Please make it harder to get fake BP.


yes it what i is try saying. rank is not meaning skill and if it is chaseing ranks been top 10 is weak to showing it skill is need speaking more times like snipes and line ups

no i not is mean it insult sorry and you not is even know if i is find game hard or not or how hard i is work so stfu but not was insult you is take wrong how i speak
rofl My apologies sparrow belle. Will stfu.


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yeah we are in agreement. basically all my post is about.
he is proud about being in top 10, when it means nothing. specially considered how he got there.

context. The reason why we gave him any points at all, since himself and his ally had like no dom cities. were because he claimed to be the best sniper on the server. so we reality checked him. like u can see in the pic.

never attempted to snipe. only heavy golding in a world state where his alliance had a total of like 2% dom at the time.
and rushing into vm- mode.

it took 8 attacks on the same sec. for the guy to cry botting. people can decide if he as an "top 10" ranking player means anything for themselves.

so if u care about high rankings. just play contuine playing dead worlds. its free then.
Sounds like slasherdan alright...


If you don’t know him, then you don’t know if your experience of the game is at all similar to his. Then why are you piling on with your unsolicited opinion that in context, is offensive? Oh yeah, because you intended to be offensive because you’re a sad groupie.
If you think that my opinion that top 10 is easy to get and also doesn't matter is offensive, then you're very much a snowflake.
I do know you. We’ve played before. And it was completely underwhelming. Your excuse was you weren’t trying. Remember?
Ah yes, your stellar example of me dropping on a world and building a city to 1.5k points is such a fantastic example -- well done
I think it’s great that you make videos to teach people timing. That’s good, theoretically. But it sounds like you do it more to inflate your own ego, and less about helping people. That’s bad.
More about helping people -- otherwise I wouldn't have shared it with as many people as I have
Also, when you grow up, you’ll understand there’s a lot more to fighting in this game than just timing, and gaining the approval of human garbage from the internet is a waste of time.
True, as the garbage of the internet, gaining your approval should mean nothing to me ... so I won't respond to your next delusional, room temperature IQ response.


LOL No "proof" except the thousands of photo's and video's you sent in game to hundreds of players that are to ashamed to admit been lured by you. Not to mention the nudes leak (if they even qualify as nudes due to how graphic they were, nudes or porn) If people actually grow a pair and speak up about you then you're gone! The only reason you can deny anything is people are ashamed to be associated with you. 90% of the people reading this know the truth because have all seen or received your mass mails to lure them to external sites, like a living fu$king siren! It's sick. If they went or not people are just ashamed to be associated so remain silent and let you carry on with your sick ways. Your time will come.


i is go out byebyeee cuckoo troll is come back when has it proof


lol Sucks to be "hot" and taught to share I guess. don't sound like she's selfish though LOL


I do agree that if you leave your alliance for BP feeding there should be a few days before you can rejoin it but that's easy to get around too by joining 2nd alliance or a pact mate


I do agree that if you leave your alliance for BP feeding there should be a few days before you can rejoin it but that's easy to get around too by joining 2nd alliance or a pact mate
has you ever boost with no token i not has
is hard stop boosting is more easy make boosting is fair by stop rich players be able just buy dbp tokens if not could buying them in packages or mini games and make them just is more luck if get them not gold it be more equal fair for people not can buy them ?
so if inno not can stop it maybe is work with it and look way make fair more which total will suck for me but will make fair for people not can gold lot
is only way i can thinking that will damage me boost what will damage others from boost?

to replace gold inno lose is just sell city skin i is really is 100% buy them all! is really wanting city skins do like Disney castle one and i has so many freaking skin ideas is crazy! lot will buy them to inno can make lot money from allow customise accounts that not effect game or worlds and be super fun cool to but lot way make inno money not to effecting game where rich just buy win you is just sell wrong things and kill game bit
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Don't think the coders and game masters here need advice from a girl who's only skill is fu*king herself in front of a camera. No offense B.


just it idea i can deleting it if is delete you post to

is mean has to pick outfits and getting camera angle right to! haha just is joking!
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As far as buying tokens I'm poor and can't do that. I only buy Admins and walls which I openly admit. I refuse to cut into my beer $$$ !