Top 12 Alliances


How can you get to that conclusion? o.o
I'm in Under the Radar ;-)
yeah looked at the wrong tab, my bad..... any spies in huns, I have tried and tried, but no one of the benefits of other countries joining in us. they speak different language and hard to get intel. poles did that in corinth. still crushed them, or most of them



Shall I dare say it again,,:\..........?Sleeper Alliance?


high lord ross

I had found you minutes after asking on here lol. as for top 12s here is my break down
1. Insidious - great leadership good bp will be part of a big war in the future if i can guess
2. HUNting rabbits - IDK the leadership great BP though looks very promising
3. Death Eaters - Come on it is my alliance. we are higher on bp ranks than points. ranks need cleaned but great core group
4. Legion of Death - whatever you call them i say they will be sticking around and will be part of a massive war when there is nothing else to take in the core
5. Immortals- good players but i don't see them having any allies which will be a problem eventually
6. Under the Radar - good players or not if 48 good players attacked them they would be in trouble
7. Immortal Hun warriors - meh decent all around just not outstanding

8. i don't see anything remarkable after this maybe I am wrong

Possible alliances that will enter this group: Chaos of Numbers, Immortal vanguard, Monsoon(these guys may destroy noobs and become fearsome),
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Possible alliances that will enter this group: Chaos of Numbers, Immortal vanguard, Monsoon(these guys may destroy noobs and become fearsome),
Gotta feel good about my alliance. We've got a pretty nice average :) Smack the Revolutionary Basterds on that list! :D


1.Insidious- best alliance in the world the only opposition I see is HSO. They have many experienced players from many worlds.1st in abp and 1st overall
2.LEGION OF DEATH- okay alliance no amazing players but a great average maybe 6th best average in the world. located in 44. 3rd in ABP and 2nd Overall
3.HUNting Season Over- great alliance overall they are definately in it to win it. I am guessing they have experienced players but I don't know anybody in there. located in ocean 44. 2nd in ABP and 4th overall.

I willl do 3 more later.
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Bullwinkle the Moose

It should be noted that HUnting Season Over is the brother alliance of LOD, which is sad since LOD has lower average points, and lower abp. But both alliances have a nice amount of dead weight to cut off, I for one haven't seen LOD kick any inactives since the world started. HUNting Season over has at least 5 guys inactive for 3+days, and a few other semi active players. 13 players under 3000 points, and 6 under 2000 points in HUNting Season Over. LOD has many semi active players so I am not even going to count, they have 13 players under 3000 points, and 7 of those guys are under 2000 points. If they don't learn how to kick inactives then they will be as easy to destroy as an MRA is IMO.
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