Top 12 Sink or Swim


I have some time on my hands.... So here we go!!! This is only based on numbers right now... As BP has just ended. Things will change much in 2 weeks time. However its always cool to go back and look at old top 12s and compare to the newer ones posted.

Show Us Your NOOBIES Swim
Points= 235754
Attack BP= 32322 Rank 1
Defense BP=10414 Rank 2
Fighters BP= 42736 Rank 1

This is my own group... So i will not say much. But will say numbers dont lie.

Rank= 2
Attack BP=21710 Rank 2
Defense BP= 6503 Rank 5
Fighters BP= 28213 Rank 2

This is a sound group of players. With a steady BP flow. They will most likely take 54 in a few days. They are steady and accurate. Great Group here!

Thracians Float
Rank= 3
Points= 123814
Attack BP= 10414 Rank 6
Defense BP= 3506 Rank 9
Fighters BP= 13980 Rank 7

I dont know much about this alliance.... But to be ranked 3rd and have such low BP... I tend to lean towards sink... However They are in 44 with not to many near them. So they might have a chance if they have a strong leader.

Yes that hurts Sink
Rank= 4
Points= 117066
Attack BP= 4819 Rank 12
Defense BP= 2822 Rank 7
Fighters BP= 7641 Rank 12

I dont even really want to comment on them... No BP... Just points. They are also stuck between NOOBIES. They wont last much longer.

Man that hurts Sink
Rank= 5
Points= 114659
Attack BP= 13248 Rank 4
Defense BP= 11395 Rank 1
Fighters BP= 24643 Rank3

This alliance seems to have very good BP. But To have that much D BP suggests NOOBIES is merking them... They are right between them. They do have some good people. I'd say they will sink and merge with other alliances in the area.

Medusuhhs Float
Rank= 6
Points= 114040
Attack BP= 11075 Rank 5
Defense BP= 6774 Rank 4
Fighters BP= 6774 Rank 4

This is another alliance I do not know much about... But The numbers are right with their ranking. If they can stay out of Harry Hotties way they might swim. But for now float.

Turn off your alarm Swim
Rank= 7
Points= 105868
Attack BP= 10405 Rank 7
Defense BP= 3874 Rank 7
Fighters BP= 14279 Rank 6

This alliance is from a past world. VERY good group here. Their BP is right in line with their ranking.

The Dark Legion Sink
Rank= 8
Points= 101772
Attack BP= 3995 Rank 14
Defense BP= 3603 Rank 9
Fighters BP= 7598 Rank 13

Man... Ranked 8 and not even in top 12 Fighters.... Wont say anything else than sink.

The Core Float
Rank= 9
Points= 101110
Attack BP= 5536 Rank 10
Defense BP= 2942 Rank 10
Fighters BP= 8478 Rank 9

Their BP is right in line with the rank. However.... Again they are in 54. Not a good place to be in right now.

The Olympus Sink
Rank= 10
Points= 76792
Attack BP= 3865 Rank 15
Defense BP= 2310 Rank 14
Fighters BP= 6175 Rank 16

NO. Just NO!

T.Rex Float
Rank= 11
Points= 72040
Attack BP= 5037 Rank 11
Defense BP= 2530 Rank 12
Fighters BP= 7567 Rank 14

BP is in line with ranking. But they are sandwiched between SUYN and HH. If they move East... They might have a shot.

Snipers Inc. Float
Rank= 12
Points= 69723
Attack BP= 6009 Rank 9
Defense BP= 2090 Rank 15
Fighters BP= 8140 Rank 11

BP is in line and ABP is great for a number 12. Manly in ocean 45. If they can stay away from Turn off your alarm they should be good.
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Thanks for the list!
Bold prediction ~2 weeks half will be gone...


What happened here? Why the whole thread? There was some very good information here.



Could you please copy HH's top 12 into the initial post as it was valid, on topic and relevant


I am only the messenger.



Hi. K we get it, you are here and we should get used to it. Can you keep this on subject, now?

It was on topic sport. This is the sink or swim thread is it not? That was a prediction that was posted----are we not here to make predictions?



top 12 SINK or SWIN
predictions of a HH grrrl...

T.Rex can't swim > sink #12
The Olympus not waterproof > sink #11
The Dark Legion blind in deep water > sink #10
Yes that hurts > irrelevant, it will hurt either way #9
The Core no flippers > sink #8
Snipers Inc. no goggles > sink #7
Medusuhhs not hot > sink #6
Molon Labe love Leo aka Gerard Butler & beard > swim #5
Thracians who are they? > sink #4
Man that hurts > irrelevant, it will hurt either way #3
HAIRY HOTTIES mermaids > swim #2
Show Us Your NOOBIES love mermaids > swim #1
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I don't mind if predictions are in mermaid form but I'd be incredibly nice if you guys posted not only about AD but also about other Top 12 alliances.

I won't allow this thread to change into yet another "AD good" vs "AD bad" flamefest.



this is great were pro mermaid but not pro AD

so lets make draq happy...

can we get a mermiAD.... dras lol

Somewhere along the line you all forgot that this was a GAME and we were meant to come here and laugh..... Geesh

This is coming from a holy man who has sacred vows which makes me very pent and uptight and even I can have fun

Repent and be saved by AD i say

keeping with the top 12... All drown


I don't mind if predictions are in mermaid form but I'd be incredibly nice if you guys posted not only about AD but also about other Top 12 alliances.

I won't allow this thread to change into yet another "AD good" vs "AD bad" flamefest.

You won't allow it? Well thank God you are here to manage us peons oh mighty forum mod. Such great power you possess. We all humbly bow before you.


by AD were talking about apraxiadaddy right? cuz if so he isnt even playing this world


slayer.... please speak of greatness as you should.... You will refer to my lord as Almighty AD

much like puffdaddy those who are great can change their name as they see fit and on this server he is not Appraxiadaddy and is Almighty AD


ye ive played with AD before and he just doesnt change his name like that you guys can troll all you want but if it were the real AD he would be near the top of the world in points and fighting skills


top 12... minus 9... plus one...

Turn off your alarm - Solid
Hairy hotties - they are hot and they are hairy enough said
Show us your noobies - akward smell but will swim regardless
AD Mania (or whatever their calling it this hour) - will swim to 197 intergalactic gold medals, shattering Michael Phelp's lame records.


If your not in an alliance on the above list and you don't end up merging with one you are irrelevant. I am going to build a wall to keep you from the crown and I'm going to make you pay for it too. It's going to be a big wall too, a great wall. You'll see...


AD says that if slayer 94 wants to be a part of AD's new alliance "everyone luvs to hate AD" he can join this world and spawn in the northwest to be part of AD's awesome top 12 alliance. AD would also like you to change your name just like AD did and make sure you put AD in your name.

From the desk of AD...
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