Top 12 Sink or Swim


Guys we need a top 12 sink or swim, even though it is so early in the game...

1. Wolves*
I mean really, every world they do this... I have already received an invite from them SINK
2. The Laecedomians
I have already received 3 invites from them... MRA much? SINK
Good average, they have some pretty good players from other worlds, FLOAT for a while
4. Wolverines
Another strong alliance with some strong players from other worlds, FLOAT for a while
5. Dulce et Decorum
My alliance... you tell me....
6. Sparta 54
Good alliance, have control of their ocean, see some players from other worlds, SWIM
7. Halfway to Heaven
Seems to be a half-decent alliance, but they dont use bb codes in their profile so their founders arent experienced, obviously... SWIM only because they have 32 cities in O 45, and the second best alliance has 5...
8. Ride or Die
Seems like a good, agressive alliance, but their profile is pretty casual... They do have, as it appears, a decent hold on O 44, so SWIM, then FLOAT, then SINK
9. Chinga Tu Putt
Strong alliance, not great location in my opinion, SINK
10. Men at War
Pretty small alliance, no real hold on any ocean, I have received an invite from them... SINK
11. ImperialDeathSquad
Bad reputation around here coughcoughPredawncoughcough, but good average points. SWIM for now, but SINK in the long run
12. Oceans of Fire
Have a few good players, but seem to be based? in Ocean 54? About 50% of their members are there... SINK

Sorry this was a bit rushed guys, but I just wanted to get this thread out there...
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You only posted 10?

But in my opinion, almost all of the current top 12 will be gone by the end of the month.


I can't touch any forum that is linked to a world I play, sorry!


crap..ill just edit in then

Anyone else have some input?
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I believe Dulce et Decorum will do well.

My alliance


This will be interesting once bp is up.

Also anyone pacted already will sink.


Guys I just met the alliance Sparta 55 and their leader told me he arranged 10 Pact members to attack me once BP ends. :p


Wow, I never even have more than 4 pacts ever and that's pushing it, especially at the beginning of the world I have none


wow... that's awesome. How come I get ignored? haha. I want idle threats!



What did you do to make them want to attack you?

Idk people just seem to hate me. :(

This was his message
legolas II on 2013-10-09 at 19:59
You better build up because I have arranged for about 50-70 people (including pacts, 10 of them actually) to hit you. you shouldn't have made me angry. ;). I will give you one chance to surrender now or we will attack latter in the week. One chance.
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