The Divine Trials Of Hermes


Hermes looks to be in much better spirits today, and dropped by to deliver his wishes from the gods, as well as the next set of clues!


That one wasn't too bad, huh? We're running low on gods to reveal! It was of course, the Queen of the Olympians, Hera!


I've selected these loyal subjects to receive 1000 Gold, as well as a special bundle of spells from Hera!


Lets wrap this up, then! One more puzzle to solve. The gods are pleased, you've done well, mortals.

This final deity is another with a temper, brewing up a storm is one of their favorite pastimes. This deity competed with another of our favorite gods for the ownership of one of Greek's fairest cities! Too bad they lost...

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zonedout- Poseidon


Hermes just stopped by one last time. He was full of praises for you all, and the gods are pleased. Let's see what he has to say in this final note.


Finally, your journey comes to its end, and the gods are pleased! The final puzzle of course leads you to the god of the seas, Poseidon! And with him, our final deity also joins the council, Artemis.


I've selected these loyal subjects to receive 1000 Gold, as well as a special bundle of spells from Poseidon and Artemis!

And with that, I bid you farewell! I'll return to Mount Olympus and tell tales of your piety to the gods! You've shown yourselves worthy of the gods favor, as well as secured a promise from Aphrodite herself to join the council soon. She has much to prepare, so she will join soon, but she asked me to leave you with a sneak peak of her divine might, by telling you what she has to offer in exchange for your loyalty.

One of the spells she will bestow upon you will be Narcissism... a spell you can cast on enemy cities:
Aphrodite's charm clouds the defending units vision, changing all that they desire.
All Defending units in the city are 10% less efficient for 12 hours.