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So you are saying having Admiral take 2 cities in 44 is relying on sin to survive?

I'm saying without Sin, the rest of the tr bunch were done. I'm saying plainly, that the TR bunch talked a bunch of chit, threw some weight around, called everybody out and wound up writing some checks their asses couldn't cash.

I'm also saying that Sin, didn't go around bullying, trying to get alliances to turn on eachother and thier leaders, Sin. didn't play out any conniving tricks or go back and re-nig on pact and territory agreements.

Lastly, I'm saying sin didn't have to take TR in, they could have let them die, could have pointed to any one of the numerous un-sportsmanlike actions TR had commited as a reason to refuse. But, they didn't. Sin. Honored the agreement they made with TR, despite the fact that TR's track record is anything but re-assuring they would have done the same for Sin, were the roles reversed.

Sin.dicates decision to honor that is admirable. I have spoken with many of thier members and founder, They are not nearly as arrogant as TR leaders were and I am sure they understand the decision might cost them this server. But a deal is a deal. Ones word is his bond. More power to em.

It certainly set the game up just about right to even out the odds and have a very competitive world. So we all ought to like that. Also, Tr had a few good selfless players who had no hand in the TR actions that brought the world down on them, and the merger will help them. Sin has good leaders, and I am sure win or lose from here on out, it's straight chess match team vs team without any shenanagins.

I am editing this post in light of the last paragraph. Time to let bygones be bygones. Still alot of playing time left, and the odds are now even. So lets have some fun. No more hassle from me fellas. Lets have a good game.
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Then stop coming here and saying we are "chit" talkers and play the actual game


I don't understand how us joining sin is a bad thing... Our numbers were much lower, their numbers were bigger, it's an easier merge into them that's been planned. Nothing's changed, we (not saying they because we've been together the entire time, maybe not alliance wise but you know what I mean) have been helping each other the entire time, ever heard of shared forums?


I'm sure they have. They probably have shared forums with 4 other alliances.