The problem and why so many players who enjoyed this game have left.

How many would like to go back to playing without instant complete. Keeping the heroes of course?

  • Keep instant complete

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  • Remove and go back to 25 percent reduction to even the playing field for ALL players.

    Votes: 12 92.3%

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It used to be so very challenging to play ...back in the day. That is, back in the day when Grep was the MMO of the year. The gathering of resources and the gathering of gold has gotten so easy over the last 11 years that if you're good at it (and most of the remaining players are very good at it) newer players don't stand a chance coming out of BP, and this is compounded by the small alliance size and groups of friends that move from each new world to the next effectively blocking any chance the new folks can learn squat before being steam-rolled. Old school players like myself move on organically, and the game gets smaller and smaller.

Heck, I started in 2009 and quit because it was TOO hard (using horses to farm the villages? So much fun but terribly time-consuming). Rejoined a few years later and now play only occasionally and half-heartedly. I don't know many players anymore, so I join alliances of hopeful newbies, try my best to solidify them, and get splattered within days.

What's the answer? No idea.
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Making Grepolis Great Again

Ok though i agree on most if not all of the topics here.... Let me tell you... the game can still be fun. WE THE PLAYERS have to take it back.

Problem is everyone has their own ideas on strategies, no one is LOYAL anymore, and no one wants to do ops/timed cses/attacks/support.

So anyone that is willing to give loyalty a go please reach out as we are building an alliance for future servers...

1 - you can beat any defense bot with proper cs packages
2 - You can beat the heavy golders with activity and Navy snipes/breaks
3 - Numbers and coordination win.. its a matter of coordination and keeping it interesting