top 12 alliances


i want yall guys thoughts on the top ten alliances right now
1 WOLVERINES 59624 75 795
2 Just For Laughs 37705 45 838
3 The Invaders 31260 37 845
4 Dragons of War 29936 41 730
5 Equinox 21709 26 835
6 The Reckoning 18416 19 969
8 Mad Cow Disease 15307 16 957
9 Total Domination 14199 18 789
10 Eligitur Bellatores 13607 17 800


If anyone says ya'll again I will hunt you down, and torture you.


1. Wolverines: Meh... The usual MRA. Will fall when BP ends (if not sabotaged;))
2. Just for Laughs: A premade... Got some experienced players. They have potential.
3. The Invaders: Haven't played on US before and i don't know any of their players. So far it doesn't look like a MRA, but we'll see.
4. Dragons Of war: Same as Wolverines... Just another MRA.
5. Equinox: Don't know much about them either... Looks pretty decent.
6. The Reckoning: Another premade... Experienced players, keeping a nice low member count. They got potential too.
7. KAMIKAZE SASQUATCH: I dont know who they are, but they have a strong core in the northern O45. Might be a decent ally.
8. Mad Cow Disease: My ally:D Got a strong core in O45. Experienced players. We will definitely do good;)
9. Total Domination: Don't know much about them... Looks a bit unorganized tough...
10. Eligitur Bellatores Pretty much the same as number 9... Also they are out of top 10 atm.


1 WOLVERINES: Amazed at how many members they have, though they are obviously an MRA
2 Just For Laughs: Looks like a formidable alliance that I am currently concerned about because they are surrounding me
3 The Invaders: Don't know much though i have noticed them around
4 Dragons of War: Wide spread alliance. Interesting to see how they do
5 Equinox Not really sure
6 The Reckoning Probably going to be a good alliance. They have rockheadbrian, one of the top Eta players
7 KAMIKAZE SASQUATCH Interesting name but i don't know much about them
8 Mad Cow Disease Looks like a decent alliance with some experienced names
9 Total Domination Not really sure to think about these guys
10 Eligitur Bellatores Same as 3,5 and 9


After this post...... Im gonna boycott this thread since its not a top 12 :/



Heres a top 12:

The Wolves gave up after being disbanded twice in one day. So they just joined another MRA
Just For Laughs :
Purple Hornet knows what he's doing...and interesting, rumor had it SgtSeeker wasn't joining this world. :p
The Invaders
Leadership is from SCPA in Epsilon. Yeah, its an MRA. Hopefully they try new tactics here.
Dragons of War
No idea
The Reckoning
Very good. :)
Its like they're trying to be an MRA, but can't
As a general rule of thumb, any alliance named with capslock is doomed to fail
Total Domination
Nothing to say
Mad Cow Disease
Also very good. Leadership has a very good reputation
Eligitur Bellatores
They don't even have a profile, I can't form an opinion yet...
Academy of Erabicon
Academy to a non-existent alliance? Makes sense


it's way too early to really know much about any alliance. i would say JFL, the reckoning, and MCD are probably solid. outside of that, who really knows. kamikaze sasquatch is definitely winning the best name award right now though.


I can't stand any alliance that uses all CAPS >_< .......yall. Acutally rather say yinz.


WOLVERINES-MRA, already have 80 players spread out across all 4 core oceans but mainly in 55. Pretty much made up of the wolves and some other inexperienced players. I bet they might have an academy in a few days the way they are recruiting, assuming they don't fail before that ;)

Just For Laughs-A premade made by Purple Hornet, based in 44 they are made up of experienced players. They will do well here.

Dragons of War- Another MRA, they too are spread out and have only a handful of experienced players.

The invaders- Another MRA, they are mainly located in 55 so they will likely get killed off by The Reckoning.

Equinox-Don't know much about them but they seem to be located in 54. Alright point average but they have too many leaders, including 5 founders.

Gladiators-Another MRA just not as good at getting players, they have the lowest point average in the top 10 and have little experience.

Total Domination- Another mediocre alliance, they have some experienced players but the experienced players they have are simmer from other worlds.

The Reckoning- A good alliance in 55 run by Raffy, experienced group have a nice core they are one of the few alliances in the top 10 that have potential to succeed in the near future.

KAMIKAZE SASQUATCH-Another MRA, they are located in 45. Low average points and only about three of there players have experience. They will get crushed by Mad Cow Disease.

Mad Cow Disease- lol My alliance :D Experienced group in 45, have nice average points and have established a core. Once the MRA's die off they will go up in the alliance ranking ;)


if they all band together they will take over the world! :eek:


Dragons of War is the winner of most pacts, they have like 4 or 5


if they all band together they will take over the world! :eek:

I'm please to announce JFL has 6 pacts... I'm joking lol We don't do pacts till BP ends. I've gotten 6 pact requests though :p
If all of the MRA in top 12 band together, I'm pretty sure JFL, TR, or MCD could take them all down by them selves with no help lol