The Oceans of ETA


Jokes? huh?
I miss Grim.... all my attacks from AI have been from members that were in that alliance.....


Jokes as in you thinking people will stop attacking you. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha


yup. 10 attacks in 24 hours.... all by the same person. i should start getting used to this....


Haha, check KineticHalo's profile pic lol. It says it all.


um... I know that I'm never gonna stop being attacked.

It may come as a shock or not. Anomaly has been destroyed. We had our internal problems. But that never destroyed us. It was the spy TARSA. We knew for months that she had been spying on us but what our enemies didn't know she spied upon them for us as well.

No one likes a double agent. So goodbye ETA, sorry I wont see the downfall of Tarsa but I suppose your quote may come to haunt you.......... :-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D


hey - how's it going?

hm... nope. don't recall spying on NW. or anomaly. bout NW, you see, usually spies are placed in the alliances that they are spying on.... not the other way around. maybe anomaly does it differently. and if you knew for months, why didn't you just kick me out? wouldn't that have helped you? then again, this is coming from the same alliance that keeps a person with 0 points and 0 cities in their alliance... whatever.

double agent? again, i don't recall being one. shame. it's hard to be a double agent when you're not spying on anyone.

anyways, it's nice that someone broke the silence.... it was getting lonely.
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It may come as a shock or not. Anomaly has been destroyed. We had our internal problems. But that never destroyed us. It was the spy TARSA..... So goodbye ETA,

Spies suck but its part of the game. In over 3 years of playing I've yet to see a spy "destroy" an alliance. Sure they make things more difficult but its how players & leaders respond and the adjustments they make that ultimately matters.

I don't know if Tarsa is a spy but there are better candidates. What DESTROYS an alliance is players quitting when things get tough.


Spies suck but its part of the game...its how players & leaders respond and the adjustments they make that ultimately matters...What DESTROYS an alliance is players quitting when things get tough.

Well said Malas. Well said.


Due to boredom at this time, I will update my share of the Oceans of Eta, wish others would do reviews of their respective Oceans, can't make Ocean analysis for Oceans the Night are not involved in.

Ocean 35: Newest Ocean of Night Expansion
1) Night Warriors 70 Cities 729,000 Points
2) Arena 96 Cities 558,000 Points
3) Anomaly 73 Cities 497,000 Points
4) Oceanus 25 Cities 223,000 Points
5) ALL IN 17 Cities 144,000 Points
6) P-Jem 20 Cities 125,000 Points
Analysis: This Ocean once was ruled jointly by Anomaly and its eventual academy alliance of Arena. I believe most of this alliance merged up after the fall of the massively spread out Reckoning of Dragon Alliance that had factions in most of the Western Southern Oceans of Eta. After the demise of RoD by the Night Empire-Oceanus Coalition Anomaly grew and consolidated its hold in the Ocean of 35, once it began its expansion out of the Ocean it spread itself into Ocean 45 where it began to border the dominant alliance of 45 which is ALL IN but things would end sadly for Anomaly with the war between the Night Empire and ISO50(Formerly Kingdom of Erabicon) which led to the Night Empire expanding into Ocean 45 which would lead Anomaly to have a small border with the Night. The Night due to its need to constantly expand its border began a unprepared war against Anomaly. Anomaly had over 200+ cities in Ocean 35 while the Night barely had 10 to 20 Cities in its border ocean of 45. The Night expecting to overrun Anomaly with very little resistance ran into a brick wall of opposition. Anomaly worked very well at first to keep the Night at bay, after a few failed attempts to push the disadvantaged Night out of 45, the Night began to expand its hold in Ocean 45 and with the determination of its finest Warriors began to crack Anomaly's brick wall. The Night Empire-Oceanus-ALL IN worn down Anomaly's defenses to the point where the cities began to fall. Now this once proud independent Ocean of Eta under the command of Anomaly has been set to fire under its new dominant power which is the Night Empire and Anomaly will fall into the cracks of history. Arena is now all alone minus the remnants of Anomaly and a few other players which would make its future very cloudy. I commend Anomaly for providing the Night with its toughest fight but I can still proudly claim that Anomaly failed to take one city of the Night even with its massive numerical advantage in the war. Long live the Night!

Ocean 45:
1) ALL IN 167 Cities 1,596,000 Points
2) Night Warriors 59 Cities 614,000 Points
3) The Union 38 Cities 366,000 Points
4) ALL IN Academy 19 Cities 143,000 Points
5) ISO Anomaly 32 Cities 127,000 Points
Analysis: This Ocean ranged from several dominating alliances, it was once an Ocean dominated by Kingdom of Erabicon but shared with The Union, ALL IN and Grim. While KoE was good enough to keep itself composed in the SW corner of 45, eventually the other alliances began working together especially after ALL IN merged with Grim expanding its presence in Ocean 45 to the dominant alliance of 45. Due to some internal disputes the Kingdom was converted to ISO50(Even though it never had 50 members...) To the south of this Ocean, was Ocean 46 where the Night Empire-Oceanus Coalition was finishing up its war with Reckoning of Dragons. Looking for a new Ocean to expand to keep its Western Members entertained, the Night began to set on ISO50 after word was received that ISO50 was interested in coming to RoD's assistance in the War against the Night. Once Night began to expand into ISO50 it quickly disbanded and dispersed to the closest neighbors. Once ISO50 was killed by the Night, this Ocean which the Night never had any real interest in was used to expand into Ocean 35 where the Night can rise without running into its friend's Ocean domination of 45. The Night considers this a minor Ocean province of the Night Empire due to it being primarily an ALL IN Ocean. As of right now the alliances of this Ocean have their respective territories with only a few minor alliances that represent no valuable cities or threat to the Ocean's rulers.

Ocean 46:
1) Oceanus 121 Cities 1,071,000 Points
2) Night Warriors 99 Cities 1,050,000 Points
3) Night Fall 5 Cities 40,000 Points
4) The Nights Spear 8 Cities 33,000 Points
5) The New Red Devil 13 Cities 31,000 Points
Analysis: This Ocean borders the home Ocean of the Night Empire and Oceanus Alliance, this Ocean was once shared between the two dominant alliances of Ocean 46 which was Reckoning of Dragons and Odyssey. Due to the stupid action of a lone Odyssey player who made the mistake of conquering an inactive city of Oceanus led the Night Empire-Oceanus Coalition to expand into Ocean 46 to wipe Odyssey off the face of Eta for its violation of Night-Oceanus territory, mind you the Night-Oceanus Coalition was on the verge of expanding into Ocean 66 which it considered its higher priority than Ocean 46. Once the Odyssey War began in attempts to recruit allies to assist in the war effort an attempt was made to recruit Reckoning of Dragon to assist, after they rebuffed our pleas for assistance the Night would remember those who helped and those who insulted us in our efforts. After two days of fighting, Odyssey decided to surrender into the Night Fold for mercy, which the Night accepted to ensure its pacification of its Western Border. Once the Ody War was completed it was time to repay the favor to Reckoning of Dragon for its refusal to help out in our efforts(At the time it was expected the Ody War to be a much longer difficult effort than it ended up being). After a few weeks of very successful fighting, Oceanus arranged a conversion of Reckoning of Dragons into its Academy Alliance which was Maelstrom Warriors. After a few weeks in attempts to consolidate Night Warriors,Oceanus and Maelstrom Warriors, Night Warriors took in 5 to 7 Oceanus players which in turn merged Oceanus and Maelstrom Warriors to bolster Oceanus ranks. Now this ocean is firmly in the hand of Night Warriors and Oceanus which they jointly rule together with no credible threats or independent alliances inside the Ocean.

Ocean 56: Home Ocean of Night Warriors
1) Night Warriors 177 Cities 1,860,000 Points
2) Oceanus 71 Cities 646,000 Points
3) Night Fall 27 Cities 178,000 Points
Analysis: This Ocean was the original home of Night Fall, which in time merged with Ancient Warriors(Ocean 66 Alliance) to form the alliance currently known as Night Warriors. This alliance quickly formed a partnership with Oceanus for its own survival, at the time of the pact Night Warriors was a very small alliance especially compared to its partner Oceanus, which had a commanding lead in points and cities in Ocean 56. Due to the recruitment push and drive to consolidate the players of 56 into a defensive network to ensure its survival if its even more dominant alliance to the north of Ocean 56 ever decided to invade Ocean 56 which was the Union. The Union proved a very easy recruitment tool as players of 56 united to keep itself safe and protected. Eventually a good friendship bond was established between Tyler and myself that led to peaceful coexistence and strong assurances to keep from each other's home oceans. Once the Night changed gears from a defensive network to a highly aggressive alliance it has not stopped expanding to the detriment of a lot of outsiders who wished they never heard of the Night.

Ocean 57: Night Fall's Primary Ocean
1) Night Fall 136 Cities 1,240,000 Points
2) Night Warriors 23 Cities 260,000 Points
3) The Nights Spear 10 Cities 43,000 Points
Analysis: This Ocean was once dominated by several different alliances. It went from War Lords to Project Venom to back to War Lords. Night Fall which was primarily an Ocean 56 alliance when the merge occurred between Night Fall and Ancient Warrior, a low point player of Ocean 57 was made the new leader of Night Fall and he went to work. I was massively impressed at the efforts put in by this Night Fall member, I honestly expected Night Fall to fold within a week of losing its best active players. Yet this mans effort single handedly saved Night Fall from the dustbin of history and built this alliance from poaching members from the other powers of this Ocean and eventually succeeded in uniting the top players of Ocean 57 under the Night Fold, granted under the Night Fall banner but nonetheless succeeded in ensuring the safety of the Night Warriors southern borders. This Ocean is firmly in the grasp of the Night Empire and have almost no other players or factions in this Ocean to challenge Night dominance.

Ocean 66:
1) Night Warriors 171 Cities 1,760,000 Points
2) Night Fall 41 Cities 348,000 Points
3) Spartacus Elite 29 Cities 197,000 Points
4) Makers of Mischief 19 Cities 133,000 Points
5) WayMakers 21 Cities 118,000 Points
Analysis: This Ocean was fragmented and had many different factions without one having a clear advantage in numbers. This Ocean was the home Ocean of an alliance called Ancient Warriors, which eventually merged with Night Fall to form Night Warriors. While our presence in Ocean 66 was always less than Ocean 56, it was considered a second home Ocean of the Night Empire. Eventually after some consolidation of this Ocean Athenian Empire became the dominant force of this Ocean with a few minor alliances on the outskirts of Ocean 66. Due to the Night's affinity to this Ocean eventually plans were made to merge Athenian Empire into the Night Fold which eventually did not occur due to political hostility inside the Night Empire in accepting any outsider without using force. Plans were than drawn up by the Night to weaken Athenian Empire for eventual military conquest. Using AE's effort to conquer its own inactive cities, the Night reinforced their inactive cities to weaken them offensively so the Night could begin a war with AE after they have depleted their offensive forces. Once war began against AE a quick blitzkreig occurred overwhelming their ability to defend their cities, it was a very successful war effort executed perfectly, AE was a dead alliance by the end of the month. Once AE was defeated, the Night Empire was strongly against WayMakers expansion into Ocean 66, especially as they began to conquer up AE cities that rightfully belonged to the Night Fold after its very successful war. Plans were than devised for our expansion against WayMakers, which were made even easier when WayMakers made the foolish mistake of starting a war with Spartacus Elite, which the Night took advantage of since the Night knew WM's offensive forces would be depleted after going after a defensively full Spartacus Elite. Once a week or two passed from the start of WM-SE hostilities it began the second phase of the Night plans which had Night Fall drain WM of offensive and defensive forces before Night Warrior began its direct war against WM, which has been one success after another. Plans designed by Night Leadership were executed brilliantly to weaken WM offensively and defensively of forces before the first NW ships were even launched. While WM has utilized the strategy of sniping as almost a requirement of being a WM, unlike Anomaly which believed in stacking their cities from the get go which helped keep them whole much longer than WM did, it has helped keep NW offensive forces fresh enough to keep up a sustained constant effort due to the fact most offensive forces are not killed but just CS forces. The Night began taking cities from WM right from the start of the war and while the war has almost exclusively focused on Ocean 66, it will soon begin entering into Ocean 76 the home Ocean of WayMakers. Now while I won't make excuses for a city loss, Night Warriors did lose a city to WM from a NW member located in a far away Ocean of the Night Empire(not in Ocean 66), so I will commend WM for being the only alliance to conquer a city of the Night in a war yet sadly all their other attempts have met a brick wall of resistance. At this point in the war WM has given up on trying to take any city of the Night and is resigned to just defending what is left of the Waymakers Group. Ocean 66 is now rightfully a home Ocean of the Night Empire. For those in Oceans that the Night Empire has reached and is battling with just remember, Night will fall and we will control this world. When Night Falls Warriors Rise, For the Night is Dark and Full of Terrors.


Thank you sir, was massively bored the other night figure I'd write something up and give us something to read on the forums, this place is a ghost town...:(


Although I'd dispute the accuracy of some of your statements regarding events on which I have personal knowledge, I too must give credit where it is due, and admit that I find your continuing analysis both enjoyable and informative.

The Night began taking cities from WM right from the start of the war and while the war has almost exclusively focused on Ocean 66, it will soon begin entering into Ocean 76 the home Ocean of WayMakers.

My question is when will the Oc76 Colony Project start producing new cities? Or am I not supposed to know about that? Must admit its a nice strategy, if my intel is correct and rather surprised you'd implement it.


I want to preface this post by saying that these events are purely from my perspective. There are two sides to every story and I'd be more then interested in hearing anyone else's take on it. I also took some literary liberties in order to attempt to make it an interesting read...

Ocean 67:
1) Night Fall, 62 Cities, 519729 points
2) Night Warriors, 26 Cities, 290990 points
3) Makers of Mischief, 13 Cities, 80178 points
4) WayMakers, 13 Cities, 71267 points
5) Athenian Empire, 6 Cities, 22710 points

There isn't much of a history of Ocean 67, it may be that the last of the players to join Eta were placed here as it's a very young ocean. A number of small alliances popped up, pacted, merged, until there was one clear power. The Byzantine Empire.

Ocean 67 seemed to be simming itself into irrelevance but for a small group, called The Harpy Pact, proud but vastly outnumbered, and close to the Athenian and WayMakers threats of Oceans 66 and 76. The Harpys had proposed a joint offensive with the Byzantines to remove the WayMakers presence from their ocean. Whether the plans were in place before that proposal, or were made afterwards, The Harpy Pact was betrayed by the Byzantines who became an academy/brother alliance and eventually merged with WayMakers. A merger with WayMakers was also proposed by the Harpys which was rejected offhandedly. There had always been skirmishes and the clearly superior WayMakers had managed to take a few Harpy cities and players, but it wasn't until The Athenian Empire of Ocean 66 began an offensive against The Harpy Pact that the sun would set and Night would come to the oceans of 67.

The Harpys, on the defensive almost from the start, defended their cities well against two of the largest alliances in the area and caught the eye of the immense Night Coalition looking to harbor their fleets in Harpy cities for the battle experience. After some very successful joint defenses, talks quickly turned to more permanent solution and much of The Harpy Pact was absorbed into the Night Coalition where they can still be found rising through the ranks. The Byzantines of 67 are gone, the Athenians of 66 are gone, the future of the WayMakers of 76 is uncertain, and Ocean 67 now proudly flies the banner of Night.
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