Top 12 Alliances

Its the first week of BP and now that we can get somewhat accurate readings its time to post an keep an archive of our top alliances.

1. Southern Alliance: #1 in points, 11th in ABP and being out ranked by a fallen MRA and a 5 man alliance. Currently they seem to be trying to figure out how to hack the alliance cap in order to invite more players.

2. War. Hammer: That's for you all to comment on, not myself.

3. Tiger: Another MRA and currently the only "power" in the east. There's actually a good reason why they're recruiting so high, you see, they're trying to match their numbers with the actual amount of tigers left in the world.

4. The Federation: Another large alliance in O54. Though they seem to have a decent average. It will be interesting to see if they are around in a month or two.

5. Ouroboros: Haven't heard much from this alliance. Hopefully that will change very soon.

6. The Rebellion...: Another northern alliance and looks like it could give O54 a run for its money.

7. Immortal Assassin: Main reason why War.Hammer is #1 in ABP. Doesn't seem to be much life in this alliance. Hopefully they wake up and actually do something.

8. DOOM: Currently not living up to the awesomeness of the game they're named after.

9. Blackhearts: Attacks with swords and archers, responsible for 1/4th of our DBP and not in a good way.

10. X-Khorne: Seems decent, I think they'll be making a bigger splash later on.

11. Borg Collective: Currently beating a dead horse by fighting Poseidon's Army. Will move on to bigger and better game very soon.

12. Lords of Kobol: Who?


comment on War hammer: If they can manage to control all four oceans, then im impressed...but theyre on good progress...


Smilodon, you sure do talk alot of smack for someone who *chose* the name of an extinct animal. At least Tigers still have soft tissue...
I want everyone to go to their nearest high school track and sprint 100 meters. That was the amount of time it took for the IA leader to retaliate ferociously against my comment on his alliance.

Unfortunately it was all broken English. :/

Edit: Trixie, feel free to prove me wrong and bring that ABP up. Also i'm pretty sure we smilodon's aren't extinct. We've just been hibernating...for an unusually long time...under a sheet of ice and earth....shut up okay? :(


Southern Alliance
Yes maybe we are massive, but just w8 for selection, we will be in group of 60 maybe 70 players, and everything will be good. We got many experienced players. Personaly im not from USA, i've been playing grepolis since 3 years, and on other country worlds i was 1st in 3 servers (2 worlds 7/7 miracles builder) and one thing i can say: We got chance to win that world;]

Look at 56 statistics, and how SA are standing in ranks there ;)

Sorry for my english, still learning that
I didn't exactly say that. To say someone totally sucks would be false. I've seen MRAs become some of the biggest power houses in Grepo once they trim down. Problem is, how many alliances actually bother to clean house?


Cleaning House

I didn't exactly say that. To say someone totally sucks would be false. I've seen MRAs become some of the biggest power houses in Grepo once they trim down. Problem is, how many alliances actually bother to clean house?
About as many as have members who can do a 100m dash...

A lot of the alliances that start out in the top ten after initial BP passes for the first wave, rarely manage to maintain. Whether it's due to poor fighting ability, poor leadership/administration, stupendously stupid amounts of drama or some other form of game time crisis.

I think Sovereign Society has a group of core fighters who will continue to grow. The have an aggressive, dominating mindset that will probably have them being one of the first on the server to have a 100% alliance populated islands. They have the potential to be a very strong alliance.

I also think that the Federation has the potential to go either direction depending on some key decisions that need to be made in the upcoming days. The Rebellion has some solid players, and again, potential - all hinging on the decisions made in the next few days.

We're at a key time in the life of the server. People exploding out of the gates and either taking names or being taken. It will be very interesting to see how it all plays out.
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beating a dead horse is still better than doing nothing like The Federation who are only interested in having allies, and being peaceful.


there are too many alliances in Oc 54 to name :) so all i will say is resistance is futile


Southern Alliance 134223 101 1329 swim: they aren't challenged in their main core but they will lose cities left and right in ocean 56
2 War.Hammer 126718 66 1920 swim: #1 in battle points
3 Tiger 119843 91 1317 Swim: they have the tightest core around with a lot of alliances surrounding them good opportunity to get bp
4 Ouroboros 113270 80 1416 sink
5 The Federation 112298 80 1404 swim: good leadership but they have a bunch of random cities in 65
6 The Rebellion... 104728 63 1662 sink sink sink
7 Immortal Assassin 100329 69 1454 sink
8 DOOM 96063 79 1216 sink
9 The Fire Nation 88757 70 1268 Swim: great leadership
10 X-KHORNE 87676 66 1328 sink
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We're going to sink for being #1 in BP? Care to elaborate? :)

Fire Nation I agree will swim and will probably be a major player in the south of the world.

Paul S.

Sorry but Southern Alliance, The Fire Nation, and Tiger will all be gone within 3 months or less time. $50


if you all are smart gotta make a superpact against War.Hammer...that way everything would be very interesting to watch
How would an early super pact be interesting to watch? They wouldn't grow at all that way and we would have countless enemies to pick from. You'd succeed in alerting us early, practically training our players for us, a lot of attacks would be poorly organized and hand free slots to us initially, and we'd use them to lock down a core before expanding out, While nobody else would expand or would get too tied down multitasking, not to mention the spy problem that would arise nearly every top 12 alliance. Mass coalitions have a very low percentage rate and rarely can be maintained well enough to actually take the alliance down more than a few spots in the ranking.

Paul, firenation depends for me. If Ben is helping lead then i'll give them a vote of confidence and say they'll be interesting.