Top 12 Alliances

high lord ross

I guess you didn't notice their 4 pacts ;)
And that they're a MRA... Legion of Death actually looks more promising in my eyes... They at least hide their pacts if they have any :)
I'm not in yet it just looked like they knew what they were doing based on the map. I figured they had all just been invited together based on their grouping. :/ But it is a similar look to an island by island alliance invite.


I don't like the look of these shabby groups that call themselves "alliances".

high lord ross

Death Eaters is promising, I hadn't planned on creating an alliance or joining one for that matter for at least three days but this one has stolen my heart :)


I gotta say, none of the top-12 alliances stand out at me... It'll be interesting to see how it all shakes out. At least its not littered with pre-mades like Thebes is on the EN server.

King Leo II

I'm glad there is not so many premades in this world :)
I'd rather have a world without any premades than a world packed with them :p



I will do a review soon just to let everyone know what is going on