Top 12 Sink or Swim


Top 12 Alliances (by points)

1. Dulce et Decorum - my alliance and i wont spend much time on it as anyone who checks the stats knows we are leading in every category and no competition in sight (well maybe The Hive eventually). SWIM!

2. Black Listed - The largest alliance on the server. Poor average. 7th best in ABP is bad considering the number of players. 4th in DBP and it seems like they are starting to take a beating in o55. From what I know, the alliance is made up of turtles... and lets face it - defense is a loosing... SINK.

3. S.P.Q.R - The second largest alliance on the server. Poor average. However, even though they appear to be an MRA, they have decent ABP and are in 3rd at the moment. They have a core in the center of the world, but a lot of their members are just scattered all over. Being 2nd in DBP tells me they are at war... most likely with The Hive as they share territory. Due to this fact, I believe they will FLOAT a week or two and then SINK as they are up against a superior alliance.

4. ImprerialDeathSquad - As I (and several others) predicted these guys have risen through the ranks and quickly too. Their average has dropped dramatically since they absorbed LEGION and is currently slightly above Black Listed and SPQR. However, as much as they have improved, their ABP (6th) and DBP (8th) leaves them with much to desire. So as they stand now FLOAT but very likely to SWIM.

5. The Hive - Looks like a solid and aggressive alliance. Exactly what you want to see at this point in the game. Great average! Only second to DeD in ABP, 4th in DBP and 2nd overall BP. I dont know for sure, but it seems they are at war with SPQR and I believe they will win. They are the only true rival to DeD and will definitely SWIM!

6. WarGasm - All aspects point to them being a giant MRA. Poor average. 9th in ABP and 7th in DBP (9th overall) is very poor rankings according to their size. The majority of the ABP they have are from just a handful of players and the rest seems to be playing SIM City. Also very scattered across at least 3 oceans. SINK like a rock...

7. Slightly Mean - By the leaders own admission it is an MRA. Poor average. However, considering they are an MRA I will give them credit for being 5th in ABP. They dont seem to have any enemies and hence they are 25th in DBP (7th overall). These guys will be around until either a major alliance makes a move on them or internal issues rip them apart. For now they will SWIM.

8. Light of Aurora - *sigh* another MRA. Very poor average. 23rd in both ABP and DBP tells me these guys will be gone at the first sign of war. Although I think it wold be really fun to see them fight it out with WarGasm just to see who is the ultimate MRA and will control the o35 and o36 :D But i get the feeling their are either in a pact or at least have a NAP as both fear war. Hard to say when, but they will SINK so for now lets just say they will FLOAT.

9. SHADOWGATE - I think they used to be AMILA SG-1. They are the MRA that is eating up what ever The Hive and SPQR are rejecting. Poor average. OK ABP (10th). They are 6th in DBP and I bet a lot of their members are just being farmed (because of the proximity of The Hive, SPQR, and IDS). They will FLOAT as long as The Hive and SPQR are at war and IDS is busy elsewhere.

10. The Lacedaemonians - Seem to have a slightly better average than most MRA's and if rummors are true, have very poor leadership. They are 8th in ABP and 5th in DBP (8th overall). So they at least know how to attack, but lets face it... they are trying to occupy the same ocean as DeD and thats just never going to work out as they are out numbered and out gunned... its just a matter of time until they merge into someone or disband all together (again). SINK.

11. Immortal - Controls o56. Decent average. These guys appear to be aggressive and control the respectable 4th place in ABP and being 9th in DBP is pretty good for them as they dont have that many players. Also, 5th overall in BP is great for their size. These guys are heading for domination of the southern oceans and will definitely SWIM.

12. LORNA CIRCLE - and what a surprise... another MRA. Affiliated with LORNA BLOCK and its hard to tell who is the academy of whom. Poor average. 14th in ABP and 30th in DBP. Its just a matter of time before they merge the two alliances into one and move south into o57 where they have a solid core. Due to their distance from most major alliances they will FLOAT, but their counter part (LORNA BLOCK) will likely fall to Immortal.

Honorable mention:

Angry Teletubbies - small alliance that is closely alligned with DeD. Has a great average and even though they are 37th in points they command 13th place in ABP, DBP and total BP. From my personal experience they have great leadership and teamwork. These guys will go a long way in this world and will surely SWIM!

Just for laughs: The Elite Basterds now have 33 pacts!

-The Hive will destroy SPQR within 2 weeks.
-IDS will declare war on WarGasm and go on a rampage taking control of o45.
(no predictions for DeD as I am on the coucil and cant share sensitive and strategic info)
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Nice job Digtal.Native
How did ImperialDeathSquad get up there in like a day
Predawn probably went all "lets merge with all the alliances!!"

Kuro Okami

They reduced, they were at 39 when I last looked at them. Seems like they may go down to 30 and stay there then create the Sim City Alliance.


Nice job Digtal.Native
How did ImperialDeathSquad get up there in like a day
Predawn probably went all "lets merge with all the alliances!!"
Good work on the 12 alliances. The Club picked out the best Alliance in O45 which was LEGION. Only 1 group for having a majority stake in 1 Ocean. The BP would be much higher but the mighty S.P.Q.R is hiding behind 17 pacts knowing TH & IDS have been coming for them, very shameful being a top 5 team. I probaly did ???


Mmmm. intellectual... clever... not much experience... still doing well... time and more worlds will create a monster... i await death with open arms... maybe the tides will turn... maybe not.


Yea and if things don't start picking up with other alliances, this server is going to become a giant bore. Though I would say Immortals is looking like a nice group.


The top two dogs DO NOT have any threatening enemies. They are so far ahead of everyone else, that they can simply crush whom ever they choose. Except for each other of course. Yet, they seem content with one another and even friendly. Unless the top two dogs eventually go at each other it will remain a bit slow on this world. As the outer circle alliances grow they may be able to threaten the big dogs of 45/55/65 and 44/54/64. I hope my alliance can grow in strength fast enough before those two begin to make their way outward.