The Divine Trials Of Hermes


Artemis I beseech thee, grant favor on this dire mission, as we show our respect by offerings of smoked boar-meat today. Quasimono


Hermes just dropped by to give us another message, check out the correct answer for the last trial!


Tough one, ay? I heard from the gods that a lot of your guesses fell on deaf ears! Well, I'll cut the suspense... of course it was Aphrodite!

Wh-what? What do you mean Aphrodite who? Surely you mortals have felt the radiant glow of Aphrodite in the world of Grepolis?! No? Are you sure? This is how she looks, you recognize her I'm sure.


Still no? Yikes... this is awkward. Zeus is gonna be so mad at me! I'll have to speak with Aphrodite, maybe I can convince her to accept a place on the council of Grepolis gods in exchange for some temples and statues dedicated in her honor. Deal? Deal.

Quickly! We will hand out the favors of the gods if you promise to keep things quiet, and I'll be back shortly with your next puzzle!

I've selected these loyal subjects to receive 1500 Gold, as well as a special bundle of spells from the other six gods, just to keep them happy!



Hermes just hurriedly shoved a message in our hands and left as quick as he could! Lets see what he has to say...


Phew! That was a close call. Zeus didn't catch wind of my mistake, and even better...
Aphrodite has agreed to grace you mortals with her presence in the coming weeks! She'll bring with her a whole host of divinity, so be sure to check back with your Community Manager for further details!

Anyway, back to the fun!

This deity is loyal to a fault. They'll stay true to you no matter what. But you'd better watch out in case you cross them, they're quite the jealous type... they'd even start a war if they don't get their way.