Thebes External Milestones

To your opinion maybe. But it's information nonetheless. People outside this world have an ability to see whose winning during that time. Just like when you came into Oropos to Trash talk me.
Well, looks like Mortis will hit two new milestones today! Also, some new kids on the block have arrived today. Mayhem's team and the Rats team from oropos have both entered the world. Will they pact each other again? Will they actually fight one another here? Will they survive until the end? WE'll find out!!
you forgot a milestone -

Loser who joins the world to only do milestones but is to scared to be in the fight
Get in line to fight me then, PT is first. I think TSF is second? Someone else is in front of you though. Like I said, I'll let you guys know when I actually play again. I do a lot of traveling for my job and have a side business as well. So Oropos is my last world for a while. But I love the game and the players deserve better. So I intend to help give them better.

If you believe yourself so good though, aim to achieve the "Grep God" milestone then. TBH, I doubt anyone in this world whose claimed how great they are will get it, or even come close, or even finish out the world (much less win it). But we'll see.
Woah I'm not in line. It's not worth waiting for after winning vs you on Gythium and Myonia. Besides I'm pretty booked in Grep if I play here then I'd only have time for one more at best and that spots committed to Venom on EN if I go. Considering the last time I shot out that offer for you to make a team and fight Venom you made excuses and ran, I don't see you doing that.
TSF: I said I thought it was you, didn't say it was. Please reread. I just know that there's someone else waiting in line lol

Rclay: What?
Congratulations to Mortis for achieving another milestone, and for the ABP ranking again! Things are looking bright!!

Side Note: I will be away all day Saturday (4/8/17). So I won't be able to update this that day nor keep track if any milestones are hit. If you see one hit, please take a screenshot and mail it to me so that when I'm back [early sunday morning] I can update this.

thanks :)
Congratulations to Mortis again for achieving two more milestones!!

Also, congratulations to Bashi for being the FIRST player to hit the scoreboard and achieve the FIRST player milestone of first to 6K points!!
Congratulations to Mortis [again] on achieving ONE Milestone themselves and two other by their total alliance !!

We may see a new player hit the milestone board today as well!
Congratulations on Mortis Alliances for hitting a few more milestones today!

Also, Blackhawk and another player are both at 10K and very close in points. I will investigate to see who hit 10K first before I officially announce that Blackhawk (who I believe was first) got it.

Lastly, don't forget I'm MIA ALL DAY starting in less than 2 hours (and will last almost 24 hours). Please help me keep this as accurate as possible during this time by providing screenshots for me and mails letting me know so I may update when I'm back.

Congratulations to Mortis Alliances for achieving two new miletsones and to Bigjrichmond for getting put on the board as well!!

Seems we're getting close to a few more milestones being hit!
If only there was a category for militia kills, i'd have broken the first two by now. :D
I never thought about that.. Another that comes to mind now that you say that is one for leveling walls. Course, I'd need screenshots of both of these though in order to confirm them since there's no way I could track either.

But good idea for sure!

Also, thanks for the 5k milestone, posting him just a bit. Need food
Congrats, yet again to the Mortis alliances for achieving more milestones! Also, congrats to Athanasios for getting his name on the board!!

Junkyard Dog may be getting his name on the board as well! But, will he do it!?

Also, I will be going through all CQest tues (day off). If anyone CQers a ghost or active guy (within criteria of milestone) before then, mail me and send me the screenshot/links to proof it :)

Lastly, HUGE shoutout to Darkmatter for helping with these milestones and providing screenshots while I'm away. Also, thanks to TSF as well for his post.


Also, will someone get those Bonus milestones already?? I know there's a lot of gold flying around here so let's get into the goodies! 5k attack milestone potential bonus milestone "Conquer a player the day they leave BP"

My conquest happened at 19:55:02 server time, just under 13 hours after he left BP. Not sure if anyone else got one faster than that

Edit: Also might've gotten the first ghost town.
I'll look into your CQests when I'm home from work today. If anyone has anything else that beats these times, for the same milestones or knows of anyone who might, please post below so I can look into it.

Tbwolf, IF no one posts today in contest, then I'll put an * next to you until I can do a full scanning on all CQests tues (or unless someone else can also confirm you're the first) :)