to different appropriate alliances around them.

Name of Alliance:Sith Battle Toads-Swim
Total Points:392766 Avg Points:7014
Attacker: 5 Total Cities:111
Defender:8 Total Players:56
Main Ocean:45 Secondary Oceans:55,44
City's Lost: 3 City's Taken:40
Member's Gained or lost in the past week:+17
Members Gained:21 Members Lost:4
The dominant south western Army they have a good looking future for now I do expect these two and PC to hit each other hard. Some other things of note they are a bit spread out in certain spots I recommend fortifying you local areas and destroying the smaller alliances around you.

Name of Alliance:Usual Suspects-Float
Total Points:351890 Avg Points:4755
Attacker: 6 Total Cities:111
Defender:5 Total Players:74
Main Ocean:44 Secondary Oceans:54,45,43,34
City's Lost: 25 City's Taken:12
Member's Gained or lost in the past week:+21
Members Gained:36 Members Lost:15
The most dominant force in the north west looks like they will have to battle havoc for control of ocean 44 It also looks like PC might be creeping up their so if your in US you better starting taking control of the islands around you because I know neither PC or HAVOC will hold back.

Name of Alliance:ReBooted-Float
Total Points:297206 Avg Points:5214
Attacker:4 Total Cities:106
Defender:1 Total Players:57
Main Ocean:55 Secondary Oceans:44,45,54,65
City's Lost:19 City's Taken:43
Member's Gained or lost in the past week:-11
Members Gained:16 Members Lost:27
Summary: Rebooted&REBOOTED. This alliance is very spread out if you look on the maps you will see their city's range from Ocean's 34 all the way to 65. And the last thing you want is to be spread out I expect pc to hit their city's in 55 and I would hope to see the sith take out their city's in 45.(Not that I want to see ReBooted wiped out I just don't like pacts that much) Yes they have taken a few city's yes they have a few good players but no I don't see them surviving for very long.

Name of Alliance:punk In Drublic-Float
Total Points:262213 Avg Points:4947
Attacker: 10 Total Cities:93
Defender:9 Total Players:53
Main Ocean:55 Secondary Oceans:54,45,44
City's Lost:5 City's Taken:28
Member's Gained or lost in the past week:+18
Members Gained:20 Members Lost:2
Battle Toads on the left, Rebooted on the right, Victorious Secret creeping up from behind and worst of all PC Above them Good luck and fight hard.

Name of Alliance: Shoot and Scoot-Float
Total Points:218871 Avg Points:5211
Attacker:7 Total Cities:66
Defender:6 Total Players:42
Main Ocean:45 Secondary Oceans:44,55
City's Lost: 16 City's Taken:11
Member's Gained or lost in the past week:-20
Members Gained:21 Members Lost:41
Summary:. With Toads below them I would expect these guys and Toads to fight each other for control of 45 with the Ocean 45 division of rebooted getting stuck in the middle. Of course if US decided to sweep south and hit SaS from behind I doubt SaS could handle all of those attacks and would collapse.

Name of Alliance:Agent Orange-Swim
Total Points:218502 Avg Points:7283
Attacker: 8 Total Cities:7283
Defender:17 Total Players:30
Main Ocean:54 Secondary Oceans:43,44
City's Lost: 1 City's Taken:26
Member's Gained or lost in the past week:+7
Members Gained:7 Members Lost:0
If I were these guys I would rip HAVOC apart their very skilled players and if they can take the back end of 54 they would be capable of destroying HAVOC from the back while PS hit them from the front which is a very similar tactic to what HAVOC and PS seem to be doing to the Legion of Chaos.

Name of Alliance:10 Men of Mayhem-Sink
Total Points:189316 Avg Points:3264
Attacker: 16 Total Cities:69
Defender:11 Total Players:58
Main Ocean:55 Secondary Oceans:54,64,65
City's Lost:5 City's Taken:5
Member's Gained or lost in the past week:+41
Members Gained:48 Members Lost:7
Summary:On the south Eastern front that I claim PS wants to take over I expect these guys to get ripped apart. You can already tell from the stats above they have been forced on the defense and I have no doubts that its PS that has forced them to be that way.

Name of Alliance:Victorious Secret-Float
Total Points:179096 Avg Points:3512
Attacker:11 Total Cities:68
Defender:29 Total Players:51
Main Ocean:55 Secondary Oceans:45,46,56
City's Lost:0 City's Taken:4
Member's Gained or lost in the past week:+52
Members Gained:52 Members Lost:0
Summary: A brand new alliance coming in from the outer rim they appear to be trying to take control of the chaotic south eastern part of the ocean but with PC moving down their and Battle toads starting to make a presence on the boarder I doubt they will be able to survive

Name of Alliance:REBOOTED
Total Points:164759 Avg Points:6102
Attacker:9 Total Cities:55
Defender:14 Total Players:27
Main Ocean:45 Secondary Oceans:55,44,34
City's Lost:3 City's Taken:17
Member's Gained or lost in the past week:25
Members Gained:27 Members Lost:2
see ReBooted
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it wont let me (+rep) you because you were the last person I did it to, but great work

only one thing, summery is spelled summary
Thanks yea I have the same issues with +rep but again thanks for fixing my spelling error its hard to grammar check your self.


Who are those Secret guys, are they a bunch of pedo's look at their profile. They must e a bunch of anti-feminists, and their leaders too, Chocolate Franchise and Smack Your Momma, everyone in that alliance must be noobs. Especially Portopolis, who does he think he is.


Who are those Secret guys, are they a bunch of pedo's look at their profile. They must e a bunch of anti-feminists, and their leaders too, Chocolate Franchise and Smack Your Momma, everyone in that alliance must be noobs. Especially Portopolis, who does he think he is.
idk i heard they let him in cus his name was cool


Not sure if I will be able to post a top 12 I built a new templete that I'm going to use but I will make a new one at the next available opportunity

Joseph Nieves

Here come my guesses, they will probably be all wrong anyway lol

1) Parthian Shot- Swim
2) Empire of Death- Swim
3) Shoot and Scoot- Float, only big alliance in their ocean.
4) Legion of Chaos- Same as #3
5) Usual Suspects- Swim
6) ReBooted- Kind of think they are gold trading here but if they plan to play here they should do well.
7) Punk In Drublic- Sink
8) The Demigods- Sink, do they even have a core ocean?
10) Sith Battle Toads- Sink
11) The Bosses Group- Sink
12) Immortal Assassins- Swim

Probably like 1/12 :D
Lets see I got half of them wrong so far, though these alliances have plenty of time to sink. Here is my new Sink and Swim:

1) Parthian Shot- Swim
2) HAVOC- Float then sink.
3) Sith Battle Toads- Swim
4) Victorious Secret- Swim
5) Usual Suspects- Sink
6) Agent Orange- Swim
7) Men of Mayhem- Float
8) serial killers- Float the sink.
9) ReBooted- No comment, I'm in the alliance.
10) Punk in Drublic- I still think they are going to sink.
11) Rebooted.- Same as #9
12) Legion of Death- Sink


least we get a swim this time i choked when you gave a MRA a float xD this one is much better than the last one +


Why you giving those girls from Victoria Secret a swimg? They are noobs!! Honestly who name himself chocolate franchise pfff