The Divine Trials Of Hermes


Hermes has returned, and with him he brings treats for those loyal followers, as well as the next set of clues.

How did you do? WHAT?! You guessed that one too? Well of course you did, it's the main main himself, Zeus! He'll be pleased to hear you knew who he was, that's for sure. Luckily for you, too, cos I heard he hates being forgotten.


I've selected these loyal subjects to receive 1000 Gold, as well as a special bundle of spells from the father of the gods!

Evil Grin

Sure, okay, you're doing pretty well, I'll admit that... let's see how you fair in this next one!

This deity really loves apples... especially golden apples! Considered to be the most attractive deity... at least by some. To gain this deity's favor... perhaps you could sacrifice a boar? On second thoughts... maybe not.

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