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Vs just you? What the bloody hell are you on about? I said make a team and if I heard right, you did and then ran off to Pella in order to duck us. You have a minimum of a month to craft one again. You offered me to join a world where you had a 3 or 4k point lead. While I do gold, i'm not bloody Rob. That neither is a fair fight. Also why are you trying to 1v1 suddenly? Your argument is that you were a better leader and ran better alliances? Do you think you'll luck out in a 1v1 now?

Your second point doesn't make much sense. Packers owner took over the account I assume? Then one of the few guys we put on the council originally is gone, that strengthens my point buddy.

Where have you provided this? What was the date on this "plot"? If it was anytime in April then it probably reinforces my point about you driving your team into the bloody ground. Ah right, Pella, I forgot you flopped there. Guess some of the original Project Venom players were too much for you.

Why wouldn't you join the international server if you're so good? That's where the W's matter if anyone can say a crown matters at all. I'll tell you why. You know you wouldn't survive there as a leader. Hell you couldn't even survive here and literally all you had to do is NOT run your mouth and you probably would have survived.

Also, i'm pretty sure one of the new teams will have a W. You will just sit an grope about Ely because you evidently have nothing better to do with your time.

Paul S.

I mean, you've got nothing better to do than to stalk me with your little clan.. In which, I told you I'm not joining another Server, strictly because I don't want to. Not because I'm "afraid".

As for 1v1, I'm referring to me and you starting in the same world WITHOUT anyone we know coming with us and doing a premade. Since you're the biggest liar and most deceptive player in Grepolis on the US servers, I know you wouldn't even begin to follow it if you agreed to it.

As for "running to Pella". Idk how I could "run" there considering YOU FOLLOWED ME THERE and I didn't even tell you I was joining, NOR was I even looking to fight you there. I thought you were too busy playing on EN with your premade (which I later found out you got rimmed (so I was told, that's subject to change though as idk for sure)).

And look throughout the other threads of this world. It's right there. I'm not going back through an copying something I've already proven. You're just trying to start up another little argument because you've got nothing better to do with your life.

Now, get on with your life TSF. What little of one you have anyways...

Jason: Check again buddy... I never left, nor was ever rimmed (like Zark thought I was and I proved otherwise).
I'm not stalking you at all, I happen to be doing something and I offered you to play against us to prove your point. I'm not following you from world to world to fight you. I don't even know what world(s) you're on now nor do I care. You're the one instant that you can do all these great things despite not having a premade. I was simply pointing out that you have an opportunity to do so, strangely enough you've clammed up or make excuses when offered.

The last time I made a premade, I merged it into Venom on Rhammus before the world started. Gythium, I didn't even use a premade, hell I wasn't even trying to lead, I just got sucked into the role by popular demand and a clear need for a leader other than Dalec LOL! We were just flat out better at fighting and recruiting and people wanted to play for us. Its like how now i'm sure that people want to play for guys like THC.

I really didn't follow you there. It was the only young world with my preferred settings at the time and I didn't want to play catch up back in Venominimum. Though given the amount of backstabbing and drama in that world, I definitely think I made the wrong decision. I know you weren't looking to fight me at all. You've established that you don't want to fight me and that you're not going to. That's fine, but drop the facade that you're this great leader who achieves so much. Fact is, anyone you've attempted to talk down to in this world has been in your shoes before and did it against more credible opponents than you. You went to Pella, faced a couple of the original PV leaders, and got beat.

Let me ask you something, if you've "proven" so much here. How come you're the only one who is convinced of your own case. Maybe you did provide evidence, but it clearly was lacking if you did. I'm starting this? You're trolling a forum in a world where you're not even relevant anymore just to vent spite about your hate and jealousy for Ely.

I think you need to reassess your life before calling out mine. Considering between the two of us.I'm not that one visiting old world forums for the sake of being bitter and calling out alliances that don't even have their original squad anymore in order to take some comfort in what happened in this world. I'm also probably on track to be doing a lot better in the game of life also. :)
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Paul S.

You are beyond delusional Daniel. I'm in Gythium, you're not. I'm relevant, you're not. I provided the proof, everything needed, you still say you need more. Well then why don't you post your skype conversations you had with everyone in on it and post it here? Because I know that's where you talked to everyone as 3 of them admitted it and one even showed me everything you said lol (and no I'm not providing names out of respect for them).

Everyone's going for THC because everyone knows I ENDORSED THEM back when your plot with AM, Suto, Esu, Zark and everyone else in Ely was going down. Yes also because they have the experience but BEFORE I endorsed them, EVERYONE hated them and everyone wanted them dead (just like with Ely). Since they're the ONLY group of people to actually give me any bit of a REAL challenge, and I could trust them, I endorsed them and gave them certain people. Because those people allowed THC to grow exponentially and provided them with everything they needed to win. Because the ONLY thing stopping them was my team (as we were beating them when we warred and my team is the ONLY team they've been on a losing side to here). And now, they're sweeping the world. Looks like I win because I live through them symbolically.

And that makes two of us. I didn't want to lead here either but was voted to lead. Even Zarkoff HIMSELF after merging his team agreed and VOTED for me to be the #1 leader along with ALL of his team. Again, going back to previous posts, when I last asked if I should step down, there were two answers: No, and only if you think you should. And the most popular was no. Because everyone knew that what I was going was going to ensure their victory.

Anyways, go back to Pella where you're playing and leave this world's forums because you're not a part of this world and you're the one coming back to harass me and cause a stir. Which, BTW, that same player who showed me your skype conversations, also showed me where you said you were going to follow me onto Pella as well. Yes you are stalking me. Because you couldn't beat me straight up here and had to get over 10 people to help you take me "out". In which, that didn't work either. So nice try. You still lose. I still win. I still maintain my perfect war record, you maintain your perfect lieing record but lose in your plan with the others.

Now, I'm done talking to you. Move on with your life.
Please explain how you are relevant to this world? Bear in mind, sitting on the rim is not really relevant. Again, if everyone but you, questions your "proof" then you need to get a little better proof. Everyone? Three of who? Be specific, my skype chat is often very busy. I think you're just full of it. :)

Ummm, even I respected THC and Thorr knew that because I spoke with him and he even offered me an account in his team if I recall. Ask him yourself, I even tried to get MS and THC to sit down for a temp NAP while in the Simarc account. I don't think your word means much to anyone buddy and considering Thorr has made fun of you a couple of times in these forums, I don't think your endorsement did much for THC. They're just bloody good end of story.

Really? The only group? Pretty sure Samhill and Sunmaven would say different to that considering they started turning you guys all upside down in the south once they joined MS. Trust me, unlike you, I was at some of those battles. ;)

So wait lets forget that you probably lost to them too given that your score count has always been inaccurate. You ultimately crumbled and lost anyways so it doesn't matter. That's like me saying back in 2010, the Lions beat the Packers, even though the Packers won the Super Bowl, the Lions are the best team in the NFL in 2010. Exactly, it sounds like a total crock. That's basically the statement you made. Look, I don't know the score to THC vs TVM, no do I care. Fact of the matter is, you lost to MS/Ely and I believe you said it yourself that stat's don't really matter. :)

Also, Who is AM? I'm plotting with the morning hours? I never really spoke to Zarkoff, I spoke more to his friends than him. I didn't exactly plot against you, you luckily did the work for me there. :)

Clearly they changed their minds if they wanted you as the leader. You can fall from grace you know.

You're the one trying to cause a stir by reviving your old grudges. You even attempted to make a dig at me in your first post. Really now? I stalked you? Interesting, weren't you in O54? If I recall i'm in O66/O65...Of course i'm back to harass you, you opened your mouth. I do read these forums still you know and I have every right to as you do. I asked people to help take you out? You were targeted even? I thought you were nestled safe in the TVM core for the most part, save a few random cities that were ignored.

Paul face it, we fought, you lost. I could have pounded TM from day one and you obviously knew this, anytime you tried to threaten WH/Ely when I was around, you backed down when I welcomed you to do as you wish there. I don't see how you win or have a perfect record? I also don't see where I lie, most my enemies and allies felt/feel i'm pretty straight forward. I even warned you that if you kept up messing with Ely that I would come back and help them, then warned you when I had acquired an account. You also tried to paint the picture that I was going to turn on Ely through MS...

Also i'm pretty sure you lost on Pella or everyone left you again. o_O

I love this if you lose it involves an entire world, secret plots, the Illuminati, Vice President Cheney as a hunting partner, a ridiculous amount of gold, and doesn't count. You'd think that if it was THAT much of a fluke and you were THAT good and felt THAT wronged by the comments that everyone in this world made, you'd sign up to fight the very people who seemed to have it all wrong about you. Especially since you're evidently simming anyways or are undoubtedly looking to get back into the leadership game.

Here's a cold hard truth here, you aren't good. Honestly, R.H. Stogus is now more credible in my book than you, I mean at least he got into and stayed in Venom. Lets ask ourselves something here, how credible are you really? If people lined us up side by side, who would say who was credible? If people lined you and Liquid up side by side? Who would be voted more credible? If people lined you and Jason? Who would be voted more credible?

I feel that we all know the answers to this. My advice is just take a page from Frozen and let it go. You lost, get over it. The only reason you're being trolled so hard is because you A) Insist otherwise and B) Insist you were actually above everyone here.
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The argument between TSF and Paul S is about as washed up as these forums.

Lord Fed

it was a pleasure winning the world with The High Command, awesome alliance