The Oceans of ETA


good write up and I enjoyed reading it. it's always interesting to see how others view you especially in a game like this where we are oftentimes armed with incomplete information at best and sometimes with dis-information or simple gossip and rumors.
Not Alone isn't concerned with standings or lofty places. Our only focus is fighting. Simple as that. We like it, we love it, we want some more of it. We welcome all like minded players. It's not an alliance for everyone as we expect you to fight otherwise you shouldn't be there. Not everyone has the time with real life intrusions to be focused fighters - we do which is why we will prosper :)


This is such a great read, I really want to commend the person for undertaking the work to complete it. It sucks its very time demanding because I would love to see an updated version of it.


I agree, Great work and thanks for taking the time to create it.


I am going to try one. Great Job Cadishack

Oceans of Eta Northwest
44 Angels of Death and there close friends ALL IN hold this ocean with about 200k points a peice. AI has 97k abp while AoD have 14k abp
33 The Great Phoenix easily dominates this ocean with 50k and 2.5k abp
43 My ocean, My alliance DIvina legio roma 20k abp 160k 1st, blood ravens 57k abp 160k 2nd
34 Clevelanders have the ocean with manpower and average over ninja star clan. 12k Clevelanders abp and 120k points. NSC 5k abp and 100k points
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Well since it requires too much time to update a total Ocean World break down, I will do the Oceans I am versed in which are the Southern Oceans of Eta.
Only going to list the alliances with double digit Cities located in that Ocean unless I feel I should make an exception if its a barren Ocean.
Ocean 46:
1) 180,000 Points Reckoning of Dragons 46 Cities 3,901 avg points
2) 153,000 Points Night Warriors 30 Cities 5,130 avg points
3) 113,000 Points Oceanus 28 Cities 4,040 avg points
4) 30,000 Points Brotherhood of Dragons 12 Cities 2,501 avg points
5) 27,000 Points Am3rican 10 Cities 2,705 avg points
6) 18,000 Points symmachia 9 Cities 2,046 avg points
7) 15,000 Points ISO50 4 Cities 3,699 avg points
Breakdown: This Ocean use to have no presence of Night Warriors/Oceanus and was dominated by Odyssey and Reckoning of Dragons in a mutual sharing. Due to the action of a lone Odyssey player conquering a city in Ocean 56, the home Oceans of Night Warriors/Oceanus, resulted in a war that led to the focus by Night/Oceanus into Ocean 46. In our entrance into this Ocean as a War March we attempted to recruit local alliances to assist, after their refusal to join our Crusade and the eventual assimilation of Odyssey into Night/Oceanus after their war defeat, Reckoning of Dragons was chosen for conquest to ensure the dominance of this Ocean into the Night Warriors/Oceanus Empire. The war at the present moment will soon change the demographics of this Ocean, RoD will not be able to withstand the onslaught of Night Warriors/Oceanus Empire and the opportunistic ISO50 that has always had a presence on the border of 45/46 and is as well taking advantage of RoD's troubles, while not officially being part of the NW/Oceanus Coalition. It will be interesting to see how relations go between the only other major alliance in Ocean 46 and the NW/Oceanus Coalition. The top player breakdown in the top 20 goes, 6 to Night Warriors, 4 to Oceanus, 6 to Reckoning of Dragons, 4 players belong to alliances not in the top 3 alliances of that Ocean and Night Warriors controls the top 4 out of 5 of the top players in that Ocean.
Alliance Attacking Battle Points:
1) Night Warriors 88,000
2) Oceanus 64,000
3) Reckoning of Dragons 37,000
4) ISO50 4,900

Ocean 56:
1) 429,000 Points Oceanus 90 Cities 4,765 avg points
2) 414,000 Points Night Warriors 92 Cities 4,501 avg points
3) 113,000 Points Night Fall 37 Cities 3,076 avg points
Breakdown: This is the home Ocean of the Oceanus/Night Warriors Coalition, not much to say here besides the fact it has been cleared of all major alliance presence. The few lone spots are inactive's or a few lone players who have a hostility to joining the only powers in this Ocean. Recently, Athenian Empire conquered an inactive city on the border of 56/66 that officially lies in Ocean 56 but at the present moment War will not be declared against their violation of our territory under the understanding that no further cities will be permitted in our Home Waters, though common sense would be why would you want to have a city that close to a sleeping giant? Not much else to say but enter this Ocean at your own risk.

Ocean 66:
1) 252,000 Points Athenian Empire 64 Cities 3,942 avg points
2) 197,000 Points Night Warriors 46 Cities 4,292 avg points
3) 121,000 Points Am3rican 29 Cities 4,200 avg points
4) 88,000 Points WayMakers 25 Cities 3,552 avg points
5) 82,000 Points Sons of Spartacus 23 Cities 3,608 avg points
6) 47,000 Points The Harpy Pact 15 Cities 3,164 avg points
7) 17,000 Points Kanna 5 Cities 3,491 avg points
8) 16,000 Points The Byzantine Empire 9 Cities 1,872 avg points
Breakdown: This Ocean is much more of a melting pot with no real clear supreme power in this Ocean, not counting outside cities. Night Warriors was formed from a merge of a 56 Ocean alliance and a 66 Ocean alliance called Ancient Warriors, so it has had a Night Warriors footprint for quite some time. This Ocean seems to be the future battleground of some of the major alliances(top 10). This Ocean is where Night Warriors/Oceanus, Spartacus Elite, The Syndicate and Rising Shadows would eventually grow into each other since this would be the first Ocean these alliances expand into after their own home Oceans but this is still far from immediate since outside of Night Warriors/Oceanus Coalition no other major alliance has a real large presence in these waters. The largest alliance of this Ocean which is Athenian Empire seems to have a rocky future if they do not merge or form a very strong lasting partnership with a major alliance to provide it protection, if it is not Night Warriors/Oceanus Coalition it will be another major alliance that enters this Ocean and attempts to take them on to form a stronger foothold. From my current knowledge of these waters Athenian Empire has a pact with Sons of Spartacus and no pressing military conflicts, they diffused the only pressing issue facing them which was against Night Warriors/Oceanus Coalition but it is no guarantee that their territory will be safe from us down the road. Ocean 66 is considered a second home to the Night Warrior's Empire but we are not as hostile to entrants of this Ocean yet since we are far from completing this Ocean into only our territory. A surprise entrant in this Ocean could occur from Ocean 67 from a younger better organized alliance than what you can find in Ocean 66. I would assume the other alliances of this Ocean are pact or have non-aggression agreements with each other to form another SimCity Ocean which the Southern Oceans seem to be filled with but give the Night Warriors/Oceanus Coalition time to change that. The top 20 player breakdown goes like this, 6 of the players belong to Night Warriors, 6 to Athenian Empire, 2 to Sons of Spartacus, 1 to Spartacus Elite, 3 to Am3rican and the other 2 spots go to Waymakers. Two of the top 5 players are Night Warriors with the other 3 and best player of that Ocean belonging to Athenian Empire. War is coming to this Ocean, the real question is are the locals ready for it.
Alliance Attacking Battle Points:
1) Night Warriors 88,000
2) Athenian Empire 29,000
3) Waymakers 25,000
4) The Harpy Pact 13,000
5) Sons of Spartacus 11,000
6) Am3rican 8,800

Ocean 57:
1) 161,000 Points War Lords 40 Cities 4,049 avg points
2) 126,000 Points Night Fall 34 Cities 3,727 avg points
3) 38,000 Points Night Warriors 6 Cities 6,334 avg points
4) 28,000 Points Aristides Fidelis 9 Cities 3,138 avg points
5) 26,000 Points Ravenbane Expansion Co 19 Cities 1,370 avg points
Breakdown: This in my opinion is a dead end Ocean, I believe it is the most southernmost Ocean of Eta but due to the fact Night Warriors/Oceanus Coalition control and act as a buffer to the north of this Ocean it has led to no major alliances outside of NW/Oceanus in these waters. This is the primary home of Night Warriors Academy, Night Fall. Due to the efforts of some great leadership in Night Fall they have been able to recruit some of the best players of these waters and created a nice base of operations for them in this Ocean. Due to politics and other issues, this Ocean has gone from War Lords to Project Venom to back to War Lords as the top alliance by cities. Due to all the instability with the other alliances of this Ocean, Night Fall has been able to cement itself as a top power in these waters with very little help or assistance from its Elite Brother alliance, Night Warriors. Unless their is another round of consolidation and poaching of top players from Night Fall, War Lords will never be able to grow stronger and clear the Ocean of Night Warriors influence. It is only a matter of time before War Lord's collapses again and their best join Night Fall or get conquered in the chaos. The only real threat to the Night Empire would be from an upstart alliance located in Ocean 67. The top 20 player breakdown goes like this, 2 belong to Night Warriors, 5 belong to Night Fall, 7 belong to War Lords, 1 belongs to Rising Shadows, 2 belong to Aristedis fidelis, 1 belong to Fel Monniken van Good and the last 2 belong to Sarduak Terror. The top player in that Ocean belongs to a War Lords and 3 out of 5 spots belongs to them and the other 2 spots belonging to Night Fall.
Alliance Attacking Battle Points:
1) Night Fall 19,000
2) War Lords 11,000

Ocean 67:
1) 81,000 Points The Byzantine Empire 26 Cities 3,146 avg points
2) 41,000 Points The Harpy Pact 15 Cities 2,673 avg points
3) 22,000 Points The Spartans of War 10 Cities 2,231 avg points
4) 18,000 Points WayMakers 6 Cities 3,078 avg points
5) 13,000 Points Night Warriors 2 Cities 6,771 avg points
Breakdown: This Ocean must be an afterthought for most of Eta World, maybe a few of the alliances of Ocean 66 have thought of expanding into it, due to the safety it offers since no major alliance is present in this world but a few cities and their is no real local alliance that has a strong grasp. This Ocean is a very young one, so there is still plenty of time for this Ocean to become relevant but I fear once this Ocean is filled with valuable cities, it will only be a matter of time before they get on the radar of the larger alliances located around this Ocean. Right now the only local alliance that seems to be doing well is The Byzantine Empire, if they manage their growth well and figure out a way to consolidate more of the cities/players of this Ocean under one Banner, they might be able to become a true power house since they will get to grow in relative peace and calm like Night Warriors did in our Ocean. I do fear that even if they do grow unless they find a way to expand into other Oceans, they probably will fail to become relevant on the world stage. I am not aware of the diplomatic statuses of the alliances in this Ocean, I would assume the typical Sourthern Ocean attitude of pacting everything you see to keep yourself safe and protected and have absolutely no fun whatsoever in attacking other players, so I am assuming there is relative peace and tranquility between the alliances of this Ocean. The top 20 player breakdown is a bit more varied with most belonging to The Byzantine Empire but the top spot belongs to a Night Warrior member.
Attacking Alliance Battle Points:
1) WayMakers 25,000
2) The Byzantine Empire 14,000
3) The Harpy Pact 13,000
4) Spartans of War 4,000

That is my breakdown of the Southern Oceans of Eta. From my experience in dealing with these alliances and learning of their statuses, I believe the waters of the Southern Oceans must be very relaxing and calming, we seem to be the tropical Islands of our World and in so we have a more relaxed and carefree attitude, which has led to very little wars, consolidation or action down here. It is due to this relaxed and decentralized attitude of these players that has led to Night Warriors and Oceanus carving out a nice sized Empire in the South free of any other threats, not counting the nations of the North and Central regions that seem to be much more aggressive and war filled. Barring entrance by a Southern outsider, I see very little that will change the course of the Southern Oceans from becoming more and more part of the Night Warriors/Oceanus Coalition Empire. May the South forever remain in our possession, our enemies tremble before us and remember why these are the territories of our Coalition for the Night is Dark and Full of Terrors!
Prime Minister of Night Warriors,


The analysis that Cerulias has given over the southern oceans is accurate and a clear examination of what has been going on in the region. I would like to thank him for taking the time and effort to provide this analysis.


Dominate the ocean? What about the huge portion of ALL IN sitting in the corner of ocean 45...The Union's player right in your back yard too? Got a long way to go for that.


ISO50, which is practically the KoE under new leadership, now dominates ocean #45.

When is a good time for me to stop by and say HELLO!



Due to the changes in these Oceans, decided to make a revision to the Oceans where Night has fallen on, starting from least influenced to most. Will not do a breakdown for our Home Ocean, since nothing has changed there.

Ocean 57:
1) 493,000 Points Night Fall 73 Cities 6,750 City Average
2) 181,000 Points War Lords 43 Cities 4,227 City Average
3) 107,000 Points Night Warriors 11 Cities 9,699 City Average
Breakdown: After the decision was made War Lords has existed long enough in these waters. Night Fall was tasked with the destruction of the only threat in these waters, the war was won quite quickly and what is left in War Lords are either inactive or will be conquered shortly. Night Fall has ensured domination in these waters for the Night Empire. Barring a Civil War in the Night Empire, this Ocean will remain permanently under the fall of Night.

Ocean 67:
1) 146,000 Points Night Fall 28 Cities 5,200 City Average
2) 116,000 Points The Byzantine Empire 31 Cities 3,750 City Average
3) 115,000 Points Night Warriors 14 Cities 8,232 City Average
4) 100,000 Points WayMakers 18 Cities 5,529 City Average
Breakdown: While this Ocean was not a priority of Night Warriors expansion, it was given to Night Fall to clean out in name of the Night. For the glory of the Night Empire, Night Fall has been waging wars against the Byzantines in these waters to ensure the domination of this Ocean by the Night Empire. While this Ocean once was controlled(Most points/cities) by the Byzantines, this war they were not prepared for will cause their eventual destruction. The real question is how will the Night Empire and the few scatterings of WayMakers Nation get along. Due to location this Ocean will most likely remain in Night Control barring any Civil Wars or collapse of the Night Empire.

Ocean 45:
1) 810,000 Points ALL IN 101 Cities 8,012 City Average
2) 340,000 Points The Union 43 Cities 7,888 City Average
3) 307,000 Points ALL IN Academy 62 Cities 4,944 City Average
4) 240,000 Points Night Warriors 28 Cities 8,587 City Average
5) 124,000 Points Phenomenon 35 Cites 3,551 City Average
6) 118,000 Points Impaling is Fun 26 cities 4,550 City Average
7) 93,000 Points Oceanus 17 Cities 5,498 City Average
Breakdown: This Ocean is one of the newest Oceans to experience the Night. The Night Family has no real intentions on Ocean 45 but just to use it to pass through to other Oceans for new action. This Ocean is under ALL IN dominance, with them being generous enough to allow a few major alliances small enclaves in this Ocean. Due to the fact the Night Empire has no desires on either The Union or ALL IN, supremacy of this ocean shouldn't pass hands from ALL IN barring any actions from the Union, of course. Minus the major alliances this Ocean still has a few small alliances that are barely surviving in an Ocean dominated by sharks. It will probably be free of all small alliances within a month or two. The Night Empire is engaged against the small alliances of this Ocean but only to farm them, no real plans for a massive move into this Ocean.

Ocean 46:
1) 553,000 Points Night Warriors 62 Cities 8,927 City Average
2) 402,000 Points Oceanus 72 Cities 5,592 City Average
3) 285,000 Points Maelstrom Warriors 69 Cities 4,131 City Average
4) 44,000 Points Symmachia 15 Cities 2,917 City Average
Breakdown: I want to start off with I try to involve myself with as much of the details as possible of my Empire and I have never heard of Symmachia lol. I'm going to just assume its a small dead alliance or completely insignificant, I only mentioned them because that is pretty much the only thing outside of the Night-Oceanus Coalition that has anything in Ocean 46. While this Ocean was never a priority of the Night Empire, our involvement in this Ocean was only the result of some Wars that erupted unexpectedly. This Ocean was the first Ocean to experience the Night and this Ocean was completely unprepared for the onslaught brought to it by Night Warriors-Oceanus Horde. In a move to strengthen their border and move our focus to new Oceans, Oceanus ended the war with Reckoning of Dragons after they surrendered and submitted to Oceanus domination. This Ocean is jointly shared by the Night-Oceanus Coalition and barring a major event will remain in our possession.

Ocean 66:
1) 716,000 Points Night Warriors 99 Cities 7,235 City Average
2) 272,000 Points WayMakers 38 Cities 7,171 City Average
3) 233,000 Points Athenian Empire 48 Cities 4,869 City Average
4) 155,000 Points Night Fall 31 Cities 5,005 City Average
5) 135,000 Points Sons of Spartacus 24 Cities 5,644 City Average
6) 43,000 Points Oceanus 6 Cities 7,186 City Average
Breakdown: While Ocean 66 has always had a nice sized Night Warriors influence from our creation due to a merge between a Ocean 56 and Ocean 66 Alliances, it has finally become a priority to expand our influence in this Ocean. While Athenian Empire had the edge on points and cities in this Ocean, after the Great Athenian War(Great, due to the fact it will end with AE being completely erased) is complete there will be nothing left of Athenian's to stand in the way of our progress in Ocean 66. With Athenian's falling the only competent threats left in this Ocean to the Night Empire is the WayMakers and Spartacus Elite(through its Sons of Spartacus Alliance) Nations. While I believe both are respectable and effective alliances, I can't imagine either would survive the full bearing of the Night Empire, at the present moment the Night Empire has no plans to go after either. Once the Athenian War is concluded, expect the Night Empire to solidify its holdings and rest.

In conclusion, much has changed since my last update on the Southern Oceans of Eta, though unfortunate for the Night enemies/detractors the changes have been to our benefit. The Night Empire has only strengthened its hold on the Oceans we posses and expanded even further. While many of you would argue we have stretched ourselves to thin, I only blame our enemies, for allowing such easy access into their Oceans and not stopping our advances. There are even some who have a distaste of "pacts" or coalitions and feel we aren't going to be here in the long run, well to those people, all I have to say is I've been hearing that about my alliance since we were an ant in Ocean 56 and we are still here ticking and only getting stronger. I do find it hilarious that the ones who have criticized my coalition the most are those far from our range of influence and free from our troops/ships for them to see the ability of the Night. Keep betting against the Night Empire and we will keep filling the graveyards with our enemies, having a blast doing it and laughing at all who enjoy criticizing my Empire on the rise because THEY think we won't survive to end-game victory because they think somehow a Unicorn is going to come out of somewhere and plop a major enemy at our doorstep, keep dreaming...


"Keep betting against the Night Empire and we will keep filling the graveyards with our enemies, having a blast doing it and laughing at all who enjoy criticizing"

-Hilarious and true. I haven't met a more jovial and gregarious group of head crushers yet.


Thank you for enjoying it, its why I do it for. I really just want to keep the intent of this thread going, it was such an excellent piece done by a compatriot of yours, was more in-depth and wide-ranging than mines has been but it really is a time consuming effort. I would love to see others do historical background and/or analysis of their respective Oceans so that other Eta citizens can enjoy learning about things they normally wouldn't have been exposed to.


One of 55 would be cool. 54 as well.

Let's get a collective going. :D


Yep.... having NW, AI, AIA, and sloppy puppy after you is not the most fun thing in the world....
I miss ISO50, before the attacks came.


I think that about 4 members of TU have attacked iso/phenomenon.... and sloppy puppy has probably sent out the most attacks, out of the 4.


I know Lidos and Sloppy are the main attackers out there since most of TU isn't really in the area. Lidos was talking about a ton of ISO fun he was having for a while. I can't wait until he gets back to man handle AW in 54. It's simple what the man does. :D


Yeah. I think you sent out 2 LS attacks to djourke's cities once.... I was the only one that cared.

And I hope that you can get ALL IN to focus on 54.... and stop attacking us!


They can.... I just want the attacks on my alliance to stop... like that's gonna happen any time soon!